Christmas day is here once more, gifts and love and joy galore, a special day the wipes the floor, with the other 364...

ok, I'm done singing. well, the holidays are finally in Amity Park and it's about time, since it takes forever to get, While shopping for gifts, Danny, Sam, and Tucker see Jazz at an Antique shop, and is about to buy something that she shouldn't buy, nor should it be in stores...

what is it?


Noone's POV, Mr. Lancer's class, last day of school before the holiday break starts.

"six...five...four..." Tucker counted the minutes down on his PDA excidedly. Danny looked over at Sam who was in the desk right next him. "who's turn is it this year?" he asked quietly. "mine." sighed sam as the looked at Tucker in front of her. "Three...two..." he said with anticipation.

"Tucker it's---" Sam started but was cut off.

"ONE! Whoo-hoo! christmas Break!" Tucker yelled as The bell Rang and he raced over to the door but Tripped on his on foot and fell to the ground Face first but got up again but this time was intercepted by Mr. Lancer.

"Hey, man,don't be such a Grinch."hesaid trying to get to the door. Mr.Lancer just stood there wondering why Tucker didn't notice that his friends weren't there with him and Rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Thank you to the students that remembered christmas break starts at the end of school, not the begining." he sighed as Tucker sat down embarrassed.

"This happens every year, why didn't you guys tell me this time?" he asked looking over at sam who was close to laughing and Danny who was already laughing with some snickering students behind them.

"because," Sam started but stoped because she didn't wanna laugh at him. Tucker sighed. "Go ahead and laugh." he said dully as Sam laughed out loud with the remainder of the laughing class.

"It's just so funny and the begining of christmas break wouldn't be the same without you making an Ass of yourself...sorry." she replied wiping a tear from her eye. "But I do this every year, since like, first grade." Tucker mumbled.

"That's why we let you, it's not the same with out it." Danny said after laughing uncontrolably. "you guys are nice." Tucker said sarcastically. "May we please get to my lesson plan for once?" Mr. Lancer asked. "yes." some students who would normally Kiss ass replied.

"well, I have a Homework assignment that you all will enjoy," Mr.Lancer said alittle happier, But as soon as he said homework, the Class groaned in Dissapointment to have Homework over the Holidays. But He continued anyway.

"Since tonight is the 'welcome winter dance', I thought we all could do a secret santa." he said.The students burst into excitment, he waited silently so he could explain more.

"I have everyone's name in this santa Hat and whose ever name you get, you give them a present, please don't give them anything inappropriate." he said walking to Tucker's desk with an old Stretched out Santa's Hat so he'd pick out a name. Tucker closed his eyes and picked out a name and cheered. "Whoo-Hoo! I got lucky!"

That sounds so wrong. Thought Danny smirking.

Next was Sam, who got lucky and got Tucker's name.

Crap, I got that stupid shallow little Bitch!

well...she wished she got Tucker's name.

Soon, after going down the row of students, (Danny Sam and Tucker have been Assigned to the front of the class) was Danny, who wasn't big on the idea of getting someone a gift that he didn't like at all.

Like Dash.

Or didn't like him.

Like Dash

Or know him.

Like Paulina.

Well, she knows who Danny Phantom is but it's not the same, Unless she wanted to get Sam Pissed off and walk by her and her Friends in a Micro Mini skirt and matching Spaghetti strapped shirt making her Practically Pop out of her shirt.

Other Than that, she doesn't notice him, so he's over her.

He picked out a name and Mr.Lancer quickly moved on to Dash who cheered "Alright! Qwan!" and punched his fist into the air.

"Don't say whose name you got out loud." Mr. Lancer Advised. as soon as that done and over with, Mr. Lancer explained that the gifts we to be exchanged at the dance tonight, and with that the bell wrang and everyone Ran out of the door.

Everyone except Tucker.

"Aren't you coming, tuck?" Danny asked. "ok, this is the real bell." Tucker said.Both Danny and Sam exchanged Glances and Raised Eyebrow."just making sure." he added Quickly as he went to his second period.

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