Part Sixteen

"Parker, what are you doing here?" asked Travis, a little perplexed. He had planned on calling her tomorrow or the day after. "Waiting for you." She answered. "What do you want?" Travis questioned. He didn't think she had left any of her stuff at his place. On the other hand he had stuff from Alex, which he had borrowed.

"I wanted to say that I was…I am sorry." Parker looked into his eyes while saying it. "I'm sorry too, I'm sorry that I don't feel the same about you. I can't see myself with you, after today I can't see that there should be an 'us'." He told her, his eyes were hard. "I know what I did was wrong, but I'll break up with the guy and maybe we can rethink this." She said, reaching for his hand. "No Parker. It's over, we're finished. You chose him, you cancelled our dates for this unknown person, and then you got caught. The only thing I think you're sorry about is that I caught you. If that hadn't happened, you would have continued this behind my back. There isn't anything here worth saving, to rethink." Travis stated, he pulled his hand away from her's; his voice was cold but levelled.

Parker stood there, "I'm sorry Travis, but I couldn't stop myself, you were busy sometimes when I really wanted you with me. Then one day after you blew me off after school for some project with Robbie and Alex, Jon approached me. He was so sweet, and I was mad at you. I don't know what happened. OK? It just happened. I didn't plan for it to happen. Ok?" She told him. "No it's not ok, if you wanted to talk you could've just said that, you know I would have stayed, and told the others to work without me. Forget the past Parker, it happened alright. Are we finished here?" Travis responded. "I guess so." Parker said. "Fine then, goodbye Parker. Good luck with Jon." Travis walked up the steps to his house.

Parker just stood there stunned, her eyes started to water, she took one last look at Travis's home, then walked away.

Travis leaned against a wall next to the door, he couldn't believe himself. He felt an odd sense of loss. He admitted to himself that he was kind of sorry to see Parker go, but he knew he wouldn't trust her again if they had stayed together. He took his cell out of his pocket, and debated whether or not to call Alex and tell her what had just happened. Travis dialled her cell number, and hit send. "Hey Alex, do you have time to talk?" he asked.