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Pairings: Rei/Makoto/Minako triangle.

Makoto turned over in her sleep, it was yet another sleepless night. For the entire week she found it hard to sleep. So many thoughts were running threw her head. Thoughts about a certain blond friend of hers.

(Makoto's dream)

Makoto was in an office building just about to get on the elevator. Once inside she saw Minako standing there.


"Hello Mako."

Makoto watched at the elevator continued on from floor to floor. The weird part was that the elevator would not stop. It just continued going up to the next floor. Minako's hand wandered over to Makoto's, and soon she was holding her hand. Why, was she doing this causing so many thoughts and feelings to stir.

"Mina, what are you doing?"

Minako gently pushed her up against the wall, and began to kiss her. Her fingers softly trailing down her spine. Makoto shuddered at her very touch. She was weak and powerless against Minako's advances. Suddenly Minako started to travel downward on her.

"Mina..." she moaned.


Makoto woke up with a start, sweat pouring from her head. That was the second dream about Minako in the last week. Why was she having all these dreams now? She heard it said that dreams reflect your true desires. When Makoto woke up she had caused the sleeping girl next to her to awake.

"Makoto, sweetie whats wrong?"

"Nightmare." she lied.

The raven haired girl crawled over to her, wrapping her arms around her. If there was something wrong with Makoto. Then there was something wrong with her as well. Makoto allowed her to comfort her, all the while feeling guilty about that dream.

"Thanks Rei."

Rei let out a small yawn and looked out the window. The sun had not even risen yet, and she was still very tired. She looked back at the brown haired girl.

"Mako, will you try and go back to sleep for me?"

Every time Rei put on that sweet innocent voice, Makoto was hooked. It was her way of being very persuasive. And it sure as hell worked every time.

"Yea sure, sorry about waking you up."

Rei yawned again and then put her arms back around Makoto. Maybe this would help her get to sleep faster. There was no way that Makoto would be getting back to sleep. Not while she was still having dreams about Minako. She tried to get up but Rei's grip was iron tight.

"Looks like I'm stuck for the night."

(Minako's house)

Minako had been finding it very difficult to sleep as well. She tossed and turned, and tossed some more. Until finally she got up out of bed. She was clearly not going to get any sleep tonight. She decided that she should grab a glass of water.

"Why can't I sleep anymore." she thought.

Minako plopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V. She wasn't sure if it would help her or not, but it was worth a try. Two hours and 6 glasses of water later she was asleep.

(Minako's Dream)

Minako saw herself walking on the beach. She stopped to look out at the water, when she felt two arms around her. She smiled a little wondering who it was. She turned around to see Makoto.



Makoto brought her closer to her and gently placed kisses all over her. Minako turned around so that she was facing her. The two girls stared at each other and then Minako leaned forward. She couldn't explain this sudden desire for her. But she continued kissing her, allowing her hands to wander all over her.

"Makoto, what are we doing?"

"I'm not sure Mina. Why don't we let our bodies guide us."

Minako awoke with a start, her heart beating faster. She had just had a dream about one of her best friends. Not only that but she was currently dating another friend.

"No way Minako. Makoto is in love with Rei." she thought.

Minako started to pace back and forth nervously, trying to piece together anything. She heard about dreams being the windows to your true desires. Surely this wasn't the case, she couldn't possibly want Makoto. Could she? Minako shook her head no she didn't want Makoto.

"I'll be late for school if I don't get ready now."

Minako rushed quickly and made it out of the house in record time. As she walked down the street she heard a car horn. And it seemed to be trying to get her attention. She finally turned around to see Haruka and Michiru.

"Hey Mina, want a ride?" Haruka offered.


She would not pass up free ride on any day. She quickly jumped in the car Michiru looked back at her friend. There was clearly something on her mind. Whatever it was seemed to be bothering her.

"Whats wrong Minako?"

"Well. Its a really long story."

She didn't really want to get into details about it now. First of all she wanted to be sure herself, before she went shouting it out to people. Soon Haruka pulled up at the school, Minako was the first one out. She had gotten out so quickly she bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

She opened her eyes to see Makoto standing there. So there the two girls stood staring into each others eyes. Makoto turned away, and so did Minako.

"No problem Minako."

Haruka and Michiru noticed how the two of them looked at each other. Both of them making mental notes of the scene. Makoto slowly backed away from Minako, as thoughts of her dream seemed to resurface.

"Makoto over here." Rei called.

"I gotta...go."

"Yea, bye."

Minako watched as Makoto went over to Rei. She soon let out a defeated sigh.

"This is going to be a long day..."

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