Growing For You

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Chapter 12: Relief

Wendy clutched onto Peter's rapidly cooling body. "J-Just hold on Peter…" she sniffed and looked around her widely. The faeries were hovering around them and what looked like green sparkly dust was falling on his wound. A little while later the Indian chief rushed over and she laid him on the ground. The chief inspected his wound and pulled out a long piece of cloth that was soaked in a strange, muddy looking paste and began wrapping his torso with it. He pulled out a pipe looking tool that was wrapped around a leaf and blew what looked like smoke at Peter's face.

Wendy stood back as more and more faeries hovered around him, sprinkling the strange dust as the chief used his methods in healing him. Once all the chaos was through the faeries and the chief pulled away. Peter lay there with his chest thankfully raising and falling normally and a calm expression on his face. The lost boys translated for Wendy, saying that now Peter would be fine. Wendy let out a sigh of relief and knelt beside Peter once more. She smiled and caressed her face. She closed her eyes, letting her worry and stress leave her and snapped her eyes opened when she felt Peter's hand on hers.

Peter smiled weakly at her but for some reason he could feel his strength returning to him. He managed to sit up, ignoring the alarmed cries of the people around him so he could look deeper in her eyes. "Peter." She sighed with relief and smiled at him, continuing her caress on his cheeks. Peter leaned into her touch and nuzzled her, smiling back, he pulled her to him and embraced her tightly… he was surprised that he felt no pain.

Everyone around them cheered at Peter's miraculous recovery. Peter helped Wendy off the ground and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. That night shortly after the wedding was held a second party was held in honor of Wendy and Peter's victory against Hook. As the party went on Peter drew his hand for hers, she looked up at his knowing smile and grinned back. She let him take her back to the tree and once again they begin to dance slowly.

Wendy smiled softly and leaned against him, even if he were bloody, sweaty, and covered with the strange, muddy substance she couldn't think of any other place to be than in his arms. Peter however was feeling uncomfortable with the idea that he was getting her messy. He set her down on the ground and kissed her cheek. "I'll be right back…" he whispered and flew off to the direction of the water surrounding the island of Neverland. About fifteen minutes later he came back to find her smiling as she watched her family dance, laugh, and enjoy themselves.

He walked up behind her and embraced her from behind, kissing her neck and nuzzling her hair. "You can go join them if you like…" he offered, Wendy shook her head no and turned in his arms.

"I'd rather be with you." She said and the noticed how clean he was. She gasped when she saw that his bandages where gone and he had no wound. "Peter your wound!" she said pulling away slightly. Peter laughed softly and pulled her back against him.

"The faeries used their magic to heal my wounds… it's not the first time they helped me this way… I'm fine Wendy." He reassured and nuzzled her hair with his cheek again. Wendy relaxed against him and laid her head on his chest. Peter kissed his way from her temple to her lips. Wendy smiled into the kiss and wrapped her arms around her husband's neck. When Peter began to caress her arms and snake his arms around her waist, pulling her harder against him she felt like her knees were abut to give away.

Peter moved his hands slowly to her waist from being wrapped around her and caressed his way down her hips, she pulled away slightly and was about to ask what he was doing but was silenced by a slow and almost tantalizing kiss. Peter continued to gently trail his finger tips up and down her sides as he pushed her against a tree gently. Wendy tightened her hold around him and shivered when one of his hands slowly made its way down her leg, over her knee and pulled it up against him.

Wendy's mind was reeling, was she really being this intimate with Peter Pan?? She pulled away slightly when he felt the hand slide up her wedding dress. She blushed and glanced at the guests near by. "P-Peter… I" She began but he silenced her with a chaste kiss. And pulled away but took her hand and led her further into the wood. He stopped and turned toward the party. He placed two fingers in his mouth and whistled for Tinkerbelle. A few seconds later a hyper-faerie emerged eager to do Peter's bidding. Peter smiled affectionately at the faerie and whispered something at her.

Tinkerbelle turned red but nodded and flew off. Wendy gave Peter a look and he smirked. "I told her we needed privacy and to let the other know not to bother us…" he said as he pulled her against him and floated up with her. Wendy turned beat-red and looked away shyly. He cupped her cheek with one hand and gently made her look into his eyes. "I won't do anything you don't want to…" he said lovingly. She smiled in half-lidded affection and drew him in for a kiss.

The answer was clear by the mixture of love and desire she put into the kiss. Once they pulled away to catch their breaths they landed and he pulled her against him again, capturing her lips in a hungry kiss that had her weak in the knees. He lifted her in his arms, never breaking from the kiss and walked further into the wood where they could have privacy and explore the realms of marriage thoroughly…

The End… or is it?


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