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-Summary: Yami Yugi has some problems with modern technology and other stuff. Random funny story I thought up at 6 in the morning that I had to write. 1st chp: The Toaster!

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Yami and the so called 'modern technology'

By: Raven/MysticDragon1691

Chapter 1: THE Toaster...dun dun dun!

"Yugi? Yugi! I'm hungry and I want a piece of toast." yelled an impatient hungry Yami to his hikari.

"Get out a piece of toast and put it in the toaster!" yelled Yugi back to his dark half as he attempted to get his pants on as he bounded down the stairs to help his dark so he wouldn't burn down the house.

"Where's the toast?" Yami asked.

"In the bread box." said Yugi coming into the kitchen.

"Where's that?" asked Yami searching through the refrigerater.

"Yami, that is the refrigerator and hopefully the bread box is not in there." Yugi said walking to the other side of the kitchen and opening a box which had on the top 'Bread Box' in bold print and got a piece of bread out. "See it's right here!" Yugi walked over to Yami and handed him the bread.

"Ok...but its not toasted." Yami said staring at the untoasted bread Yugi usually made him before Yugi went to school.

"You still have to put it in the toaster!" instructed Yugi motioning towards the shiny silver box with 4 slots on top and two levers in front on the counter in front of Yami. Yugi left Yami's side and went to the refrigerator to get some milk.

Yami stared at it, cautiously moving closer, you can never be to sure about these things. Yami then put the bread in the top and waited.

Still waiting.

Yugi poured some milk into his bowl of cereal and still didn't notice Yami staring at the toaster anxiously awaiting his warm crispy piece of toast.

And yet...still waiting.

Yugi turned around and looked at Yami. "What are you doing, Yami?" Yugi asked.

"Waiting for my toast to get done." Yami stated as he stared at the toaster.

"Did you push the button down?" asked Yugi.

"What button?" Yami asked looking at Yugi with an I'm-lost-please-help-me-I'm-hungry look on his face.

"You have to push down one of the buttons on the front." Yugi said spooning more cereal into his mouth.

"Oh..." Yami did as Yugi instructed and waited again still getting more hungry.

A few minutes later it started smoking, slowly at first then started pouring out of the top of the toaster.

"Um Yugi...is it supposed to be doing that?" Yami asked.

Yugi whipped around in his chair when he finally smelled the smoke. "Yami? What did you do?" Yugi's amythist eyes grew larger seeing all the smoke.

"What you told me to do." Stated Yami crossing his arms.

Just then the toaster burst into flames!

"Ahh!" Yugi yelled as he ran to get the fire extinguisher. Yami just stood there with a suprised/terrified look on his face with his mouth hanging open staring at the toaster which had just burst into flames. He forgot how hungry he was and finally got the idea to get a towel, which he did, and tried to stiffel the flames but that only resulted in catching the towel on fire.

"Where in Ra's name did Yugi go?" Yami said under his breath now trying to get the fire out on the towel now. Then the toaster exploded which in turn caught Yami's black leather pants on fire. Yami didn't notice so he kept on shaking the towel and wacking it on the toaster still not putting the fire out. "My pants feel extrememly warm...hmm...and why do I smell more smoke?" He looked down and saw his pants on fire. His deep amythist eyes grew extremely large.

"Ah! FIRE!" Yami dropped the towel, which was still on fire, and ran off around the dinning room attempting to put the fire out. "Ahh! Ah! Ahhhhh!"

Yugi returned then and ran to the toaster and put it out along with the towel on the floor. "Where is Yami? He started this why did he leave?" He then heard Yami yelling something and saw him run back in the kitchen. His mouth dropped open when he saw Yami with his arms flailing in the air frantically as if that was going to help put the fire out. Yugi ran after him around the table attempting to put the fire out.

Bakura and Ryou walked in at that moment and stared at the seen of Yami running around the kitchen table with arms flailing in the air with Yugi running after him attempting to put out the fire on Yami's pants.

"Bloody hell!" said Ryou. "What should we do?"

"What in bloody Ra's name is he doing! Doesn't that baka Pharaoh know anything?" said Bakura resisting the urge to laugh at the Pharaoh but failing in the process.

"Yaaaammmiiii! Sttttooooopppp!" Yugi yelled to Yami to get him to stand still for a few seconds.

Yami heard Yugi and stopped running but then started hopping up and down while looking like a hyper child at Christmas.

"Ok thank you!" Yugi said as he put out the fire on Yami's pants with the fire extinguisher. Yami sighed and sunk to the floor in relief.

"Are you both alright?" asked Ryou coming over to Yugi. " The front door was open and we smelled smoke so we came in to check on you."

"Yeah thanks Ryou." Yugi said. "But it looks like Yami won't be cooking anytime soon."

"'We', you mean you brought that thief too?" Yami asked standing up looking over the table at Bakura who was doubled over from laughing so hard.

"Yes. I'm sorry don't mind him." Ryou said appologetically.

"That has to be the funniest thing I have seen this month. Pharaoh you are halarious." said Bakura still laughing at the pictures of the former usually not so crazy Pharaoh running around hands flailing in the air with his pants on fire.

"Shut up Tozokuoh! I was just trying to fix some toast. I'm sure you had trouble with this thing too." Yami said in his defence.

"Yeah well I was not the one running around the room flailing my hands in the air like an idiot. And I also don't have holes in my pants from the fire." Tozokuoh Bakura said.

"Bakura! I outta..." Yami scoweled at Bakura.

"You'll what? Send me to the shadow relm?...kill me." Bakura taunted then became more serious. "You cannot kill me for I am the shadows and the shadows never die." said Bakura saying one of his signature sentences. "And also our Millenium Items have the same power so with a shadow game it would just end in a stalemate." Bakura said tempting Yami to try something.

/Yami just walk away. You know how Bakura is and besides I already have to clean the kitchen I don't want to have to clean anything else up./ Yugi said through his mind link to Yami.

Yami just glared at Bakura and walked off to change his pants.

Bakura was about to comment on the Pharaoh walking away but stopped when his hikari warned him not too. Yugi decided to not get involved and started cleaning the kitchen.

...to be continued. Next random thing in chapter 2

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