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It take place during the break in before the Last Battle, just after Aslan returns Lucy and Edmund to England, after telling them they will never return. I'm hoping to bring it all the way up to the Last Battle, if there's enough interest. Please Read and Review!

Chapter 1

Lucy was never the beauty in the family. That was Susan's job. And most of the time, she was fine with it. But occasionally, those small pangs of jealousy plucked mockingly at her heart. One such time was when she was reading the magician's book. But that passed quickly.

Now that they were no longer in Narnia, it was easy to forget how much Aslan meant to them. That was what Susan did. Lucy never forgot. How could she?

Sitting in her room at home, she remembered Aslan telling her that she would never return to Narnia. It had hurt, but at the same time, it had made sense. Was this what Susan and Peter had gone through? They had all reacted in their different ways.

Peter had become a man. Edmund had grown up. Susan had brushed it aside. And Lucy? Lucy remembered.

"Lu? Are you in here?" The voice that broke through her thoughts was that of her brother, Peter.

"Yes. I'm here. Come in." Peter never had to knock on her door before. But now she was growing up, whether she liked it or not. And Peter respected that. The door opened slowly. Peter stepped into the room.

Oh, how he had grown. He was no longer the boy who had disbelieved her when she had first found Narnia. He was becoming more and more like the King she had once known. His presence was overwhelming, and the respect he inspired in her was so great.

"What are you doing?" He asked. Peter always had time for her. He always stopped to check on her. Sometimes she felt that he was worried, concerned about her. Worried that a part of her had remained in Narnia.

"I'm thinking." Lucy replied calmly. "Would you like to join me?" Peter sat on her bed next to her.

"About Narnia?"

"Do I think about much else?" She laughed the question off. Now Peter definitely looked worried.

"Lu… I know Narnia is important. But shouldn't you start living?"

"I am living Peter."

"Not in this world."

"There's so much to live for in this world. I have discovered the Church… God… but sometimes I need to remember. Just in case I forget." Like Susan. The unspoken words hung in the air between them. Peter hugged her.

"You'll never forget, Lucy. Not as long as you live."

"And after, as well?"

"And after as well."

She smiled. Though she may have grown, she never stopped trusting. Peter's words comforted her, like nothing else did.

"Come outside, Lu." Peter stood up and extended his hand to her. "Come and live." Gladly, Lucy stood up. She took Peter's hand, and like two children playing in the early hours of morning, she left with him.

Or like two monarchs standing in front of the court.

It was late when Susan came home. Mother and Father looked up from their conversation at the dining table when she waltzed in.

"Susan." Father said sternly, as Susan made to leave the room without a word to anyone at the table. Susan spun around gracefully, a look of exaggerated surprise pasted firmly onto her face.

"Father! I didn't see you there!"

Lucy gazed at her sister. Her magnificent head of long, dark curls shone with sparkling lights. Her face was flushed with excitement. But her eyes… her eyes… were empty and cold.

Lucy looked at Peter and Edmund. Their faces had become strangely inscrutable and blank. Susan turned to the rest of them.

"Hello children!" she greeted them cheerfully. "You wouldn't believe the party I was at!" Only Lucy replied.

"Did you have fun?" She asked cautiously.

"Did I have fun!" Susan smiled patronisingly. "Honestly Lucy, you should get out there with me. You're nearly fifteen, and you don't go out at all! What are we going to do with you!" Here Peter interrupted.

"Lucy is perfectly happy at home." Of course he would be offended. He had made a special effort to return from Oxford that night so the family could be together… and Susan hadn't even shown. Until now.

"Nonsense, Pete, dear. No one can be happy at home!" Susan gushed. Edmund's expression looked decidedly black as he replied.

"I'm sure Lucy doesn't wish to gallivant around town with people she doesn't know." Lucy lowered her head. She remembered all the times when they had all gotten along.

"Don't let's argue." Lucy pleaded. "Can we talk in the garden after dinner?"

Peter and Edmund looked bemused, but readily agreed. Susan laughed condescendingly.

"If that'll make you happy, dear."