Okay everybody, sorry that this got deleted but I improved it and now here it is: the new and revised Warriors #7: Between the Horizons

Disclaimer: The Warriors Series and the characters in this story belong to Erin Hunter


Moonlight flooded the clearing, giving everything a glowing coat of silver. Firestar padded into the clearing, sensing a familiar presence. Bluestar, the she-cat who had been leader of ThunderClan before Firestar, sat facing him.

"Firestar, you have led your Clan through these terrible times better than even I could have."

Firestar opened his mouth to object, but she kept going.

"You decided to listen to your leader and your heart, and found a way to serve both. I, however, would have only been loyal to my Clan."

Firestar knew this was true because Bluestar had given up her own kits in order to become deputy.

"I give you a new prophecy;" she meowed with fire in her eyes. "Those to whom you once belonged will come to destroy everything you know. The Clans will only survive if their chosen four become one."

As she finished speaking, she faded away.

"No, don't go!" Firestar yowled. "Tell me what you mean!"

Suddenly, he felt Spottedleaf's comforting presence. She buried her muzzle in his fur and mewed softly,

"Don't worry, Firestar. I will not let any harm come to you or the ones you love."

Comforted, Firestar fell back into the blackness of a dreamless sleep.

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