The Real Thing

by mew-mew-dolly

Fluffy Kitties

Ichigo's POV

(Ichigo sets off the alarm cllock)


"Eeek! I'm late for work Ryo's gonna have my head!" screamed Ichigo.

(Ichigo dresses up and runs to Cafe Mew Mew)

She finds Ryo slumped up against the wall near the door waiting for her.

She couldn't help but notice that Ryo looked so hott, with his pale blond hair and his gorgeous blue eyes. She felt like she could stare at his eyes forever.

"Baka strawberry, your late again, If you're not on time next time I'll have to deduct off about $10 off your check!" said Ryo as he pushed his hand through his blond hair.

"NO FAIR!" Ichigo pouted, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Ryo walked up to her and flicked her nose.

"Hey!", but before she could do anything he walked away.


Ichigo went to work and started serving the customers. When the Cafe closed and the other Mew Mews went their ways, Ichigo went upstairs to ask Ryo for a raise.

She knocked on his door, and heard a muffled "come in".

When she opened the door she saw Ryo shirtless and he looked really hott!

"Hey I said I was coming, yelled Ryo."

Ryo noticed that Ichigo was blushing furiously..

"Can't resist my masculine charms I see, smirked Ryo.

"IN YOUR DREAMS PERVERT! yelled Ichigo."

"What are you here for anyway, asked Ryo"

" Ummm...Can I get a raise? asked Ichigo.

"NO! why are you still asking me that same old question? I told you already my answer is still no!", yelled Ryo.

"Oh come on! I work harder than the other girls, so therefore I should get paid more for my work!" Ichigo shouted back .

"My answer is still no and it will stay that way whether you like it or not!" said Ryo.

"Why you big jerk, she said as she stepped closer to give him a piece of her mind.

But before she could punch him, she tripped and was falling---- then she felt an arm circle her waist.

She looked up to see that she was in Ryo's arms and his blue eyes staring down at her looking concerned.

"Baka Strawberry, watch where you're going or you could get hurt", he whispered.

Ichigo's cheeks turned slightly pink as she noticed that Ryo--the big arrogant jerk was being nice to her.

He pulled her closer and closer until their lips were merely an inch apart.

Suddenly Ichigo's heart was beating faster and faster until she felt like it was ready to pop out.

She didn't know why Ryo was making her feel this way----she was completely faithful to her boyfriend Masaya.

She didn't know what to do, she wanted to kiss Ryo but she also didn't want to kiss the jerk.

As she was thinking it over, Ryo moved in closer and Ichigo could smell his sweet Vanilla breath...

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