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Chapter 11

Lucy watched as the boys waved cheerfully to them from the platform, an anxious smile lingering on her lips. As the train started to pull out of the station, she was suddenly seized by a childish urge to run after them. Childish … or child-like?

"Bye!!" Edmund yelled out of the window. "We'll send you a line!"

Jill grinned and ran after the train, shouting as she ran. Lucy glanced back at the Professor and Aunt Polly who were standing on the platform beside her. The Professor looked up and caught her eye, giving a barely perceptible shrug. She smiled back, ignoring the twinging feeling of warning that plucked at her stomach. Following Jill and Eustace, she ran after them, capering about wildly after the train.

As the train pulled out of the station, the three slowed to a walk and Eustace turned to face them, hands deep in his pockets.

"So what are we doing now?" he asked eagerly. Jill grinned expectantly, looking to Lucy for an answer.

"I'm … not sure," she replied as they walked back to the Professor and Aunt Polly.

"Aunt Polly, what are we doing now?" Jill ran up to the old lady, tugging on her arm.

"Well …" the Professor cut in. "We could be standing on a train station … or we could be waiting for someone."

Eustace frowned. "We've just seen the boys off," he said matter-of-factly. "Why would we be waiting for someone?"

The Professor made no reply, choosing to light his pipe and whistle while doing so instead. Lucy stared from him to Aunt Polly, as another train pulled into the station, drowning out Eustace and Jill's cries of confusion. Turning slowly, she watched as the smoke from the train slowly dispersed and the doors pulled open. A stream of people poured out, in suits and travelling dresses, and they rushed away. But when the train had left the station, one person was left behind.

Susan was dressed in a fine travelling dress, with a scarf pulled over her head to keep her curls neatly in place. Now, she unwound the scarf and stepped towards them, as the porter brought her luggage over. She ran a gloved hand over her cheek, as though checking that her skin was completely intact. As she walked over, a disgruntled expression spread over her face and made itself known.

"Sir," she greeted the professor.

"Susan. So glad you could join us," Aunt Polly said, beaming profusely.

"I'm happy to be here," Susan said, though her eyes told a different story. "Eustace and Jill too! How … lovely."

Lucy bit her lip as they loaded Susan's luggage into the pony-drawn cart. Waiting behind her sister, she watched as Jill and Eustace bounded into the wagon eagerly, chattering madly. In stark contrast, Susan stepped up delicately, holding her hand out as though for some invisible escort.

"Honestly, Lu," she said over her shoulder. "Did you have to draw out every one of these kids to your little gathering?"

Stung, Lucy kept silent as she jumped up into the wagon after Susan. As the cart rocked across the bumpy road, she joined in with Eustace and Jill's conversation, trying to ignore the sour expression on Susan's face as she answered the Professor and Aunt Polly's questions politely.


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