Never Forgotten

By the always lazy: Artemis

Chapter 5

It didn't take him very much time getting to his destination, longer than normal considering he did have to check the surrounding land. The hut his sister was always in was located near the center of the small village.

Today wasn't much different than normal. When he pulled aside the straw-mat door, his sister sat in the middle of the first room with the former monk, Miroku, and his wife, Sango. Rin looked up at him with a kind, surprised smile.

"Juro. Father sent you to get me so soon?" She asked in her sweet care-free way. She had just celebrated her 24th year of birth, making her eight years his senior. He allowed a small smile before completely crossing the threshold of the home.

"No. Father's busy at the moment, but I have questions I need answered." Rin patted the spot next to her, wanting him to sit next to her when the questions began flying. He took his spot and breathed out some of his tension. "I found a girl in the forest who claims to be the daughter of Kagome Higurashi, but father said she's been dead for a long time." He looked around at the audience. They all gaped at him with the same wide-eyes.

"Kagome's daughter?" Sango strangled out, her jaw barely attached to her skull. Miroku grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

Why did everyone react so amazed to this woman's name? "Her name's Aya, and she said that her mother went missing a day or two ago before I found her." He paused to let the information soak in slightly. "Mother told me that Kagome was an evil human who seduced father in order to become a demon."

Rin scowled, a rare expression that hardly ever marred her features. Sango barked out, "Don't believe her." Anger was laced through her words.

Juro stared for a moment before getting to the point. "Who is she? She must be very important to get these sorts of responses." Sango opened her mouth to respond, but was stopped by someone entering of home uninvited.

"Sango…oh!" Juro turned in his seat to see a woman with long raven hair and stormy grey eyes standing in the entryway. She launched herself at Sango with a cry of happiness.

"Ka-Ka-Kagome?!" Both women sat up quickly and stared at each other. "You-they-he said you were dead!"

Juro swallowed the lump in his throat. So, this was the mystery woman. Aya wasn't lying after all, and he had the haunting suspicion he had seen her before. Those grey eyes brought on unbidden memories he had forgotten.

He…remembered her from when he was five years old, when his mother had sent her away from the castle with an evil cackle that wouldn't stop ringing in his ears.

Those beautiful grey eyes turned on him and widened. "Oh, Juro…" She murmured, tears gathering in the corners. "You're here…of all places." She smiled warmly, like nothing he'd ever seen before. Not even his own mother smiled that way towards him.

Sango took the woman's attention once again. "Kagome, where've you been?" We all thought you were dead. She said, eyes filling with tears. They held hands with sisterly affection.

"I've been in my time." Kagome finally looked at the other occupants, landing on Rin, who was gaping with wide teary eyes and an open mouth. "Rin…" She opened her arms and Ring launched herself into the embrace.

"Momma!" She cried, taking Juro by complete surprise. "I knew she was lying! I just knew it!" Kagome smiled sorrowfully while rubbing the younger girl's back.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I should've said goodbye. Gods know I tried." She whispered, her eyes closing to hold back the tears. Juro finally found his voice.

"Aya's been looking for you. Turns out she wasn't lying." He stated, quickly capturing the woman's attention.

"Aya's here? Where?" The questions tumbled from Kagome's lips in a rush that made his head spin. She stopped suddenly and looked at him more closely, as if finally seeing everything about him. "You look so much like him…" She placed a small hand on his cheek, her eyes scanning everything about him with a hurt deep inside them. "You're so grown up." A sob escaped her lips before she threw herself at him, hugging the life right from his body. "And I missed it all…"

"Woman, let go of me. I know not why you are here or what your connection is to my family, but you are destroying the peace my father has worked hard to ensure." He felt her stiffen, then pull away, eyes averted to the ground.

"Juro! How dare you?!" Rin placed her hands on her hips angrily. "How can you talk to your mo—" She was cut off when Kagome placed a hand on her shoulder.

"He doesn't know nor understand. It's fine, really." She muttered into the young woman's ear. She turned back to Juro. "If you could bring Aya to me, I would greatly appreciate it." Her hopes fell once he shook his head.

"Father is not letting the girl out of the castle. You'll have to fetch her yourself.

"Fine. Aidan, come along. We'll figure the well problem out when I finish fetching my daughter." Everyone then noticed the young man that had accompanied their dear friend. Rin grasped Kagome's hand and pulled her out of the hut, towards the one place she had been trying to avoid on her journey.

"Umi." Sesshomaru's voice was deep and threatening as he gazed upon the two women before him. Umi backed up a step or two from the small girl that had huddled herself into a corner. "Drop it and step away…Now!" To emphasize his statement, he let loose a low menacing growl.

"She's that evil woman's child." Umi muttered darkly, still glaring coldly at Aya.

"The only evil in that woman is that she is gone. I'll hear no more of it." His stoic tone did nothing to betray his emotions. "Until we understand the meaning of why she's here, you'll not lay a hand on the girl. I'll not hesitate to kill you next time."

The woman, Umi, walked from the room without another words, leaving them alone. He kneeled before the trembling Aya. "Tell me." He started, catching her attention. "You said she lied to you. Tell me."

Aya leaned against the wall behind her, willing her body to stop shaking. "She always told me bedtime stories about a human and demon falling in love." She paused to clear her throat. "The human miko fell for the great demon lord, Sesshomaru, by a chance of fate, but a terrible war was being fought, driving the two apart for some time." Sesshomaru closed his eyes as images came to mind to match with the young girl's words. "What he didn't know was that she was in a delicate condition. They didn't see each other for five days, and the pregnant miko was trapped in a cave with a deceptive woman who pretended to be her mate's most trusted ally.

"She was convinced into thinking her beloved mat had been taken as a prisoner and her son would be destroyed unless she left the lands and never returned.

"She waited another day before leaving the cave and traveling away to her original home. When she found out she had been betrayed, she prepared to fight the deceiver for what was hers. Her home, her family, and her mate.

"The deceiver turned her away, already turning everyone against her, even the miko's own son. Deeply hurt, the miko returned to her home and her new baby girl, hoping to move on since she would never see the man she'd given her heart to again."

Sesshomaru tired to swallow, but his mouth felt completely dry, as if he'd gone days without water.

"Who was she?" Aya asked him suddenly. You could say she was oblivious, but that would be an incorrect assumption. Umi had made it painfully obvious how completely stupid she had been, and now, she wanted to hear it from him. He quirked an eyebrow in question. "Well, you're the demon from the story, so who was the miko…?"

So…it's been a while, huh? Well, for all of those who may hate my writing style, it shall be changing very soon. I wrote most of this over a year ago, and from this point on…it'll all be coming out of me fresh. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, sorry it took a while. But I'll be moving out within the next five months as well as getting married, so I want to tie up some loose ends before I go without internet for a while (because I know we probably won't be able to afford it). Ya'll should feel loved.