The Cheerleader Strikes Back

Chapter 1

The Challenge

Tea Gardner looked up the Kaiba Corp HQ looming over her, and gulped. She was starting to have second thoughts about this…but she knew she had to go through with it.


Tea sat sipping her milk in the cafeteria of her high school. A couple of giggles behind her caught her attention briefly, but she ignored it. Until she heard her name mentioned, that is.

"Gardner's going out with Muto? You've got to be kidding me!" Tea spewed her milk out, coughing. She gagged and tuned into what the three girls behind her were saying.

"I heard it with my own ears Naibi, they're practically married!" one of them squealed.

"Oh that can't be true, there's no way Yugi would go for someone like Gardner!"" Tea pretended to open her yogurt while Naibi continued. "He's the King of Games, Yuri, the best duelist in the world! There's no way he'd go for a dueling dummy like Gardner!"

-End Flashback-

"I'll show them who's a dueling dummy!" Tea fumed. She reached into her pocket for her deck, and slipped it into the Duel Disk Yugi had leant her. She entered Kaiba Corp and walked into an elevator, pushing the button for Kaiba's office. A few moments later, the doors opened, and Tea walked into the hall, straight for Kaiba's office. She marched right past a sputtering secretary and pushed open the doors to Kaiba's office.

Kaiba was typing furiously on his laptop when Tea barged in. He spared a glance upwards before looking back to his computer.

"Gardner, what do you want?" He muttered. Tea held up her Duel Disk.

"A duel." She replied simply. Kaiba smirked.

"That's funny; I could have sworn you just requested a duel."

"I did." Kaiba's typing stopped suddenly at Tea's words. He pushed his chair back and stood up.

"Look Gardner, I have a company to run here, and I don't have time to waste with amateur duelists like you."

"If I'm such an amateur, it shouldn't be too hard to beat me quickly." Tea said sweetly. Kaiba rolled his eyes.

"I'm not dueling you; now leave before I call security." Tea feigned a sigh.

"Then it's true, you really are washed up." She murmured. Kaiba froze in the process of sitting down. He slowly raised his head to glare at Tea a look so icy it could freeze over the hottest flames of hell.

"What did you say?" He hissed. Tea shrugged.

"Word on the street is you're a washed up hack now. Ever since the KC Grand Championship, you haven't dueled in over a year. Rumor has it you can't even beat someone like Joey now." She explained. It wasn't a total lie. Kaiba hadn't dueled in over a year, and plenty of people thought it was because he had given up on ever beating Yugi. Tea felt bad about playing Kaiba's ego against him, but she wanted to duel. And a surefire way to get Kaiba's goat was to even suggest that Joey was a better duelist than him.

"That's it." Kaiba growled. He flung open his desk drawer and snatched his Duel Disk and deck before marching past Tea. "Follow me."

- - - - - - - - - -

The dueling platforms of Kaiba Land rose up as Dueling Arena 4 powered up. Tea took her place at the blue console. Kaiba manned the red one.

"I'll show you who's washed up!" Kaiba snapped. "You'll be begging for mercy within 2 turns!"

"I'm not gonna lose Kaiba!" Tea replied. "I'll let you go first." Kaiba drew his card and growled. With a hand like his, Tea really would be begging for mercy.

"I'll set 2 cards face-down, and summon 'Ryu-Kishin Powered' (1600, 1200). That's all for now." The pinkish-red gargoyle rose onto the field with a snarl as two cards blinked behind it. Tea drew and stared at Kaiba's field.

"I know what he's up to." She thought. "It's the same kind of trick he used on Joey in Battle City. He plans to use Shrink and Crush Card to destroy my monsters when I attack. Well there's an easy way around that."

"I summon 'The Agent of Creation-Venus' (1600, 0000)." A large winged fairy rose onto the field, and smiled serenely at Kaiba. "And I'll pay 1500 Life Points to summon 3 'Mystical Shine Balls' (500, 500)." Venus held up her hands, and a rainbow sprung forth. 3 glowing blue balls appeared in the rainbow. "I'll set a card face down and end my turn." Tea smiled. "Now, I didn't take the bait, so he'll probably summon something like…"

"I summon 'Kaiser Seahorse' (1700, 1650)!" Kaiba roared. The glowing blue sea warrior jumped out of its card, waving its trident with a battle cry. Tea's smile grew wider. "Bingo." "Kaiser Seahorse, attack Mystical Shine Ball!" The warrior spun its trident and threw it toward the orb of light.

"Activate trap 'Solar Ray'!" Tea commanded. 3 beams of light came from each Shine Ball, and condensed in the palm of Venus. "Before your attack lands, my trap will do 600 points of damage to you for every LIGHT monster on my side of the field!" Venus held out her hand and shot a searing beam of white light at Kaiba. The CEO took the shot in the chest with a cringe.

"It doesn't matter, your little fairy is still toast!" Kaiba snapped. Kaiser Seahorse's attack landed, shattering Mystical Shine Ball like glass. "Now Ryu-Kishin Powered, attack!" The fiend leapt and sliced up a second Shine Ball to ribbons. "That will end my turn."

-Tea: 4200, Kaiba: 5600-

"Nice moves Kaiba, but here's mine! I activate my Spell card 'Brain Control'! At a cost of 800 Life Points, this lets me control Kaiser Seahorse for a turn! And next, I'll sacrifice Mystical Shine Ball and Kaiser Seahorse to summon 'Moisture Creature' (2800, 2900)!" A large pair of transparent hands appeared, along with a large, transparent head with large, glowing yellow eyes. "And now for some bad news! You Seahorse counted as 2 Tributes, which means I offered 3 monsters for my summon! And offering 3 monsters as Tributes activates Moisture Creature's special ability, and destroys all of your Spell and Trap cards!" A laser pistol appeared in one of the hands, and Moisture Creature fired, destroying Kaiba's face-down cards. They were, as expected, Shrink and Crush Card.

"Now Moisture Creature, attack Ryu-Kishin Powered!" Tea ordered. The fairy aimed and fired its laser again. Ryu-Kishin roared and exploded. "Now Venus, attack Kaiba directly!" The fairy shot out another ray of light, hitting the CEO square in the chest, even causing him to double over. "I'll set another card face-down and end my turn."

-Tea: 3400, Kaiba: 2800-

"I'm not about to lose to the likes of you!" Kaiba seethed. "I set a monster in defense and end my turn." Kaiba smirked as he tried to regain his composure. "Once she attacks, my Cyber Jar will destroy all of her monsters, and end her pitiful fairies once and for all!"

"I draw, and activate my trap 'Light of Judgment'!" A ray of light glowed around Venus. "All I have to do now is offer a LIGHT monster as tribute, and I can destroy any card you have on the field!" Venus vanished into a sprinkle of glowing white dust, and the ray of light moved over to Kaiba's monster. Cyber Jar (900, 900) exploded much like Venus had. "Now Moisture Creature, attack!" the fairy aimed and fired directly at Kaiba, scoring a direct hit. Kaiba gasped and fell to his knees.

-Tea: 3400, Kaiba: 0000-

"No! It's not possible…I lost to Gardner?" Kaiba screamed. Tea blinked. And blinked again.

"I won?" She whispered in disbelief. Then the reality of the situation took effect, and Tea jumped in the air. "Yeah, I won!" She cheered. In the corner of the arena, a camera had witnessed the entire duel, which had ended in an unknown amateur beating the legendary Seto Kaiba. A duel which had just stunned a crowd outside. Almost everyone in Kaiba Land had just witnessed Tea beating Kaiba in barely 3 turns.

I figured since I'm a member of Anzu's Angels now, I'd better show my Tea spirit! Hope you guys enjoy this, because Tea's dueling days have only just begun!