Okay, this is a new story I'm doing. I want to make sure its clear that there is only talking about child abuse, non actually takes place. This story is dedicated to those who have actually been victims of child abuse.

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It was another usual day at Casper High for Danny, Sam, and Tucker. Except for one thing, for the past week, Dash hadn't bothered Danny. Just like every day so far this week, Dash just clamly waked past Danny.

"What is up with that, now he won't touch me!" Danny half shouted.

"Danny, just be glad he's leaving you alone." Sam said.

"I am, I just want to know why."

So Danny followed Dash. His plan was to talk to Dash, until he saw where Dash went. Dash was now picking on the new girl at school.

"Leave me alone!" the girl said.

Dash started to shove her into her locker, when Danny stepped in.

"Hey, she said to leave her alone. Are you that shallow that you have to pick on a girl?" Danny said.

Dash stopped picking on her and turned to Danny.

"What makes you think you can stop me!"

Danny's eyes flashed green. He turned his head quickly so Dash wouldn't see his eyes. Danny stood there, he wanted to help, but didn't want to risk exposing his secret.

"Yeah, that's what I thought Fentoad." Dash said.

Dash went back to stuffing her into her locker. She pushed her hands out to grab the other lockers.

"Leave me alone or you'll pay!" she said.

"Ha! What could do?" Dash teased.

She got real angry, and for a moment, Danny could've sworn that he saw her eyes change from ice blue to neon green for a moment. Mr. Lancer walked by at that moment.

"Mr. Baxter, I'll see you in detention."

Dash stopped and followed Mr. Lancer. She jumped out of the locker. Sam and Tucker came over beside me. We started to walk away, when.

"Hey, thanks for standing up for me."

"Uh...no problem." Danny said.

"Hey, whats you name?" Sam asked.

"Dani." she answered.

"Wow, cool, my name is Danny too." Danny said.

They left school together.

"Hey, where do you live?" Tucker asked.

"I...uh...don't ask." Dani said.

"Why not?" Sam asked.

"Just...because, you don't want to know...I uh...got to go." Dani said, then ran down the next street.

Once away from the others, she said, "Going Ghost!" She changed into a jumpsuit that was black, with white boots, gloves and collar with a DP on the chest. Her long black hair changed to snow white and was pulled back into a pony tail, and her purple eyes turned neon green. Dani flew back in the direction of the others, since that's where her home was.

As they were walking, Danny sensed a ghost. He looked around, then said, "Going Ghost!" Danny looked around and saw Dani pass over head. He flew up to her and said. "Where do you think you're going?"

Dani stopped, faced Danny and said, "Hi, Danny Phantom."

"Uh...wait, you know my name?"

"Yeah, you stuck up for me today."

"Wait...the only person I stood up for today was the new girl, Dani."

"Hi, meet Dani Phantom."

"Wow, so that's why your eyes changed colors."

"Uh...what did you say?" Dani asked.

"Oh, just I saw your eyes change today."

"Oh, did you. I didn't think anyone saw."

"So, you're a halfa too." Danny said.

Dani flew down to Sam and Tucker and said, "Yes, I'm a halfa too."

Danny landed and was the next to speak.

"This is Dani, you know, the new girl from school today." Danny said as she changed back.

Sam and Tucker looked at Dani as if they were seeing her for the first time. Finally Sam spoke.

"Danny, did you notice that her jumpsuit is just like yours?"

"Yes, cool huh?" Danny said.

They continued on to Danny's house. But little did they know that Danny's parents were using the Ghost Detector. They walked in and heard.

Ghost directly ahead.

His parents followed it until it got to Dani and Danny. Not even realizing yet that there was someone new in the house, they said, "That can't be right, Danny's not a ghost." Then they walked off.

"Mom, dad," Danny called, "I have a new friend for you to meet."

His parents came running back, this time without the Ghost Detector.

"This is Dani, Dani, my parents."

"Hi Dani, how are you?" Maddie said.

"Fine Mrs...uh..."


"Mrs. Fenton, I'm doing fine." Dani said.

"So, do you want to go play some games or something?" Danny asked.

"Sounds like fun."

They then headed upstairs to Danny's room.

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