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Holiday Surprises: The final chapter


Sam's POV Italics are her thoughts

ow, my head, I feel like I got trampled by a crowd.

That's exactly what happend. The rest was a blur, I opened my Eyes and I saw Tucker, who was staring at the matress next to mine.

did I dream everything?

where am I?

why doesn't Jazz have on the Amulet?

did I miss the big fight?

ohmigosh! where's Danny!

"Sam! you're ok!" cheered Tucker and Hugged me. Since I'm an only child,Tucker and Danny have always been like older brothers to me, even thought I'm two months older then both of them.

"where's Danny? and Jazz?" I asked.

Tucker guestured over to the Materess next to mine, Danny Phantom was Danny Fenton again with small but noticable bruises on his arms, and A swollen bruise on his head. I got up and nearly Jumped on him, I whispered in his ear.

"I'll leave you two alone." Tucker said leaving the store.

"Please wake up. Please wake up." I pleaded Tears rolling down my cheeks. He looked a mess, but still peaceful. I'd give anything to see his saphire Blue eyes again. I layed down next to him, my head on his shoulder, crying.

you must really love him.

yea, ok, I admit, I love him!

tell him.

he can't hear me.

just do it.

I sighed. I hated that talkative little voice in my head. "Danny," I started, I hope he's ok. please be ok.

"I Love..." I trailed off. It just hurt alot to see him like that.


I started crying even more, more like sobbing quietly in his arms. Then he moved alittle. his arms around me tightend alittle.


I wanted to jump for joy but at the same time didn't want to. I looked up at him. his eyes were still closed but he was starting to smile slightly. "Danny." I whispered. I was still crying in his arms.

"S-sam?" he asked. his eyes were open now, full of concern and love. "Danny!" I whispered Happily. I hugged him tight, he hugged me tighter.

switch to Danny's POV Italics are his thoughts.

I love that feeling. the one you get when you wake up and you have your one true love in your arms.

one true love?

yep, my one true love

well, your one true love is crying.

"Sammie, are you ok?" I whispered in her ear. "I'm just happy you're ok, that's all." she said wiping her eyes and smiling. I smiled back at her too. for the next five minutes we just layed there Hugging. but then I realized That Jazz wasn't there, and I idn't know how I got in a mattress store.

how'd I get here?

Tucker probably put us both here.

"I'm gonna go find Jazz." I said getting up and going ghost. I figured that noone was in the mall.

"be careful." she advised. "I will, I'm not leaving you here either, you could come with me and watch me win this thing or stay here." I said, she got up and we both left the store. Luckly, The little battle with Tucker and Vlad was in front of the store.

how didn't you notice that before?

I was with sam, I didn't really notice much besides her.

areyou in love?

I admit I'm in love!

"Tucker!" Sam yelled as he was about to get wasted by Vlad. but he was intercepted by my force feild.

"Sam,I need you too---" she cut me off.

"I already got it covered." she said reassuringly.

she's so smart and pretty and----

focus Fenton!

"guess who's Back and better then ever!" I said flying up to Vlad and shooting energy bolts to him, I was so mad that the first one I shot at him he fell to the ground, Jazz was still a dragon and throwing fire, but It wasn'tat me.

I get it! she's mad at Vlad.

Before I could go up towards Jazz to take off the Amulet, Vlad shot and Energy bolt from behind, it didn't hurt as much, but it still hurt.

Switch back to Sam's POV, Italics are her thoughts.

I turned to Tucker and got an Idea to help Danny. I guestured Jazz to fly over here so that Tucker and I could climb up her tail and take off the Amulet.

slowly I climbed up carefully, all the while hoping I wouldn't fall. When I caught Danny's Eye, I guestued to him to keep Vlad busy, he was really happy, he looked so cute when he's happy.

Tucker was in front of me, and I kept lossing blance, finally I fell when I was on her head, she kept moving, so it wasn't my fault.

just like it wasn't your falut that danny has his ghost powers.

yep, just like that.

Lucky me, Danny saw me falling and heard me yelling help, Tucker was on Jazz's Amulet. Jazz was pretty high up because Danny caught me in mid air.

kiss him!


don't you love being in his arms, all safe and--

ohmigosh shut up!

"Are you ok?" He asked concerend. "I'm fine, I just lost my balance, that's all." I explained as he set me on the floor.



"you could let go of me now."

"oh, right, um, sorry." he said blushing madly, then we heard someone yelling and two seconds later Tucker fell right infront of us. "Tuck you got the amulet!" cheered Danny. "no, nothing broken, thanks for asking." he said as I helped him get up.

"Sorry Tuck, where's Vlad?" I asked looking around.

"where's Jazz?" Danny asked scanning the mall for a dragon.

"there they are!" Tucker exclaimed as we run over back towards the front of the mattress store. "Vlad, leave Jazz alone!" Danny pleaded. "I'll do anything you want." he said, but there was something different about his truce.

"Danny," I started to object, but he looked at me, looked at the Fenton thermos and winked.

ohhh, ok, I get it, I get it.

I started reaching for the Fenton Thermos in Tucker's Hand but I had a feeling Vlad was eyeing me.

"Ok, Jazz is free, as for you,Daniel, do what I say or your family, and friends get it." he said as he multiplied himself into two people and Took Jazz who was passed out into the Mattress store and laid her down.

"Geeze Vlad isn't that alittle dark for you?" Danny asked shooting a look at me to hurry up. I took the thermos and got it ready.

"Really Daniel, I wish you would stop your sarcasm." he said rolling his eyes."really? is that your final wish?" he asked giving me a final warning look to hurry up.

"As a matter of fact, it is." he said glaring at Danny while getting ready to blast him. Finally, it was ready and I aimed it towards Vlad who was glaring at Danny. "well, guess what?" he asked raising an Eyebrow.

"what?" he questioned. "I wish you'd go away." and with that I sucked Vlad into the thermos.

"That could not have been a cornier conversation, Dude, common! 'I wish you would go away?' seriously! ask Jazz to help you with witty Bantter." Tucker laughed and Danny rolled his eyes and walked inside the Mattress store where Jazz was waking up.

"whoa, what happend?" she asked opening her eyes just as Danny turned back to normal. "shopping, you turned into a dragon, we fought Vlad, we won, now we're here." I explained.

what? that's baisically what happend.

"um, I think it's about time we went home." Jazz said standing up and stretching. and so we walked into the empty parking lot and drove home. on the way, Jazz muttered "My brother the ghost, This is so cool!"

Incase you forgot, we mainly went shopping for the secret santa thing in class, and we have a winter dance that we wanted to go to, so, you may ask, 'what did I get for valarie?' I got hera gift cardfrom the store U.S. TOPS, she liked it.

Switch to Danny's POV, Italics are his thoughts

When we went to the winter Dance, we, as in Tucker Sam and I Gave out our presents and I wanted to just go and not see who got my name.

Like Dash.

Then Dash walked towards Tucker and I while Sam was talking to Valarie alittle further away from us.

"Fenton, since I said Qwan's name out loud in class, I had to repick, and I got your name." he explained.


"And so, since you're not cool enough, I figured that you'd want something that confirms it." he said giving me a button that says I'm not cool, and I don't care.

That's knida like what Sam would want.

"Um, thanks, I guess." I said putting it in my pocket, my cheeks growing warm. Next up was Tucker to Paulina.

"so, what did you get me?" she squeaked in excitement. Tucker was digging in his pocket and pulled out a small wrinkeld sheet of paper and handed it to her.

"A coupon for a mighty mini meaty cheesey melt? awsome! thanks Trevor!" she said taking it and walking away with Dash. Now, it's my turn.

"I didn't get sam a gift!" I said pulling Tucker aside from the snack table full of cookies and cup cakes.

"I knew it! you like sam and you got her name whenyou traded with Qwan to get her name, because you got mine, I don't mind though,that was what you had to take care of after second period." he finished knowingly.

he's good.

"you two have something, like a spark, why do you two deny it, you know it's there." he said chewing on a cookie shaped in a tree.

"yea, but, you're missing the problem Tuck! we went shopping I got distracted, and--" I was cut off.

"I got distracted too, but I still managed to get Paulina what something. Think about it, what does she think is nice, like, really nice?" he asked.

chocolate, green day, trees, I got it!

"pass me a napkin." I said to Tucker as I pulled out a pen and scribbled something to sam, gave it to her, and walked outside.

meet me outside for your surprise.

Outside, I was Danny Phantom, and she was confused. "I remember what you said when we were flying, and so..." I trailed off blushing madly, but she was smiling and that's what mattered to me the most.

she giggled, came really close to my face and asked me "do you wanna kiss?" I must've been blushing like crazy and I thin I nodded because she told my to close my eyes.

then I felt something small in my hand.

A hershey kiss.

she smiled. I ate it. "I thought you meant..." I trailed off again. "you mean like..." she stopped talking, I looked at her and closed my eyes again.

Switch to Sam's POV, Italics are her thoughts.

his lips are so so soft, I'm in heaven!

His hands wrapped around my waist, and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him deeper in to the kiss which was slowly begining to turn French. we stopped to get air.

"was that my gift?" she asked. "a kiss from the ghost boy?"


"come here." he said to me,while taking me by the waist, and we were floating off the ground. before I knew it, we were flying over Amity Park. and as if on que, it started snowing lightly. it was like the city with bright twinkle lights lightly covered in snow.


"Merry christmas Danny." I whispored to him.

"Merry christmas Sammie." he said as we landed on a hill that sees all over Amity Park.

He held me tightly, like he'd never let me go.

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