She-Ra: Princess of Power


By General Stingrad

Chapter I: A Horde Infestation



Today, Hordak tried his usual scheme of taking over Brightmoon, which I managed to stop. He brought 30,000 Horde Troopers and he left with just himself, Mantenna, and Leech.

"Curse You She-Ra! Etheria will be mine!" he cursed as he waved his fist as he was entering the portal he created and left for the Fright Zone, leaving me by myself.

"Whew! What a day!" I sighed in relief, for it had been a long day, this was Hordak's third attack on Brightmoon this day, it's almost as if he trying to wear me out, so when a real threat from him occurrs I would not be able to stop him, but right now that was not on my mind, the only thing I was thinking about was getting back to Castle Brightmoon.

I mounted Swift Wind, "back to Castle Brightmoon, Swifty," I told my steed and we were off to the castle and hopefully for some rest and relaxation.

When we arrived at Brightmoon I found a small seculded area that we could land in, "Land in that wooded area, Swifty" I said to him. From there I could change back into Adora and report to Castle Brightmoon to tell Angella of Hordak's latest plans.

Once we were on the ground, I dismounted Swift Wind, checked make sure no one was looking; raised my sword in the air and said "The Honor is Restored" and reverted back to Adora.

I got back on Swift Wind, now reverted back Spirit and left for the castle.



Curse that She-Ra! Once again my brilliant schemes have failed, today me, Mantenna, Leech, and 30,000 Horde Troopers went out to conquer Brightmoon but She-Ra destroyed every one of my troops leaving me only with my court group.

When we returned to the Fright Zone, I retired to my chambers to ponder my failure, out of all my enemies I have faced only She-Ra seems to be without a weakness.

I remembered how I froze the Snakemen and sent there Icy bodies to Ice Mountains, leaving me free to conquer Eternia. For years, Hsss and I were engaged in brutal war of conquest, his forces had chipped away at my men, but with fell stroke I totally decimated the Snakes.

Mephistopheles, lord of Despondos was another easy target. When heard that the Horde had entered Despondos, he sent his demons to claim our souls, but the Horde is not so easily defeated. I ordered my men to attack his palace and seal it up. I offered the demon lord a choice, hand over of the kingdom me or be destroyed, he refused surrender and I order my men to attack his palace. After two weeks my men were able to destroy the palace and kill the demon, making me the new Ruler of Despondos.

But She-Ra is different; she has Grayskull blood in her veins, the power of the gods coursing through her body and King Grayskull, the one who sent me to Despondos, reaches out from death to aid her, what sort of man is Grayskull that not even death weakens his powers. The more think of Grayskull the more I despise him. Words cannot describe my hatred for Grayskull!

While I was thinking Modulok, my chief scientist, came in with some interesting news.

"Lord Hordak! I think I have found a way to defeat She-Ra once and for all!" he exclaimed, excited by his discovery. He had one of his arms behind his back, and he had an evil grim

"Whatever you have, Scientist, it better be good for it is not I will personally kill you," I warned him as I turned to face him. I had seen enough of his idiotic plans backfire and was getting fed up with his failures.

"This plan won't fail, my Liege," he assured me

"What have you come up with this time?" I inquired to him, he seemed eager to this plan underway.

He moved his hand behind back forward and revealed a small phial filled some clear liquid and a hypodermic needle.

"Its virus" he said proudly, he seemed confident that his plan would succeed.

"A virus, what are you going to do give her the flu" I snapped, I had seen viruses before most of them were harmless and the ones that were serious all had cures to them. So I was unimpressed with his scheme.

"But this virus is deadly," he said as he steed through the glass phial, I could tell hat this was his plan his baby.

"How so?" I asked him wanting know what he knew about this virus.

"It causes the victim to erupt in violent muscle spasms," he replied happily "It also eats away a person's cerebral tissue causing them to lose their memory and bodily functions until the die" he replied smiling wickedly.

"Brilliant Modulok!" I praised him, at long last I would have my revenge on Grayskull, and not even he could save her now.

"Here's the best part," he continued holding up a finger "It has no cure and the cerebral degradation is slow and torturous," he whispered to me.

"Modulok, get Leech and Mantenna and some Horde Troopers, we have work to do," I exclaimed as left the throne room to prepare to exact my revenge on Grayskull!



When I reached Castle Brightmoon, I took Spirit to the stables so he could he rest up; I gave him some fresh oats and water and left for my room for some relaxation.

I decided to take a bath to relax away the pain caused by Hordak jabbing his staff into my stomach. I slipped into the hot water letting it work its miraculous healing power on my aching muscles.

I was in there for no more than ten minutes when I got a call on the intercom, Queen Angella wanted to see me in the Throne Room. It seems Hordak is up to something big and she wanted discuss a plan to stop it.

I got out of the tub, dried off, and got dressed.

As I walking to the Throne Room, I was admiring the artwork throughout the palace, Angellians are known for their piety towards the divine and it shows in their artwork. They were mostly about angels and demons and great battles, truly if ever the gods inspired mortals the Angellians are a prime example.

Finally after about an half an hour I reached the Throne Room, as I was about to open a door my stomach began to knot up and a strange voice whispered to me that whatever this mission Queen Angella wanted me to go on was too dangerous, but I had no time to worry about danger, I had important work to do.

I opened the door; Queen Angella was pacing around the room and looking at map she laid on a table.

Bow and Glimmer were also were there, they were studying other maps and reports that strewn across the table. They both seemed puzzled and worried.

"What did you want to see me for your majesty?" I asked the queen as I approached the throne.

Angella stepped forward, "Adora, Hordak and some of his cronies have spotted in the village of Luna Minor," she explained. She pointed to the village's location on a map; it was small located about only 3 miles away from Ethereal City.

"Why does Hordak want it so much?" I asked confused, usually Hordak attacks a city because he gain something for it, but in this case there was nothing, it's even too small to serve as a Base of Operations for him during an invasion.

"That's what we're trying to figure out," She answered, the look on her face was one of concern.

"Well whatever Hordak is up to I'll stop it," I told the queen confidently, as I told her this, the knots in my stomach got worse and that voice in my head grew louder, there was something about this mission that didn't seem right; something didn't add up, something I couldn't put my finger on.

"And we'll come with you," Bow interjected as pointed to Glimmer, although this will make difficult to turn into She-Ra it will lessen the chance that Hordak will be able to catch me unawares.

"Thank you, Adora and May Light Hope bless and guide you on this mission," she prayed as the three left the throne room to prepare for the mission.

After Bow and Glimmer had left, I snuck into a corner and raised the Sword of Protection in the air and exclaimed "For the Honor of Grayskull...!"

Instantly, the power of King Grayskull flooded my soul, his strength, courage, integrity, and justness filled my inner being, providing with power. I was bathed in a brilliant white light as the transformation was coming to an end I proclaimed "I am She-Ra!" Princess Adora was gone, now there was only She-Ra.

Knowing that Bow and Glimmer was going to be coming soon so I rushed to the stables to get my horse Spirit.

When I found him, he seemed nervous and began to cry in distress, as if he knew that I was walking into danger.

"It's okay old friend," I reassured as I petted his muzzle, it is truly amazing how animals know when danger is afoot.

I took to a secluded corner of the stables I pointed my sword at him; the energies that bathed me in light now did the same for him. Two beautiful wings grew from his back; he was now wearing a splendid multicolored; and golden horn sprouted from his forehead- he was now Swift Wind.

Just as we were walking out; Bow and Glimmer came in the stables. They wanted to know what happened to Adora, since she was supposed to go with them, I told them that she had sprained her ankle and asked me to take her place. They said that was fine and we left for Luna Minor.

Along the way, the knots in my stomach tightened and that voice in my head was getting louder. What is wrong with me today, I fought Hordak before and have survived all of his dirty tricks but there was something about this mission that just didn't sit right.

When we arrived, we found Hordak lying on the ground he seemed to be crying. None of his minions were around, so I decided to see what was a matter with him.

As I approached him, the knots in my stomach tightened to the point of make me nauseous and the voice in my head was screaming at me not to go near him. 'Adora you know he's tricking you! Run while you still can!" it screamed. Part of me wanted to leave, but another part of me, a dark curiosity wanted to find out what was wrong with Hordak!

When I got near enough I asked him, "Hordak, what's wrong?" I began to feel dizzy, it's that voice warning me warning me that I was making a mistake but I felt compelled to help him, after all had it not been for Hordak the Elders of Grayskull would not have made the Sword of Protection and without the sword I would never have realized about my true family.

The Dark Warlord turned to face me and said, "I wanted to use my magic to help the villagers, but they wouldn't trust me."

The voice in my head was screaming at the top of its lungs, it was no longer a warning- it was a voice of pity- pity that I decided to take the path that I trod now. The knots in my stomach were now excruciating, I had a feeling this was a trick, but I still wasn't sure.

"Hordak, is this a trick?" I asked him, if it was a trick it was too late to turn back, but if Hordak had by some way become good, it wasn't fair for me to judge him.

"Why No She-Ra, it isn't a trickā€¦," he said, a dark smile crossed his face; his tears turned to laughter "IT'S A TRAP!" he yelled as he sprang up.

Soon thousands of Horde Troopers swarmed around me, they seized my arms and legs. I tried to break free but there were too many of them.

"Bow! Glimmer! I've...," was all I could get out before a trooper put his hand over my mouth to silence me.

They tried to come to my aid but Mantenna captured them in some sort of containment bubble. They were trying to break free, but to no avail.

Swift Wind tried to save me as well, he charged at the Horde Troopers, but before he could get to me, leech captured him with a magical lasso.

"That will hold you" the green monster exclaimed as he laughed at Swifty's attempt to break free

The last thing I saw was Modulok and Hordak coming towards me, in the scientist's hand was a hypodermic needle, I tried to scream but like a bad dream was unable to.

"Hold out her arm!" Hordak ordered the guards that had my left arm stretched out it with such force, that it felt as if he had dislocated.

I could feel the needle go into my skin, I gritted my teeth hoping to make the make the pain go away.

The last thing I saw was Hordak walking towards Bow and Glimmer then everything went black.

When I finally came to, I could hear Bow and Glimmer yelling, I could hear them mention something about Hordak draining the oxygen from the bubble, I knew had to rescue them.

I tried to balance myself, but my gait was wobbly, the only way I was going to make it is to use to my sword like a crutch.

"She-Ra hurry, the air is getting thin," I could hear them shout. I knew I had to save them before it was too late.

I made it about halfway, when, I began to get muscle spasms all over my body causing me to double over in pain. I tried once more to get up and reach my friends, but each time I would move the spasms would intensify sending me crashing to my knees.

"Bow! Glimmer I don't know what's wrong with me," I told them as I crawled to a nearby tree. "Bow, I'll need your help on this one" I told him.

"Anything She-Ra" he said as tried to conserve his oxygen supply.

I could tell that the air was getting thin, Bow and Glimmer had trouble staying focused, and they'd be goners. I needed a plan,

"Bow! Is the bubble electromagnetic?" I asked, I remember one time when I was on Eternia, Man-At-Arms showed Adam and me a demonstration of how a metal object can disrupt an electromagnetic containment unit.

Bow studied the bubble for a while and replied, "Yes it is,"

"Bow aim your arrow at the top of the bubble, the metal arrowhead should deactivate the bubble," I told Bow.

I watched as he tried his best shoot the arrow, which landed right on target. The metal arrowhead caused the bubble to break, freeing them. After that everything went dark again for me.