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Chapter 32

Emily was standing at the front desk when Elizabeth caught up with her at the end of their shift. Things were slowly getting back to normal for them. Anyone who didn't know what had happened only one week before would've never known their lives had been in danger.

"Hey. How's it going?"

"Pretty good," she said closing the patient chart in her hand, "today's been kind of slow for the last day of the year."

"Yeah for now but the next shift will pick up as the night goes on I'm sure," Elizabeth looked over at the dozen red roses on the counter having been here when they arrived earlier, "by the way what are your plans for tonight?"

Emily laughed at her best friend. "Yes they're from Sonny and no we don't have any plans his flight was delayed."

"So you'll be spending the night at Sam and Jason's or with your parents?"

Emily walked from behind the counter shaking her head. "Neither. When Jason gets home I want him and Sam to have some time to themselves and I really am not in the mood to listen to my family fuss and fight and tell me how wrong I am in the decisions that I make for my life."

"You know you can come over to the apartment. We'd love to have you and Cam can show you how the very loud toy you got him for Christmas works." Elizabeth offered with narrowed eyes at her friend.

Emily laughed. "I'll pass."

The other woman laughed back as they entered the locker room to change and grab their stuff. "You sound just like Nikolas. I'll be glad when you two have kids and …." She broke off. "Em I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"You know the whole Nikolas comment." She grabbing her purse and closing her locker.

"It's ok. Besides you'll get your payback soon enough when Courtney has the baby. I'm afraid you two will have to wait a little longer to seek revenge from me."

"I can't wait." Wanting to change the subject yet deciding to ask anyway. "Have you talked to him since…"

"the other night?" Emily finished for her as she closed her locker door and started to put on her coat. "I ran into him and Courtney over at Mike's. They were having breakfast and invited me to join them."

Elizabeth looked at her friend. "You had breakfast with them?"

She shook her head. "No," not wanting to go into the details of it, "but the three of us have made our peace so to speak with the clear understanding that he has his life and I have mine."

"Wow. You amaze me sometimes do you know that?" Elizabeth hugged her friend. "I'm so lucky to have you for a friend."

Emily hugged her back. "I feel the same about you. You know Liz I want the next year to be the best for all of us."

They headed for the door. "Me too." Liz agreed grinning as Emily stopped to get her flowers and they made their way to the elevator. "You never did say where you were going to spend the night."

Emily smiled closing her eyes as she lowered her face into the sweet smelling bouquet.

"Exactly where I want to."


It was late when Sonny Corinthos finally made it home that night. He was a little worried because he hadn't been able to talk to Emily but Sam assured Jason that everything was ok when he called to tell her that they had finally arrived. He looked at his watch. Her shift was over a few hours ago. Sonny shook his head she probably decided to spend it with the Q's instead, as he stepped into the house removing his coat and stopping to talk to Max.

"Everything has been fine boss. Miss Carly picked the boys up earlier and Leticia left to spend the evening with friends. Oh yeah and Miss Emily arrived a little while ago."

"Emily's here. Is she ok?"

"Seemed to be boss."

Sonny nodded and walked through the door into the living room disappointed not to see her there but seeing the flowers he'd sent over on the side table. He smiled. 'You idiot remember how late it is. She's probably sound asleep by now.' The mobster said to himself as he headed up the stairs stopping just short of turning the knob on the guestroom door wanting to look in and make sure for himself that she was really ok. He reluctantly resisted not wanting to awaken her so he turned to go to his own room instead surprised to find her sound asleep on his bed instead.

Sonny just stood in the doorway looking at her lying there. Amazed at how peaceful she looked her body curled up, her hair falling along side her face as she rested her head upon one of his pillows. He knew that this thing between them went far beyond the lustful desires and that his need for her went much deeper. She owned his heart like no other woman had or ever would again for that matter. He watched her stir and turned to leave so as not to disturb her stopping at the sound of her sleepy voice.


He stepped over to the bed and sat down pushing the hair from her eyes. "Shhhh…yeah it's me. Go back to sleep. It's late."

Emily took his hand in hers as he got up to go. "Don't leave. If anybody should go it's me. I just missed you and this room was the closest place I could go where I could feel you the most."

"Hey I'm not complaining. My home is your home and any room in this house is yours to have including this one."

"I'm glad because it's where I want to be."


She sat up pulling him back down to sit next to her reaching up to cup her hand against his left cheek. "Grandmother Lila used to say that what you do on New Years Day will be what you will be doing for the rest of the year."

Sonny closed his eyes to the soft touch of her fingers against his skin. "Your grandmother was a wise woman."

"Umm hmmm and always right. That's why I knew that I wanted to be here with you tonight. Sonny I want to wake up tomorrow and all the tomorrows after with you, needing you, wanting you, satisfying you, more than that just simply loving you." Emily said pressing her lips to his willing his mouth to respond.

Sonny returned the kiss passionately allowing his lips to move from hers to slide down her neck stopping himself as he heard her gasp reluctantly pushing her away from him to take her face in his hands.

"Emily. There is so much more to you that I love than this. We don't have to do this now. I would be just as happy to wake up with you cuddled next to me until you're sure."

She smiled at his thoughtfulness looking into his dark brown eyes, her hands tracing the features of his face. "I'm more sure now than I've ever been. I want you and only you. You're my strength, you're my life, my heart. You gave me sanctuary when I needed it most and you gave me a chance to move on with my life without expecting anything else from me. You always believed in me."

"I could never not believe in you. Emily you're an amazing woman. I want you with me now and always. I just want to be sure."

Emily gave him reassurance by kissing him again and gently nibbling his bottom lip while she pushed his suit jacket off his shoulders. Sonny groaned as he claimed her mouth once more both of them trying to take it as slow as they could to savor every moment now and to come. Their bodies explored each other giving new meaning to the idea of foreplay and when the time finally came for all their passion and desire to reach it's peak he hesitated only long enough to look into her eyes before letting go waiting for her to enjoy it with him.


Emily snuggled in against him later sighing as his arms pulled her close her head resting against his chest.

Sonny smiled down at her. "By any chance did your grandmother have any other things good to say about New Years Day?"

"Emily kissed him and smiled back. "That it was always a wonderful way to start over."