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"Christmas With Frontline"
By J.T. Magnus, "Turbo"

"We three kings of Orient are, tried to smoke a rubber cigar, it was loaded and exploded and we traveled oh so far..."

Havoc took a step back as Blaze and Turbo continued.

"We two kings of Orient are, tried to smoke a rubber cigar, it was loaded and exploded and we traveled oh so far..."

Now Blaze stood back and left Turbo to finish.

"I one king of Orient am, tried to smoke a rubber cigar..."

He paused and turned to his brothers, "You know, cigar doesn't really rhyme with am."

Blaze chuckled and shook his head, "NOW he realizes it. That's why the third verse is 'rubber ham', bro."

From a perch on a stool nearby, Beachhead smiled to himself as he looked around. Low-Light and Zandar were arguing over how, if he existed, Santa did his infiltration and exfiltration. Sabre had taken guard duty up top.

'I actually have to agree with Turbo on that guy - he's a little too self-important for this... life.'

The brothers Victors were in the Mess Hall's kitchen, working on what they claimed was a traditional family Christmas dish, which left Sci-Fi and Fix-It to decorate the tree...

Beachhead scoffed, with those two doing it, they'd be lucky if it didn't explode, he almost envied Ghostrider for having to do some kind of special duty - even if it was Christmas Eve.

The Ranger reached over to a radio and turned it on, "If there's going be music, kiddies, leave it to the professionals."

With a sigh, Turbo stepped over to one of the 'windows' that were really video screens on the walls that recieved camera feed from topside - supposedly to reduce the effects of being underground for extended periods of time - and rested a hand on the wall, staring out the 'window.'

Noticing the change from the usual attitude of his commanding officer, Beachhead slipped off his stool and walked over to him, "Something wrong, Major?"

"Nothing to worry yourself about, Sergeant."

Beachhead nodded, "In that case, is something wrong, J.T.?"

Turbo smiled slightly, accepting the offer of someone to talk to, "It's the song, Wayne. 'Let It Snow', I've always considered it a romantic song."

"And you're having problems in the romance department?"

"You could say that. Erin's still upset that I joined the military without even talking to her about it."

"She, uh..."

"Military, Wayne. As far as she knows, I'm in training - she doesn't know about my commission and command..."

"And it's a season for loved ones and right now your loved one isn't happy with you, and that song is just making it worse."

Turbo chuckled against his will, "Careful, Beach', or someone might start to think you're not just the pig-headed drill instructor you let on that you are."

"Nah a chance a that," Beachhead answered, purposely thickening his Alabama accent, "Ah'm too good fer that."

Then the Sergeant returned to seriousness, "So, what are you thinking of doing about it?"

"To be honest? I'm not sure anymore. Lately we've been on the outs more and more... A couple weeks before I agreed to General Colton's offer she got upset because of how I was trimming the bushes out front of my apartment."

"Explosives?" Anyone else, it'd be strange, but within the short month he had known Turbo, he'd come to realize that nothing was strange when it came to the Major.

"No, a chain I was using as a whip."


Turbo turned slightly to look at him, "What's 'Ah'?"

"'Ah' as in 'Ah, makes sense, it's like you.' ...But she got upset about that?"

Turbo nodded, "It's been the little things more and more."

"And?" Beachhead prompted.

"At times it seems more like she's going through the motions."

"What do you think it means?"

"I don't know, Wayne... Home troubles, maybe - with her parents. School troubles... I don't know," he paused and turned back to looking out the 'window', "I'm not sure if I want to know."

"WHO WANTS WALNUTS?" Rev shouted from the kitchen door, "Mama Victors' own Candied Walnut recipe, special for Christmas only."

"Come on, Turbo," Beachhead said, "Let's try and get some before they're all gone."

Turbo didn't get a chance to respond because the Christmas tree started sparking and caught on...


Instinctively, Blaze grabbed the eggnog bowl and threw it towards the tree...

"No! The eggnog is..."

...And the fire burned higher and brighter.

"...Spiked," Sci-Fi finished.

Beachhead gave him a 'command look', "And HOW would you know it was spiked, Corporal?"

"Beach! Less talk, more move!" Honda interrupted pushing past his brother with the kitchen fire extinguisher to spray the tree.

A few moments later, Turbo looked at the Christmas... ashes, "Well, that was a waste."

"The tree?" Zandar asked.

"No, the eggnog."

"Sabre to Turbo. ...You're not going to believe this," Sabre's voice came over Turbo's Wristcom.

"What is it, Sabre?"

"I think I had too much of Sci-Fi's eggnog, because I think we were just buzzed by an X-19 Phantom... escorting a sleigh."

Turbo blinked and lowered his arm from his mouth, "Ghost's 'Special Duty'... You don't think..."

Beachhead blinked back, "Nah... It couldn't be..."

Merry Christmas!