A/N: Well, I wrote this about two years ago after I had just finished reading Lost Souls and it inspired me to write this. The man this poem is about seems like Ghost or Nothing, but I think he's an original character. I love this poem very much, and I hope you do too! Please review!

Tomorrow is Forever

As the stars drunkenly danced

from the fumes emanating from

the dingy nightclub nestled suffocatingly

In the city's busiest district,

A young man who is emerging,

blossoming from the seeds of boyhood

Stands forlornly alone,

watching the moon

smile down at her subjects,

through a dusty, cracked window

behind the stage at the front of the club.

He stood, queasy and sick with

anxiety to perform for the onslaught of

hungry, desperate ears,

in the sea of hungry, desperate children

waiting to disappear with ecstasy,

into the tumbling stream of music,

waiting to escape reality,

and their nightmares.

It was almost time to perform.

The young man gripped his guitar fervently,

and walked out onto the stage,

surveying with a sad eye his crowd,

the crowd that had come to hear him sing.

They were his tonight.

As the first notes rang out,

The crowd seemed to grasp them,

tame them, stroke them,

And ride them into a world where

dreams are real,

And music is their savior

In the ever-welcoming realm of

fantastical thoughts and ideas.

That was when the young man

realized, while his crowd was

swaying dreamily with his music,

That today will die,

but tomorrow is forever.