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Summary: Gibbs brings a small girl into NCIS, and in one way or another she effects the whole team, brining up old memories, secrets and even possibly the future. What happens when she predicts harm to one member of NCIS and when she brings up something no one knew about Gibbs, how much will the team sacrifice to keep her quiet, and who is she.

-Don't Fear the Reaper-

Chapter One: Enter: Hannah

Gibbs smiled as he entered Abby's lab, wondering how she could put up that crap she called music, her head nodding in time with the beat, and her fingers typing away, the norm. Making sure to not be seen he advanced, stopping once he was directly behind her, leaning down he blew into her ear, watching her reaction: She tensed, but quickly realized it was only Gibbs and relaxed and began typing again, "What can I do you for Boss Man?" Abby asked without even looking at him.

Resting a hand on her shoulder he leaned over and pretended to understand what Abby was doing, "Hey, I have something for you." He stated blankly, seeing how long it would take before she took interest, instantly she perked up and spun around, out of reflex Gibbs backed away slightly, "It better be something extremely caffeinated Gibbs cause I am having the worst morning ever!" Disappointed as she saw his empty hands knowing that he didn't have a Caf-Pow for her but intrigued by the smile on his face, "It's even better. Close your eyes and wait here, I'll be right back!" The older man said firmly before disappearing.

Hesitantly she covered her eyes with her hands, "This better be good." She mumbled under her breath unaware that Gibbs had already re entered the room, "Okay, open." Her eyes opened and she stared at him strangely, glancing down she saw a small girl holding his hand, she had piercing blue eyes and long wavy blond hair, shutting her eyes again she mentally counted to three and re opened them, Yup still there.

"Hey Gibbs, I would love to keep her, but my land lord wont even let me have a puppy…if I bring that home he'll freak." Abby noticed the girl clutch his hand harder and try to hide behind him, she couldn't help but feel bad for scaring the girl, but for a reason unknown to her she was jealous of the girl. "Abs, can you watch her until I get back, I'll make sure to get caffeine sent your way ASAP." Rolling her eyes she nodded, knowing that she couldn't refuse Gibbs, "Right okay, so your not gunna tell me anything…like who she is, and what am I suppose to do with her until you get back?" She yelled after him, but he was already gone, typical Gibbs.

Groaning Abby looked down at the little girl, she looked like she was about to cry, "Hey, I am Abby Sciuto, but you can call me Abby, or Abs if you want." The girl smiled, squirming out of her coat and backpack, letting them fall to the floor, "I am Hannah…and I'm, this many years old!" She held out four fingers, "Sweet. I don't have enough fingers to show you how old I am." Hannah giggled, and Abby had to admit she was as cute as they come.

"Your skirt is small Abby!" The girl proclaimed, making Abby wish she hadn't worn her black skirt that ended well above the knees, "It's like my mommies only shorter! And your makeup is funny! And your hair is in piggy tails, like when mommy does mine, and your music is funny and," She pointed to the picture Kate drew of Abby that was hanging by her computer, "That picture is funny!" Hannah had to pause to catch her breath, and then smiled up at Abby who for the first time got a taste of her own medicine. Wow, this is her without caffeine…

"Hey, how about we draw a picture Hannah?" The girl smiled widely and dove into her bag, retrieving an older looking sketch book, she ran across the room and sat in Abby's chair, forcing Abby to pull up a stool, "Look at my pretty pictures Abby!" Hannah practically ordered, if she wasn't so gosh darn cute Abby would have done something about that attitude of hers, but instead she grabbed the book and flipped it open.

The first picture, was of a stick man, lying in a bed. "That's my friend…He was in the hospital, he was really sick…but he's better now!" They both turned around when the sliding doors opened, "Tony!" Abby yelled, running up and jumping into his arms, loving the groan that escaped from his mouth, "Oh, Tony, this is…Hannah." Once again the girl retorted to her shy self, spinning around in the chair to face Abby's computers, Tony tried to lean to the side to see her but he couldn't, "Hey Hannah, I'm Tony DiNozzo. Common Don't leave me hanging." He held out his hand and Hannah looked at him strangely, getting up off the chair, she put her hand in his and shook it, before returning to her drawings.

Tony stood up and stepped closer to Abby, "Quiet kid." Abby's mouth dropped, "Just a second ago I couldn't get her to shut up, I think its just you Tony." He elbowed her gently and gave her a look of mock hurt before leaving.

Abby stepped closer to Hannah and glanced over her shoulder, she had started a new picture, the stick person had high piggy tails and Abby figured it was her, "Hannah will you be okay for a second, I'm gunna go see if Gibbs is upstairs, do you want anything, pop, juice, candy, more crayons, anything you want I'll get Gibbs to get you." The girl didn't even turn away from her drawing, "No thank you." Abby's mouth dropped, "Seriously honey, anything! A pony, a castle, aaaa-um I'm out." Hannah nodded and Abby turned around and left. "Weird kid." Abby muttered to herself, letting the doors automatically close behind her. Hannah continued her drawing, "I'm not weird…"

"Gibbs! Common where's my Caf-Pow! And the brat wants a new car and a puppy." She jumped on his desk and looked at him, he simply glared up at her, "Gibbs you really shouldn't crinkle your face up like that, it makes you look old." Abby said jokingly, watching closely as a smile broke out on his face, "Abs, get back to Hannah and I'll see what I can do about the Caf-Pow." She smiled jumping off of the desk and skipping forward, "Oh what about the car and the puppy?" Knowing she was pushing her luck she left without an answer.

"Okay Hannah, Gibbs said scratch the puppy but the Caf-Pow is i- Hannah?" Her scrap book had been left open and she was no where in sight, Abby hesitantly looked at the picture, it was hard to make out but there was a pool of something around her stick figure and the computers and desks around the room suggested it was this lab, "Hannah! Common this isn't the time to play games!" Abby walked around the room in a panic, looking under every desk and in every corner, finally stopping as she saw a small figure curled up in the corner. "Hannah?"

"Abby, their watching you, their waiting for you." Abby picked the girl up in her arms, and comforted her, not sure what but something had spooked her bad. "Shh, Hannah its okay, no one gets in here without getting past Gibbs and me. I promise." The girl shook her head, but she was staying fairly calm considering all, "They want you Abby." She held onto Abby tighter, "Who does, Hannah? Who wants me?" The girl shook her head again, this time more panicked "I cant tell you…their listening." Abby had to admit that she was kind of scared, even though she knew no one would be able to get in or out without her knowing about it.

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