Title: Hidden Feelings
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Genre: Angst, drama
Warnings: Angst, strange writing style
Summary: Everyone hides a part of themselves, even superheroes
Joker, trickster, prankmonger.
(Scared behind the laughter)
Golden boy, boy wonder, leader.
(Doesn't know what to do)
Emotionless, creepy, witch.
(Unwillingly evil, just wants to be loved)
Naive, comforting, alien.
(Not as innocent as she seems)
2nd-in-command, gamer, robot.
(Mourns what he has lost; himself)

Everyone has masks, everyone hides themselves somehow. Some with laughter, denial, or jokes. Others with anger, unhappiness, fright.

Leader, hero, girl.
(Doesn't think that they respect her)
Merman, heart throb, different.
(Wants to fit in more)
Prodigy, arrogant, look-a-like.
(Unsure of who he is)
Misunderstood, confusing, unknown.
(No one understands them)

Everyone has dreams, just like everyone wants friends. When you have no where else to turn, no one else to go to, putting your trust in those like yourself may be your only option.

Love, laughter, life.
(This is all they really want.)
loss, hardships, pain.
(And this is what they have)

Life is eclectic, a mixed bag. Nothing is set, nothing is sure, and around every corner is another unexpected challenge. To think anything else is foolish.

Hope, dreams, joy.
(All that keeps them going)
Fear, anger, hatred.
(All they have to hide)

So much of living is pain, but without it we would never enjoy the truly bright moments in life. Without disappointment, the things that go right would never be celebrated, miracles never acknowledged.

Friendship, family, home.
(When this is in reach, nothing else matters)