Well, since Yu-Gi-Oh GX is gaining popularity, and people are doing their own versions, I am as well.

As a note, some of this fanfiction will be influenced by the authors Cyber Commander and Mad Bless You, two of my favorite authors.

This also takes place around the same time as the Yu-Gi-Oh Generations stories.

No complaints about who I picked the main carachter to be related to.

So, let the wars begin.

Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake."

- Chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower

Disclaimer: I only own the carachters.



A Divided Heart

Chapter One:

Magical Academy



The night before the initiation day at Duelist Academy, a 15 year old girl is sitting on her bed. She has long red hair, light blue eyes, and is currently wearing her nightgown. She is working on her deck, trying to decide what cards to use.

"Summer Diana Howard, you need to get to sleep," her mother's voice says.

Summer sighs, she hated being called by her full name, even more since her father was the notorious Bandit Keith. She never knew her father much, but enough to decide not to use a machine deck.

"Yes mom, just give me a few more minutes," she says.

She pauses for a minute, and then reaches into her box of cards, and takes two out, she looks at it.

"Infernalqueen Archfiend and Angel of Creation-Venus, I guess I'll make a fiend/fairy deck."

She spends the rest of the hour putting together a deck comprised of these two monster types.


Summer rushes to the academy, she makes it, and is quickly set up with a duel against one of the teachers.

"Summer Howard, ahh interesting, I am Professor Hawthorne, and I will be your opponent for your initation duel," Professor Hawthorne says.

"Umm, hello," Summer says.

"I don't see why we have to duel, you look like Sliffer Red material to me," Hawthorne says.

"No, I'd really like to get higher," Summer pleads, making her cutest face.

"Fine, but only if you win," Hawthorne says, activating his Duel Blazer, Summer does the same.

"LET'S DUEL!" They say in unison, and their scores are set at 4000 life points.

"I'll go first," Summer says, and draws. "I place one card face down, and summon Kelbeck (1500/1800), in defense mode."

A weird looking fairy appears.

"Your move."

"I expected machines," Hawthorne says. "Are you sure your Bandit Keith's daughter?"

"Unfortunately, but I don't use machines like him," Summer says.

"I can see that, Faries are a typical girl deck," Hawthorne says, and draws. "I summon my Insect Knight (1900/1500), in attack mode!"

An insect wielding a sword appears.

"Now, attack her fairy!" Hawthorne says, and the insect decapitates the fairy.

"Your insect returns to your hand," Summer says, and the monster dissapears.

"I place one card face down, and end my turn," Hawthorne finishes.

Summer draws. "I play the field card, Pandemonium!" She says, and the walls of the infernal city rise around them.

"I thought you used faries, not fiends!" Hawthorne exclaims.

"You shouldn't jump to conclusions, I have both, now I play the magic card Archfiend's Soul, so I can summon two Archfiend Monsters from now on, and I'll summon Vilepawn Archfiend (1200/200) and Terrorking Archfiend (2000/1500)," Summer says.

The ground shakes, and a fiend wielding a sword and shield appears, then in a burst of darkness, the king of the archfiends appear.

"Now, direct attack!" Summer commands, and the monsters charge.

"Activate trap card, Insect Shield, so I can summon an insect monster from my hand in defense mode, and I pick my Insect Queen (2200/2000 + 200)," Hawthorne counters, and the huge insect appears, Terrorking's attack just bounces off.

"I end by playing Archfiend's Blessing," Summer says, and her life points go up to 5000.

Hawthorne draws. "I switch my Insect Queen to attack mode, and summon my Insect Knight again, now Insect Queen, attack!" He commands.

Insect Queen devours the Insect Knight, and attacks the Terrorking.

"Too bad, you see Hawthorne, Archfiends act as a team, so my Vilepawn protects my Terrorking," Summer counters.

"Grr, your move," Hawthorne says with a growl.

Summer draws. "I'll place one card face down, and activate my trap card, Fool's Mate!"

"WHAT! How did you get a card that rare?" Hawthorne demands.

"Long story, but anyway, at the price of my whole hand, and half of my life points..." Summer says, and discards her hand, her life points drop to 2500. "To summon as many Archfiends as I can from my deck. So, I'll pick first Infernalqueen Archfiend..."

The queen of the archfiends appears.

"Skull Archfiend of Lightning!"

The more evil looking version of the Summoned Skull appears.

"Shadowknight Archfiend!"

The fiendish knight appears.

"And Archfiend Soldier!"

Lastly, an Archfiend soldier appears.

"And thanks to the next effect of my Fool's Mate card, your only monster is destroyed," Summer says, and the Insect Queen is destroyed. "Now my archfiends, direct attack!"

The Archfiends charge at Hawthorne, knocking his lifepoints to 0.

"Impressive, I guess I'll have to put you somewhere higher than Sliffer Red," Hawthorne says, straightening out his uniform. "Obelisk Blue might be perfect for you."


After all the duels, Summer checks her results.

"Yay, I'm in Obelisk Blue!" she says, a bit suprised that she made it that high.

And so, another legacy begins.


Archfiend's Soul

Continuous Spell

The image of the Archfiends gathered around a statue. As long as this card is in play, you can give up 500 life points to summon another monster to the field, as long as that monster has Archfiend in it's name. The life points do not have to be paid if Pandemonium is on the field.

Archfiend's Blessings

Spell Card

The image of fiends, sending light into a person. As long as Pandemonium is on the field, the user of this card gains 500 life points for every fiend on the field.

This card appeared in Cyber Commander's Yu-Gi-Oh Junior: The Mandate of Heaven.

Insect Shield

Counter Trap

An image of a swarm of insects. When your opponent attacks, and you have no monsters on the field, special summon one insect monster to the field in defense mode.

Fool's Mate

Counter Trap

The Archfiends on a chessboard squaring off against a Gate Guardian. This card can only be activated when Terrorking Archfiend is on the field. The user gives up half their life points and discards their entire hand. After this payment is made, the user summons as many Archfiend Monsters as possible from their deck to the field. Destroy one monster on the field for every monster summoned this way.

This card appeared in Cyber Commander's Yu-Gi-Oh Junior: The Mandate of Heaven.


You probably never saw Summer's deck comming, but oh well. My reasoning will come later, much later.

Anyway, don't miss the next chapter, where Summer get's a rival, in "Rivalry of Warlords," comming to a website near you.