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"I am ready to meet my Maker.

Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter."

- Sir Winston Churchill


By some strange twist of fate, I have been set up in a duel against the top duelist in the academy, Marissa Sanders.

My monsters are strong, yeah, but she has some of the most powerful cards in the game, and her deck centers around the forces of chaos.

While my deck sort of has the same element, its certainly not to the same extent as her's.

I pray to god that my monsters can overcome her deck.







Over the next week, the 4 friends spend their time preparing for the upcoming tournament.

"Hey, what about this other girl, Marissa Sanders?" Summer asks Marie.

"Oh her? She usualy keeps to herself, she's the top duelist in the academy of course, no one's sure what kind of deck she really has, she perfers not to duel in public, and all opponent's are left in a stuttering mess," Marie replies. "Though there are some rumors going around tha' she has tha Envoys."

"Chaos Emperor Dragon and Black Luster Soldier? Cool," Summer says. "Those are almost impossable to find."

"Yeah," Marie says. "Ah have them mahself, but Ah rarely use them."

"Thats cool," Summer says. "Maybe I should challenge Marissa myself."

"Weren't you listening, Marissa is the best in the school!" Renee says.

"So, if I want to make a name for myself, I might as well try and beat her," Summer says. And I have the perfect cards to use, I got them in a pack last week, and they will be valuable.

"Well, good luck Ah guess," Marie says. She's going ta need it, other than Summer an' Ariel Kaiba, Marissa is tha only duelist who's ever beaten me.


It takes about 30 minutes of asking around, but eventualy the girls are pointed towards a 3rd year student with long blonde hair with red highlights,in the usual Obelisk Blue uniform, sitting in the loby reading a book.

"Marissa Sanders, I persume?" Summer asks.

"You got that right, I don't give autographs," Marissa says coldly.

"Actualy, I was hoping more for a duel," Summer says.

Marissa looks at Summer. "Very well, it might be fun," she says, putting her bookmark into her book, and standing up. "I think its about time I revealed my strategy, we will duel here."

"Fine," Summer says, activating her duel disk, Marissa does the same.

"LETS DUEL!" They say in unison.

"I'll go first," Marissa says, and draws. "I activate the magic card, D.D Borderline!"

A blue shield appears between the two duelists.

"Now neither of us can attack until a magic card has been placed in the graveyard, and to make it harder, I summon Banisher of the Light (100/2000), in defense mode!"

A holy man appears with an outstretched arm.

"I'll equip him with the Heart of Clear Water, so you can't destroy him in battle. I set this card face down, to end my turn."

Summer draws.

"I activate the trap card, Curse of Darkness, so everytime a spell card is played, the user loses 1000 life points!" Marissa says.

"A good combo," Marie says. "D.D Borderline prevents Summer from attacking, Curse of Darkness makes it hard for her to use spell cards, and Banisher of the Light removes the spell cards from the game, even if she wanted to use them, an almost flawless 3 card combo."

"No combo is perfect," Rebecca says.

"Not bad, I set this monster in defense mode, and end my turn," Summer says.

Marissa draws. "I summon, Des Wombat (1600/300), in attack mode!"

A brown, rodent-like creature appears.

"I can see why she's the best duelist in the school," Renee sayss. "That combo is perfect, Des Wombat negates the effect damage, so Marissa can play spell cards without the drawbacks of her own Curse of Darkness."

"Very good, Renee, now I activate the magic card Gracefull Charity," Marissa says, and draws 3 cards, then discards 2 to her remove from game slot. "Now, I acticate the magic card Miracle Dig, and return the two cards I just discarded to my graveyard."

She takes the two cards out, and puts them into her graveyard.

"And now, I remove them from the game, to summon the almighty Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning!"

The chaos soldier appears with a slash of his sword.

"And now, I equip him with this card, Breaking the Borderline, this equip card lets my Soldier bypass the D.D Borderline, but when he attacks you directly, he only does it for half his attack, but no matter, Soldier, attack her face down monster, Chaos Sword Slash!"

The soldier breaks through the blue wall, and slashes at the face down card, which is revealed to be a sad girl in tattered clothing, and then a swarm of monsters block any further attacks.

"That was my Unhappy Maiden, now your battle phase is ended," Summer explains.

"Fine, your move," Marissa says.

Okay, I gotta think of something, Summer says, and draws. "I reveal my trap card, Gift of Hell and Heaven, now I can add a fairy monster and a fiend monster to my hand, as long as I have no monsters in my graveyard, and thanks to your monster, I don't."

She searches her deck, and takes two cards out.

"Now, this is gonna cost me some life points, but its worth it, I activate the magic card Lightning Vortex!" She says, and discards a card, the three monsters on Marissa's field are destroyed in a blast of lightning, Summer's life points fall to 3000. "And now, I activate the ritual card, End of the World!"

A burst of light strikes the field, and Summer's life points fall again to 2000.

"Now, I sacrifice a Archlord Zerato from my hand..."

She discards a card from her hand.

"And I can summon, Ruin, Queen of Demise (2300/2000)!"

A woman in a red and black outfit with long white hair, and carrying a staff appears.

"This gal might sound like a fiend, but she's a fairy, the one I searched for to be exact, now I will set one monster in defense mode, and have Ruin attack you directly, Ragnarok Septer Blast!"

The woman blasts Marissa with her staff, dropping her life points to 1700, Marissa just looks emotionlessly at her.

"You could at least sort of flinch," Summer says, and Marissa shakes her head. "Oh well, your move."

Marissa draws. "I activate the magic card, Emergency Provisions, and I sacrifice my Curse of Darkness to do so," she says, and the trap card vanishes, then her life points rise to 2700. "Now, I activate my secound Miracle Dig card, but this time I will only return one card to my graveyard, but its all I need."

She takes a card out of her removed slot, and shows it as a Peten the Dark Clown.

"Because by removing Peten and my Black Luster Soldier, I can summon the ultimate Chaos monster, the Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End (3000/2500)!"

With a roar, an enormous dragon appears.

"I've had this card in my hand since the first turn, but I thought I would give you some time to worry about my other cards before I used it, first I activate Card of Sancitity, so we both draw until we have 6 cards in our hands."

Both duelists do so.

"And now its time to end it all, Emperor Dragon, activate your ability, Apockalyptic Flare!"

The dragon sends a blast of flame around the field, and destroys everything in both player's hands and field. When the dust settles, Summer is down on her hands and knees, her life points have fallen to 0, while Marissa is still standing at 1700 life points.

"She lost, I can't believe that she lost!" Renee says in shock.

"Everyone loses sometimes, especialy against the best duelist in the school," Marie says.

"Wow, that was a realy powerful blast, I'll probably be sore for weeks," Summer says, standing up. "Good duel, Marissa."

Marissa nods, and actualy smiles. "No problem, Summer, I look forward to working with you in the upcoming tournament," she says, and the two duelists shake hands.

"At least they can end this on a good note," Marie says.

"Yeah," Rebecca says. I'm just worried about what would happen if they ever meet in the ring again, maybe Summer has a way around that monster's effect.


Breaking the Borderline

Equip Spell

Image of a warrior cutting through the blue wall of D.D Borderline. The monster equiped with this card can attack even when D.D Borderline is on the field. If the monster equiped with this card attacks the opponent directly, it only does half the damage.

Gift From Hell and Heaven

Trap Card

Image of the paradise of Heaven and the fires of Hell. This card can only be activated when your field is empty, and you have no cards in your graveyard, add one fairy and one fiend to your hand.


Well, Summer has lost to the best duelist in the school.

Lets see, what shall happen next.

Okay, next time the tournament begins, and we are informed of the rules. Our heroes duel for the first time as a team, but can Summer and Marissa work together in the first round? Find out in, "Union Rider."