For Good

By Christine Lennoire

Chapter Seven


Where did her morning go? Elphaba wasn't a morning person, however... today, she wished she could have made it last. Now, standing outside the Wizard's office, she was scared. And Galinda wasn't being her usual self. She knew that there was something terribly wrong about this. Still, she wouldn't go back until she could say that she had done everything she could to find out the truth and make things right.

Closing the door quietly, Elphaba stood before the wizard in a sort of daze. There were no machines or contraptions, just this short somewhat large man. He didn't look like she had expected him to, but then again, who does. He ushered them in and gave them both a seat. Pulling out a small bottle, he examined it before giving it to Elphaba and letting her see it for herself.

"So... it's true. You are the reason I am green." She said softly, setting the green bottle down again. "And that would make you..." He nodded solemnly, pulling up a chair it sitting across from Elphaba. Galinda scooted closer, a bit confused and worried for her friend, who looked a pale mint color, rather than her usual green color. How else do you describe a girl with green skin being pale?

Handing her a paper, the Wizard seemed to have found his voice. "Your mother and I well... we are your biological parents. I suppose your father eventually found out, shortly after you and Nessarose went off to Shiz. Sooner or later your mother would have had to say something to him. Really she loved him, even if she often hid it. I was simply passing by at a time when he was gone and she was... lonely.

Scoffing, Elphaba threw down the paper. "And that explains plenty! Not only does my father hate me for being a monstrous freak, but because I am NOT his child at all. You can never love somebody else's child the way you love your own, right? I never had a chance. Did he curse the slippers to spite me? Was it him?" The wizard looked away with a deep frown creasing his face.

"That doesn't completely make sense either, with Miss Galinda being involved as well. If it was him, how could he possibly have done this? No, I fear there is something much more sinister. I want to know everyone who has gotten a hold on those slippers. This could all be a misunderstanding. But as it has not been proven so yet, it is my duty as the Wizard... and your father, to figure out what is going on."

Elphaba didn't look convinced, but she began naming people. "Well... fath... I mean, Nessa and her father, Madam Morrible, Galinda and myself recently, and those three annoying girls who enjoy everything about style and fashion... Pfanny and her friends. I can't think that anyone else would have even touched them. Nessa loved them so, and was very careful with them. She was so proud of them."

The Wizard wrote this all down and folded the paper into his pocket. "Right, then. A few more questions if you will, Elphaba... You had no dreams until after Galinda's original dream, right?" Elphaba nodded, remembering that Galinda's dream was when it all started. "Are you sure that it was not just a reaction to her nightmare, an attack solely on her, or her own doing?" he asked, glaring at the blonde.

"HEY!" Galinda shouted. "I know that I may not be the best person... and we're not much alike..." she kind of trailed off at the end, filled with sadness. And then, with rage, she came back, standing up. "But I would NEVER hurt Elphaba! She is my BEST friend! And I am going to find the real answer, so that we can be happy once more." Elphaba laughed.

"It's okay. I know that. Really, it could be from anywhere. It would even be wise to ask Nessarose's father where he got them in the first place. Perhaps they were enchanted long before I even came in contact with them. After all, there are some very powerful sorcerers out there. We have to look at all the angles. All I know right now is that I will eventually be able to put this aside, and what happened there... will not happen."

Outside, a riot was heard, and the three of them all ran to investigate. "What has happened here?" The Wizard asked angrily, pushing all the people aside so that he could see what they were all looking at. It was a man not much taller than the Wizard, hunched over onto his knees and panting. Before, he had been saying something between breaths, but upon their arrival, he stopped. "Speak. What is your business here?"

Looking up at the Wizard, the man made an apologetic gesture and began to explain. "There was a... portal... I saw the portal to the other world! The one... you yourself spoke of! I saw it..." Everyone gasped and looked at the Wizard. Elphaba's eyes widened and she pulled on his arm until he was facing her.

"What is he talking about?!" She screamed. "You didn't tell us anything about another world! What do you know!?" Looking defeated, the Wizard told the crowd to disperse and to forget what they saw. Then he took the girls back inside to explain to them what he would never tell anyone else.

"This world is the one I call my home. However, I became a leader because of all the things I knew that they didn't know here. Because... beyond this world... ours is only one of many. But they are all born from the world I came from. That planet is called Earth. No one on Earth knew that these worlds existed until I found out by accident one day."

"I didn't want to leave. This world was so perfect and untainted, unlike the world I came from. I traveled Earth, from Europe to the United States, until I finally found a state that I didn't hate. That state was called Kansas. But then, things there were so hard for someone who was brought up like I had been. So you can't imagine how wonderful it was to come here, to an untainted world and be pampered for something that, where I come from, is nothing."

Galinda cringed. "And WHY didn't you explain this in the first place?! Kansas... that's the same place! That's the place that Dorothy said she came from! We didn't know anything about this, and yet it invaded our minds! If you think you look innocent to us right now, you are greatly mistaken! You have to tell us everything!"

Elphaba had fallen into a sort of trance, staring at the floor. Another pain struck her. It was always around the same time, and it bothered her. Falling off the chair, she clutched her side. Galinda was beside her in a second, asking her if she was alright. But she soon lost all comprehension of the words that they were saying. The Wizard, too, was beside her, looking concerned.

But her sight was failing, slowly turning from faces into swirls of colors, and then to darkness.

She was in a small town that was full of these strange shack-like houses and all of them were fenced. Walking around, she noticed that these were not her normal shoes. They were small black shoes that were flat and closed using a small clasp when you brought the strap over the top of your foot. And she was wearing the strangest dress. It was red and belled out, ending at her knees.

The thing was, normally she would clash with such a dress. But her skin was no longer green. He hair was tied into a low ponytail in the back and went to the middle of her back. It was so strange that she could hardly believe it. Yet she knew it was her somehow. And to some extent, she had control. Dorothy was there too, outside the house next door. Upon seeing her, Dorothy turned and ran to her.

Elphaba didn't hear what she said. She was slowly coming back to consciousness. "Elphie! I was so worried. Are you alright?" Elphaba looked around at the hotel room and made a sigh of relief.

"Yeah, but... can I tell you something important?" Galinda nodded and stared at her intently, drawing her legs up to her chest and shuddering. Elphaba told her all about the things she saw, leaving out no detail that she remembered and adding in all of the feelings that she had gotten while she was there. "I wonder if that wasn't..."

Galinda waited, but she didn't say anything else. "Wasn't what?" She asked, anxiously, leaning in, her ear close to Elphaba's lips.

"Kansas..." Elphaba whispered.

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