Don't fear the reaper

Chapter 4 part one.

Abby walked into her lab and headed strait for her computer, turning on the monitor and waiting impatiently for it to warm up, "Hey Abs." Abby turned off the computer monitor and spun around in one swift motion, forcing a smile, "Hey Tony, that for me?" She pointed to the CAF-POW in his hands, watching him closely as he took a long sip and handed it to her a smile grew on her face, "Now it is." He leaned to stare over her shoulder, looking at the blank computer screen, "What'cha doing?" He nodded his head towards the computer and noticed Abby tense, "Must have been pretty secret for you to close it so fast." Abby put a hand on his shoulder to stop him from getting near the computer but before she knew it Tony was behind her and directly by the computer.

"Tony please don't! Its private for a reason!" Tony responded by laughing as he pushed the button to turn the monitor on receiving an angry groan from Abby, as she caught him in a head lock she attempted to turn off the computer unsuccessfully. As the computer warmed up Abby struggled to get Tony out of the room but froze when she felt him go limp, watching the smile on his face disappear she whipped her head to the monitor, "I can explain!"

"Explain why you have a collage of Gibbs' pictures as your background, do I want to know." He questioned, Abby smiled widely, trying unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh, "What can I say Tony, its his silver hair, too hot for words." Tony stuck out his tongue and made a funny face.

"What's too hot for words?" Abby and Tony spun around and stared wide eyed at Gibbs, both glancing at each other, before Abby leaped back to turn off the monitor once again, "Gibbs, Abby and I were just talking about-" Before he could get out another word Abby had him in a head lock again and her free hand was over his mouth, they struggled playfully for a while until Gibbs pulled Abby off of the younger agent and nonchalantly slapped Tony across the head, "Do I need to get a babysitter for you two?" He asked seriously, Abby and Tony both saluted him mockingly "No Sir!" They said in unison getting a confused glare from Gibbs before he disappeared, Abby looked over at Tony and smiled innocently when he rolled his eyes she punched his arm playfully and watched him leave in a sort of confused daze.

Sitting down in front of her computer she sighed, "That was too close Abs." She mumbled to herself, not even sure why she wanted to hide the results from Tony, she knew he wouldn't tell anyone especially not Gibbs and she was probably going to end up telling him one way or another but somehow she just wanted this for herself, something that she had on Gibbs that no one else did. Sighing heavily again she reached forward and turned on the monitor, removing the background of Gibbs she had put up somehow knowing something was going to happen and stared blankly at the computer screen, her mouth slightly ajar.

A comforting hand landed on her shoulder and she instantly turned into the body, knowing it was Ducky. "Was it worth it?" She looked up at him confused, her dark eyes glazed over, "Do you feel better knowing the truth Abigail?" If anyone else would have said it to her she would have taken it offensively but this was Ducky and he'd never do anything to hurt anyone, she hesitantly shook her head, "Why didn't he just tell me Duck?" A sad smile grew on the older mans face, "The same reason he didn't tell me." Abby knew instantly that Gibbs had never spoken a word of this to him, she also realized then that she wasn't the only one left in the dark and she wasn't the only one upset about it, but Ducky ignored it knowing Gibbs would come around eventually.

Before he left he assured Abby that Gibbs had his reasons, knowing the whole time it would be impossible for her to let it go, he left knowing something big was going to happen and it was going to happen soon.

Abby spun in her chair anxiously, thinking about the piece of paper in her hands that indeed proved Hannah was Gibb's daughter, sighed heavily a few times she crumpled up the paper and prepared to toss it into the garbage when she heard a small voice from the doors, quickly she shoved the paper in her pocket and spun around. "Hannah? Are you okay?" She asked suddenly the anger and confusion that had plagued her was gone, all that mattered was the girl standing in her lab, almost in tears. As she advanced towards the girl she seemed to be looking strait through Abby, a single tear running down her cheek as her breath became rigid and a whimper escaped her throat.

Spinning her head sharply Abby stared at the exact spot Hannah had been staring to find nothing there, her breath was almost matching the small girls as she swept Hannah up in her arms and carried her into the elevator. "Hannah…what happened. What did you see?" Shaking her head the girl clung to Abby her voice hoarse, "They're closer! Abby they want you!" After feeling a chill go down her spine at the girls words she let Hannah to the ground but still held her close. "It's okay Hannah, they wont get me…or you." Abby noted the hesitation in her stare as the elevator doors opened, the entire room seemed deserted but Abby knew everyone was just working.

She pulled Hannah gently to Gibb's desk finding it empty she took a seat with Hannah on her lap. "See Hannah, every things okay. Gibbs will be back soon and he can take you to his house and then I'll go home and tomorrow-" Her entire body tensed, but quickly relaxed as she reached over Hannah and grabbed the ringing phone, trying to hide the smile that played across her lips as she stared at the small girl, her expression priceless.

"Hello, Agent Gibb's Office." She paused for a moment listening to the voice on the other end of the phone, "No I'm sorry agent Gibbs isn't here, but I can give him a message if you like." Slowly her hand searched for a pen and paper, giving up on the paper she rolled up her sleeve to write on her arm. Nodding hesitantly she wrote down what the lady had said and hung up the phone. "Who was it?" Hannah questioned suddenly, her voice held its childish tone again. Abby quickly rolling down her sleeve smiled at Hannah, "No one important, just some work stuff." Hannah closed her piercing blue eyes and cringed, "I don't like work stuff." She said and stuck out her tongue, Abby forced a smile and ran her hand over Hannah's silky blonde hair, "Yea…I don't like work stuff either."

Hannah had moved to Tony's chair and Abby still sat leaned back in Gibb's chair waiting for them to get back from what she assumed would be a crime scene. "Abbbbyyyy? When is Gibbs getting back?" Hannah yelled across to Abby, who opened her mouth to say something but was cut off, "Right now." A familiar voice called, they both turned to see Gibbs walking towards them, an out of breath Tony just behind him. Abby stood up sharply and walked in front of them, placing a firm hand on Gibbs chest, "Tony take Hannah out to supper. I gotta talk to Gibbs," Glancing at Tony she noted the confused look and turned her stare into a glare, "Now." He nodded and went to Hannah, Abby roughly turned to Gibbs and pushed him backwards grabbing his arm and pulling him with her as she walked towards the elevator.

The second the elevator closed Gibbs confused look went away, "Abs what are you doing? Have you lost it-" She rolled up her sleeve and held her arm out in front of him, watching the emotions cross his face as he read the message she had wrote just a few minutes ago. "Oh…" Was all Gibbs said, not looking at Abby as she took her arm back and roughly pulled down her sleeve, "Oh." Abby muttered back, her voice coated with attitude.


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