"WAKE UP ALREADY!" Dani yelled at Danny. She had been trying for the past few minutes to wake him up. He was a heavy sleeper. She was now yelling so loud, she was sure she'd wake up the whole block. Frustrated with trying to wake him up, she settled for the cold water treatment. She brought in a bucket of water and was about to pour it on him when he woke up.


Laughing she left him so he could get ready for the day. "Oh, I'm gonna get her." He mummbled as he got dressed. Well, at least she isn't blasting her music yet. Heading downstairs, he heard the one thing that annoyed him the most, her music. I see I've spoken too soon again. Dani was down stairs, dancing to the music blasting out of the stereo.

"Why don't we find something quiet to do!" Danny shouted over the music. She flipped it off then went upstairs without saying a word. What' s with her, lately she's gone all quiet on me. Danny frowned, then decided to call Sam. But as soon as the started to dial her number, Dani's music started up again. Danny went back up to try to get her to stop, but instead just found a note.


I can't stay here much longer, I know Vlad is coming back for me. But I can't have him find me. I don't want to stay and get you hurt, so I'm leaving. I don't know where I'll go, but I'll find someone to watch me.


"What! But, I could watch her, she was becoming like a sister to me. Well, a cooler sister than Jazz anyway." Thinking quick, he went ghost and flew to Sam's house. He flew a lot faster than usual. Soon Danny was at Sam's house. He frantically knocked on the window. Sam finally came to the window.

"Sam, haveyouseenDani?"

"Wow, slow down."

Taking a deep breath, he said again, "Sam, have you seen Dani?"

"Yeah, she's right here." Danny flew into the house so fast he ran into the other side of the room. After standing up straight, he saw Dani.

"Why did you leave?"

"I thought the note explained it."

"Look, I can protect you..."

"No you can't, he's too strong now. You can help me by keeping me hidden."

Danny didn't know what to day back to her. "Dani, it's fine if you stay here for now." Sam told her. Danny thought about it, if she stayed with Sam, Dani might be able to stay around longer. Sam and Dani waited to see what Danny thought.

"Well...as long as you stay, it's okay."

Dani smiled and soon they were all in a group hug. Danny's ghost sense went off. He went ghost, then flew out the window. "Why didn't your ghost sense go off?" Sam asked Dani. Dani just shrugged. Outside, Danny found it was just the Box Ghost.

A couple weeks went by and still nothing to indicate Vlad was coming for Dani. Things seemed so okay that Dani even started going outside more. Getting suspicious of what Vlad was doing, Danny flew to his place to spy on Vlad. Danny looked all around Vlad's place, but found nothing. A noise brought Danny back to attention, he was home now.

Turning invisible Danny watched Vlad come in. He watched Vlad head to his lab. The only thing Vlad was working on was something else to give to Valerie. Oh, great, give her more stuff to hurt me with. Danny watched for a while until it became obvious that Vlad had given up on getting Dani back. So, Danny flew home.

The four of them became great friends and stuck together for years. Even through Danny and Sam getting married.

Well, the story is done. I just don't think the ending is too good though. I had the hardest time ending this story. Please review.