For Good

By Christine Lennoire

Chapter One

Glinda was racked with pain. Was there nothing she could do to stop the wheels that had been set in motion against her best friend? It seemed that if there had been, they had already passed the point of no return in a moment of weakness, unsure of where they were going. And now Glinda could only pray. However, praying wasn't enough, and she marched her way straight to the castle of Kiamo Ko to see the Witch herself.

But she was too late. Glinda made it just in time to see what was left of her best friend hit the floor screaming in agony. A choked sob left her throat as she ran over to the near-melted form. All around her there was green... goo, and it was touching her dress, but she didn't care because the dress was farthest from her mind at that moment. "Oh Elphie, speak to me! Hold on! Tell there is something... anything I can..."

The blonde was shaking terribly and tears freely ran down her cheeks. Glinda had no control over her body anymore... no control whatsoever. "Elphie! Tell me how to make it stop." She said, almost screaming. But with all that was left, Elphaba looked up at her with a broken up smile and reached up to touch her shoulder.

'Galinda.' Her old name, she noted. "Elphie, no." 'Galinda!' Galinda shook and tried to roll out of her friends hands. "GALINDA WAKE UP!" A shock was sent through her system and she jumped up. It took her a moment to register the change. Boq and Averic were looking at her oddly with blank looks on their faces, and Elphaba was looking at her with her eyebrows raised tightly.

It was Elphaba who was holding her and that hand was still on her shoulder. "But you..." she gasped, tears staining her face, "you were... you melted! And you!" she said, pointing at Boq, "You were made of tin! Averic, you... you went away for a long, long time." She added, not being aware of having seen Averic after they left Shiz.

"Hush. It was just a dream." Elphaba said, stroking the girl's hair gently. "Nothing really happened. We're still at Shiz you know." Galinda looked around in alarm and wonder. All those terrible things had just been a figment of her rather large imagination. She looked back at Elphaba, who smiled reassuringly. Her skin was in one whole piece... no burn marks or anything.

"So... Dorothy and Toto... the water... none of it was real?" Galinda asked reaching out to touch Elphaba's face. "There were no flying monkeys and we never went to see that TERRIBLE wizard? Oh, thank goodness. Don't ever get such a crazy idea in your head Elphie! It's just not worth it. From what I saw, NOTHING is worth that." She said, wrapping her arms tightly around Elphaba's waist.

Elphaba comforted her, drawing soothing pictures on the girls back with her fingers. "Whatever you say, Galinda. But who's the delirious one now?" She grinned wickedly. Galinda opened her mouth to say something, but then forgot, closed her mouth and tried to think of something witty to say but she just couldn't. Everyone laughed.

Averic took the champagne from Galinda's place and replaced it with water. "Now we know what happens when you get the girl drunk... she imagines crazy things." he laughed. "Maybe you should take it easy though. The others nodded in agreement and Galinda finally released herself from Elphaba's hold and sat down once more on her chair and sipped at the cold water.

Elphaba was watching the glass of water closely but remained calm.

"So tell us what happened!" Boq said to Galinda, excitedly. "Why was I tin and what happened to poor Elphie!" he asked casting a sad look at his dear friend who rolled her eyes. Averic, however, got this nasty look on his face and smirked.

Averic, his mind as it was, began to think. "And who was this Dorothy? Was she cute?" Everyone rolled their eyes this time. But everyone was interested, so she told the story of how her and Elphaba went to see the wizard and what a jerk he had been. Then she told them about Elphaba leaving her to return to Shiz by herself while she stayed in the Emerald city.

Then, there was an amount of time where she talked about what happened in her 'life' during that time. She briefly mentioned her marriage, but then quickly added that she detested the man in actuality. Then, she finally told then about Dorothy coming from the sky in her house and crushing poor Nessa. At this, Nessa grew faint and everyone cast her reassuring looks. She included the shoes, which angered Nessa, but caused Elphaba to laugh.

"And I really wanted them?" She asked, smirking. "I understand. This is the side of me you don't see very often... the one that refers to my father. Well, you'd be right to think I wish my father loved me, but I'm not dense enough to believe that those shoes, as hideous as they would clash on me, would change anything." She said. "So please... continue.

Galinda told them how the Wizard asked Dorothy to go to the witch and... you know. She added that the tinman, the scarecrow, and the lion helped her. Then she explained each of the sad occurrences that led to each. Boq and the spell to save his life that turned him into tin and Fiyero into the scarecrow to keep the witch hunters from killing him too. Then the lion, who was an Animal, but cowardly because of how Elphaba always fought his battles.

Boq shivered. "But... if that really happened, I would be grateful, not hateful, Elphie. I hope you know that." Fiyero nodded also. "The lion should have been too! We always fight so hard for their rights..." he said sadly. Elphaba nodded. She had never thought about it, but if the time ever came when she did, she'd know that Boq was on her side. How sweet...

She continued, up until the point when Dorothy threw the bucket of water. Then she stopped for she could say no more without breaking out into tears again. Elphaba smiled and hugged the girl sitting next to her. "Maybe that is what's destined to happen..." She said, making Galinda go pale and weak. "But I know I'm not going to worry about it in the meantime. Because right now, we're all together." Galinda nodded and smiled sweetly, finishing the rest of her water off.

After they all finished, they went on their own ways. But everyone said a little something to both Galinda and Elphaba before they left. Boq told her he would keep fighting for Animals. Fiyero kissed her on the cheek and told her to cheer up and that he'd protect her. Averic apologized for being so rude all the time and said he'd try to keep it to a low. This made her smile. Nessa, however, did the most powerful thing that night.

"Nanny take off the shoes." She said sternly. "Now, Elphaba, maybe father didn't think of giving them to you when he could have. Maybe he is a bad father. But now they are mine. And giving them to you isn't going to prove that he loves you any more... but it will show you just how much I love you, my sister. Nanny... give them to her."

Elphaba was speechless. "I... thank you, sister. And... as long as I'm alive, no one anywhere is going to drop a house on you." She smiled and hugged her sister.

"Thank you... I think." She said, kissing her sister and wheeling off. "Come on Nanny. It is getting late and we must hurry home." Nanny gave Elphaba a quick hug and then led Nessarose home. Elphaba turned to Galinda, the only one still there and smiled.

"So, should we start heading back too? Madame Morrible will be angry if we aren't inside by curfew." Elphaba said. Galinda nodded and grabbed her hand. They walked home in a peaceful silence for a bit, until Elphaba stopped. "Hey, Galinda?" She asked, looking at her with a big grin on her face. "Wanna go see the Wizard?" Galinda's eyes widened and she punched Elphaba softly in the arm.

She stuck her nose in the air. "I can't believe you would say that! I... I don't want to lose you, don't you get it? I was there! I saw it happen. There was green ooze... that was your SKIN! Oh, Elphie, I love you too much to let that happen to you." Elphaba smiled and started walking again. "I wish that we could live from now on in peace."

"Don't wish... don't start. Wishing only wounds the heart." Elphaba said. "You have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be. MAKE it happen." She said seriously.

"Fine then, I will." Galinda smiled confidently as they walked inside and took the stairs to the second floor. As soon as the stairs leveled off, Galinda started running. "I'll race you back to the room!"

Elphaba ran after her, shouting. "No fair, you cheat!" and "Cheaters never prosper." But she laughed the whole way. Galinda was waiting for her by the door of their room. "Let's go. I'm tired." Elphaba said, nearly pushing Galinda into the room, who just giggled and allowed herself to be 'escorted' to her bed. "Goodnight you silly girl." Elphaba said.

"Goodnight, your highness the Wicked Witch of the West." Galinda joked. Elphaba laughed, jumping into her bed.

"I liked Elphaba the Delirious better. Heck... I think I like Elphie better." And they both went to sleep laughing.

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