Ranma ½: Piece of Mind

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Pedestrians stared in wonder at the giant panda that was currently strolling lazily down the street. The size of the beast was one cause for curiosity, being nearly twice as large as any common panda. Another would be the dejected young girl that was currently hanging from the panda's mouth, being carried around by the scruff of her shirt. But the curiosity didn't last long as the onlookers reasoned the circus was in town and continued on their way.

"Hey watch it! If you rip my shirt I'm going to have Ranma beat you up." The soggy redheaded girl growled dangling helplessly and crossing her arms when the panda seemed to take no notice.

"I don't like this."

'You don't like this?' Ranma argued from somewhere in the back of her mind. 'At least you're not getting engaged.'

"But I am!" she whined. "We share the same body remember."

'Not for long if I can help it' Ranma grumbled.

The girl began to tear up about to cry. "Am I that much of a nuisance?"

Ranma reeled in the back of her mind. 'No! That's not what I meant!"

"It's not my fault; I didn't ask to be drowned in some spring!" The girl burst into tears.

'Ranko come on, I'm sorry ok? I didn't mean it that way.' Ranma tried soothing her.

Ranko calmed a bit at her name, or rather the name Ranma had given her since she had no memories of her life before she was drowned. It was part of the magic, the guide had told them her memories would never return, and not that she minded much since she felt she didn't want to remember.

"Jerk." She sighed rubbing her tears away. Ranma always seemed to make her cry and just as often make her smile.

Ranma let out a sigh of relief, another part of the magic was feeling everything the controlling body felt, physical and emotional. He particularly disliked the sadness and crying Ranko seemed to have no shortage of and made it his goal to keep her happy as much as possible.

'It doesn't look like pops is going to stop for us to change back.' Ranma commented offhandedly.

"I think he's afraid you will try running again." Ranko replied softly still rubbing at her eyes.

'I would have gotten away to if it hadn't been for this rain." Ranma grumbled. 'It's a shame you can't fight.'

"Hey girls have better things to do then fight!" Ranko snapped.

'I'm just saying! You have a great body it would've been perfect for martial arts.' Ranma blurted out trying to cut off Ranko's rising emotions but paled as her emotions suddenly turned warm.

'Hey stop that!'

"Stop what?"

'You're blushing!'

"No I'm not!" Ranko denied blushed harder.

Ranma gave up with a sigh and decided to wait out the remainder of their trip in silence.

(Tendo Dojo)

Soun stiffened as he dared not move, killing intent! He felt killing intent radiating from his 3 daughters, maybe it had not be the wisest decision to reveal the engagement so soon, perhaps he should of waited till Genma had arrived too share in the blame.

"Kasumi think he will fit is the garden?" Nabiki asked taking a sip from her tea cup.

"I'm not sure.' Kasumi replied currently measuring her father's dimensions with a measuring tape.

"I can make sure he dose." Akane spoke up as she absently broke a set of chopsticks in half.

"Now girls." Soun sweated. "There's no need for violence."

"How will we explain his disappearance?" Kasumi wondered.

"All ready on it sis." Nabiki said as she began forging travel documents.

"Here we can use this." Akane sat a menacing looking barbell on the dining table.

"Girls please, it's a matter of family honor!" Soun pleaded as his daughters began to close in.

After a moment Kasumi resigned and put away her measuring tape. "If it's for family honor."

Akane gasped. "Kasumi you can be serious."

"The dojo goes to whoever agrees to the engagement." Soun pressed on sweating buckets.

Nabiki perked up and absently filed the papers away "In that case."

Akane looked at Nabiki in horror.

"Fine I'll handle this myself." Akane growled rolling up a sleeve on her gi and storming towards her father as he slowly withered under her gaze.

"Hey put me down already!"

Saved! Soun thanked the gods, he was saved.

"That must be them now! Genma my good friend we are here!" Soun shouted from the dinning room just barely evading his daughter's wrath as she took her seat, her killing intent still strong.

"I said put me down you stupid panda!" The voice all but screeched as the four Tendo's gasped at the sight of a giant panda strolling around the corner caring Ranko, who was flailing and kicking for freedom while the panda looked seemingly bored. The panda approached the dinning table and sat Ranko down on one of the empty cushions.

"I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry about this." Ranko sighed heavily.

"Ranma at last!" Soun bolted across the table collecting Ranko in a tight male hug.

'ouch!' Ranma spoke for both of them as Ranko was subjected to the crushing force. It only took a moment for Mr. Tendo to notice Ranko's none male physique where upon he stiffly leaned back into his seat.

"Daddy?" Nabiki blinked at her father then narrowed her eyes at Ranko. "Hmmm." Nabiki reached out and grabbed Ranko's chest to confirm her suspicions.

"Ranma's not a boy, he's a girl." Nabiki deadpanned before pulling out the travel documents again, Kasumi following suit with the measuring tape, all three sisters eyeing their father who suddenly fainted under their gaze.

"Um… can you let go now?" Ranko asked blushing furiously, almost as much as Ranma was in the back of her mind as Nabiki neglected to release her grip. Nabiki complied in favor of grabbing her tea cup and splashing her father with its remaining contents to bring him back around.

"Daddy how do you expect us to marry Ranma?" Nabiki once again grabbed Ranko's chest. "She's a girl!"

"Can you please stop doing that?" Ranko asked meekly as Ranma remained speechless.

"I was sure Genma's son was a boy!" Soun protested.

"Well she's not!" Nabiki gave an affinitive squeeze bringing a squeak from Ranko.

"Nabiki stop that." Akane protested. "It's not her fault leave her alone."

"Oh my, would you like some tea?" Kasumi perked up having forgot her manners and stood with the tea pot preparing to fill their guests cup when the panda suddenly stuck its head in the way. Everyone but Ranko blinked as a gi'ed man sat back adjusting his head wrap and glasses.

"Genma?" Soun asked simply.

"Soun it's good to see you again after all theses years!" Genma beamed.

'I think they took it well.' Ranma commended as Soun fainted and the three Tendo daughters stared dumbly in shock. It took the better part of the next hour to revive Soun and explain the nature of the curses, though leavening out the small detail that the curse forms had a mind of their own.

"Cold water activates the curse and hot turns you back?" Soun happily danced about with a hot and cold kettle dousing Genma over and over. "Well then it's not so bad after all!" He brightened as he doused Ranko for the 4th time that night changing her into Ranma. "Ranma my boy theses are my three daughters, Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi choose which one will be your fiancée." Soun in his happy blissful state failed to notice his daughters killing intent burst into flames and the menacing barbell connecting with his head, curtsy of Akane.

'Don't pick her!' Ranko shuttered.

"Um…' Ranma uttered speechless drawing the attention of the three Tendo's.

"What?" They barked in unison.

'Scary…" Ranko whimpered finding a slightly deeper part of Ranma's mind to hide herself.

"N..nothing." Ranma managed and sweated as the three daughters began to argue among themselves over who would be stuck with him.

"He's a bit young." Kasumi stated.

"I hate boys!' Akane growled.

"Well sis he's only half boy." Nabiki added.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Nothing sis nothing." Nabiki smiles.

"Nabiki you don't seem to have a reason not to marry him." Nabiki's smiled vanished at Kasumi spoke up.

"I don't have time for a fiancée." Nabiki countered. "Besides I think he could use someone a bit more 'mature'."

Kasumi blushed but refused to step down. "Your quite mature for your age Nabiki don't you agree Akane?" Nabiki swore to herself and Kasumi began stacking the odds against her.

Akane nodded in replied and gave Nabiki a small smiled that said 'this is payback for the photos' "yes."

"Akane agrees with me, we both think you would make an excellent fiancée for Ranma." Kasumi beamed brightly.

"Hey wait a minute!" Nabiki tried to recover but it was too late.

"Then it's settled." Soun rising from the dead cried happily as he hugged Ranma tightly. "Welcome to the family son! Take care of my little girl."

"I didn't agree to anything!" Nabiki and Ranma shouted in unison as Soun burst into tears and Kasumi and Akane made their escape.

'Sounds like you're already married.' Ranko giggled playfully and gulped as Ranma gave her a mental glare.


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