Title: Captured moments

Rating: PG
Pairings: implied RobxStar
Genre: Angst, drama
Warnings: Angst, invasion of privacy
Summary: A picture is worth 1000 words...

A/N: Yet another somewhat cheesy friendship fic from me. For some reason, I keep getting ideas for these. Where have all my pairings gone?

A book lays open on a bed, revealing a multitude of pictures. Each has a title and a description written underneath in familiar handwriting, showing a lifetime of moments captured forever, many faces and emotions displayed.

The collection focused around a group of strange looking teenagers. One showed a grim faced girl curled up against a wall, engrossed in a book, oblivious to the camera. It is titled 'Friend Raven reading'. The description says 'The first picture I took of my new friend, Raven. She did not realize that I had taken this until I showed her this album of photos.'

The next shows two boys leaning over game controllers, while a third leans over the back of a couch, obviously cheering them on. Titled 'The playing of games', the description reads 'This is Cyborg and Robin playing one of the Earth games. Beast Boy is cheering because he was to play the winner (He did not get to; friend Cyborg refused to relinquish his game controller).'

The hand writing changes at this point to a slanted cursive. The third photo is of a brightly smiling blonde girl, clinging to a green boy and waving at the camera. The caption for 'Terra joins' is very bright 'We met a geomancer named Terra. She doesn't seem too sure of her powers, but Robin and the others are convinced she will fit in well. Even I couldn't argue.'

Some one with a nondescript writing style takes over at for the next photo, their picture proudly displayed against a bright background. It shows a redheaded girl and dark haired boy dancing and smiling nervously at each other. 'Robin's date' is described as 'Robin and Starfire were Prom King and Queen...I think it's a sign. Those two belong together!'

Here the script shifts again, this time becoming blocky print. The picture is crumpled, and both it and the writing beneath it are smudged, as if it has been cried over. It shows a strange statue with a plaque beneath it. It has no title and the words beneath it simply repeat what is written on the plaque 'Terra. A Teen Titan. A true friend.'

The non-descript writer claims the book once again. The picture, titled simply 'Me', shows a dark-skinned boy staring at his hands grimly, two rings glinting in the faint light coming from a near-by source. 'Me. The real me. Star says this isn't the boy she knows. She doesn't understand. But for some reason she was the only person that made me feel better.'

A strange landscape is featured in the next photo, as the original writer takes over. 'My home' has no writing beneath it; the title seemed to explain it all. However, the space around is adorned with smiley-faces and hearts. This odd place is obviously very greatly loved.

A breeze catchs the pages, flipping through them to reveal flashes of Titans East, other continents, and many other heroes. It continues till the last page is revealed, showing a group of over ten teens grinning at the camera and waving. The title says 'All of us', and is described as 'All the titans, finally home'. The page is signed by everyone in the picture, and ten years in the future the superhero group known simply as the Titans would look back on it and smile.