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Never Forgotten

By: Artemis

Chapter One

"Give up, Kagome."

Said girl turned swiftly away from the guards before her to gaze into a pair of cold green eyes.

"He's forgotten all about you since I've been around." The woman's eyes narrowed in a sadistic-type of joy.

"He would never forget me, neither of them would!" Kagome shot back, already feeling the familiar burning sensation behind her eyes. Her keen sense of hearing picked up the padding of small feet behind them.

"Mommy!" A small boy flew past her and into the arms of the cruel woman. A tear made its trail down her cheek as she watched the boy and woman.

"Umi…what did--how?" She choked back a sob, her voice catching on every word.

"Ah…how easily young minds are swayed, don't you think, Kagome-dear?" Umi smiled cruelly over the silver-haired child's head. He gazed at Kagome with interested stormy grey eyes.

"Mommy? Who's the strange lady?"

Kagome shot forward, her blanket pooling at her waist. She quickly wiped her face of tears and sweat before looking around at the drawings that covered her walls.

"Momma?" She saw a flash of silver before the air was knocked out of her. She looked up into a pair of concerned golden eyes. "Is something wrong?"

Kagome gazed into the familiar eyes. 'Sesshomaru…' The name whispered across her mind, her eyes pricking with tears. She blinked once before responding to her daughter's question.

"I just had a bad dream, sweetie." She smiled comfortingly. "Is something wrong with you?" The small adolescent grinned slyly.

"I just couldn't sleep without one of my mother's beautiful bed-time stories." The girl held up a piece of paper with an elaborate drawing of a battle. Demons scattered all around two men, one with white hair, the other with black. Kagome drew breath. "I wanna hear this one again, momma."

"Okay, Aya." Kagome smiled sadly as her daughter climbed underneath her comforter and snuggled next to her. She drew another shaky breath and began the tale of pain and heartache, the tale of her life.

"Hey sweet thang!" Kagome laughed as she heard the familiar voice of her foreign best friend.

"Hey, Aidan." He smiled with his boyish charm as she ruffled his auburn hair.

Aidan Loman was a college degree linguist from Ireland. She had met him while she was going to college and they had become fast friends. She had taught him random things he didn't know in Japanese while he gave her the basics of English, Gaelic, Latin, French, German, and Russian. He also gave her someone to confide in. He knew everything she had gone through in Feudal Japan, and he kept her sane with his cheery and optimistic demeanor.

"Think you she's enjoying herself?" Aidan turned his grey eyes towards an open window beside them. Aya was dancing around with her friends, a bright pink tiara resting on top of her head, and a banner above her reading 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

"I sure hope so." Kagome sighed as she gazed up on her 13 year old daughter. "She made me tell her the story again last night, and she drew a picture of him." She said quietly, a small sad smile planting itself onto her face. Aidan drew her into a hug and patted her back.

"You've got to tell her eventually, you can't keep hurting yourself like this. It's been, what, 13 years?" He said in his rare serious tone of voice. She pulled back away from him and nodded lightly.

"I know, but I don't want to. She's so happy…and I think she would honestly believe I'm mental." She laughed, and what a sad, hollow laugh it was. Aidan sighed once more and rolled his eyes.

"Well, let's not keep away from your beautiful creation for much longer. She might start to think something's going on between the two of us." He winked jovially, making Kagome smile and hit him.

"As if she would ever believe that. She knows better." She glanced at the well-house that sat not but twenty feet away. "You know what? I think I'll be inside in a minute.

Aidan shrugged. "Suit yourself, I'll go tell the birthday girl."

"It's her birthday today, you know. She's thirteen. It's just too bad you're not here to see it…I wish you were." Kagome said quietly, sitting on the lip of the well, looking into the black depths below her feet. "I wish you could see what we made…I wish I could see Juro again…I wish for so many things that I can't have…"

She sighed sadly, a tear dripping into the oblivion that sat under her feet. She had closed the well so many years before, sealing away its magic, just in case anyone decided to be too curious. Even if she had wanted to go back to that time, she wouldn't be able to.

"Kagomeeeeee!" Her eyes widened as she was pushed, face first, into the well of her nightmares. She closed them to drown out the blinding blue light that wasn't supposed to be surrounding her. She clenched her teeth in anger as she felt the cold dirt beneath her.

"Aidan! Damnit!" She yelled, looking at the dazed man next to her. She looked up in curiosity before punching the side of the well wall. "This wasn't supposed to happen! It's supposed to be closed!" She screamed in annoyance, more to herself than anyone else.

"Kagome…what's going on?"

"It's time you took some responsibilities. You're getting older, and I've decided to leave it up to you to survey all of our territory and report back to me if anything is amiss." Two men sat across from each other, a table in between them. They were identical, down to the last eyelash, except for one thing. One had golden eyes, the other had stormy grey.

"Yes, father." The younger with the grey eyes stood up, bowed respectfully, and turned to leave. "I'll not let you down."

Golden eyes gazed into the back of his son's silver head. "I know, son." He said quietly as the shoji screen closed behind his heir.

She jumped again. And again…and again. Each time, nothing happened. She stomped her foot once again as she jumped from the bottom of the well with an unknown agility. She glared at the auburn haired man beside her before trying once again.

"Kagome, I don't think it wants to let us back through." He said quietly, ignoring her glares and curses. "Let's just find someplace to sleep for the night, we'll go to a village in the morning and find one of your friends…please?" He stuck out his lower lip, hoping to sway the woman who was exhausting herself with a fruitless task.

"Aidan, you don't understand!" She yelled, annoyed with his antics. "I don't want to be here! I don't want to be stuck in this place, especially without my daughter!" She stomped her foot before, giving him the image of a child throwing a tantrum over a lost toy.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it! So just relax. We'll just get some help from those friends of yours and try again in the morning." He grabbed her by the shoulders and thrust her towards the forest that lay around them. "Lead the way." He stated.

She hung her head and made the familiar journey to the village she once called a home. The village that once accused her of being a demon…oh the irony of it all.

They silently made the trek and arrived into the small town just as the sun faded on the horizon. A man staked at the main road halted them with a spear. "State your name and your purpose. These are treacherous times, we cannot allow strangers to pass into this peaceful village."

"I'm looking for Lady Kaede. It's me, Kagome." She smiled as recognition crossed the older man's face and he smiled back, before gaining another somber expression.

"The Lady Kaede passed on last winter." He said gravely. Kagome closed her eyes in a prayer for her grandmother-figure's soul.

"Is Sango or Miroku still here then?" The hope in her voice was diminished by the man's response.

"They've gone to another village. To live out their lives with their children." He bowed his head. "I'm sorry lady Kagome. No one ever expected you to come back. We all believed you to be dead. That is what Lord Sesshomaru announced the day after the battle with Naraku."

"Do you know where the village is that my friends are in?" She asked, trying to ignore the name that was spoken.

"Somewhere in the western lands. Past the lord's castle." She nodded a thank you and turned away, only to be stopped by the man's words. "He'll be happy to know you're alive, milady."

Her eyes hardened as much as her heart did. "No he won't." she whispered, turning towards the forest to journey to her friends, hoping for an epiphany along the way.

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