Ranma ½: Piece of Mind

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(Chapter 1)

'At least it wasn't Akane.' Ranko stated hopefully, trying to counter Ranma's current mood. He didn't reply as he continued dancing around the dojo working up a sweat from his long workout. Last night after all the excitement evaporated Nabiki had dragged him to her room to lay out the Ground rules.

(Last Night)

"Sit." Nabiki ordered as she slumped onto the edge of her bed gesturing to the chair at her desk.

"That's ok." Ranma replied felling uneasy at Nabiki's sudden change of heart towards the engagement. One minute she was tearing into her father like a wildcat and the next she was content as a purring kitty and now she lured him to her room to discuss their engagement.

"Sit." Ranma balked at the death glare Nabiki was favoring him with, eyes narrowed and jaw stern. Her voice could have frozen water if any had been present to hear her tone.

'Scary." Ranko squeaked as Ranma took the offered seat happily.

"Now then." Nabiki sighed relaxing and leaning back on her bed with her arms supporting her. "It seems we are engaged weather we like it or not. I don't have time for a fiancée so I'm going to set some ground rules."

"Ground rules?" Ranma and Ranko chorused confused.

Nabiki's lazy smile turned somewhat more sinister. "Yes fiancée of mine ground rules, to keep up appearances so to speak. I don't know if you have anything to lose from this engagement but I do, the less people that know about it the better."

"You don't want people to know we are engaged?" Ranma blinked.

'Maybe she had a boyfriend?' Ranko teased drawing another mental glare from Ranma.

Nabiki favored Ranma with a superior smile. "Exactly, for starters while in public we are complete strangers, I don't know you and you don't know me. While here at the dojo we play along and pretended not to be completely against the engagement, too keep our parents off our backs."

"But what's wrong with people knowing?" Ranma spoke up rather strongly causing both Ranko and Nabiki to blink.

"It's none of their business." Nabiki explained rather sternly.

"But…" Ranma was cut off as both he and Ranko paled.

"I can make your life hell." Nabiki stated in a portrait of innocence, her killing intent somewhat tainted the image. Ranma visibly paled.

"Now that we are in agreement on the ground rules… fiancée of mine" Nabiki added a moment later, smiled sweetly as she added the last part finding the phrase appealing to her tongue. "I think it's time we got to know each other a little better." Nabiki purred and made it all to clear what she meant; even Ranma could not miss the signals as Nabiki began raising her shirt. "Don't you think so?"

"Ah! No! I mean, we just met and all! I mean…" Ranma began falling out of the chair and began peddling backwards towards the door as he was thrown into panic.

"I think I hear pops calling yea," Ranma laughed weakly and fled the room missing Nabiki's amused smirk.

Ranko tried to hold it back but failed as she broke into endless fits of laughter much to Ranma's further embarrassment.

'She was only teasing.'

(Present Time)

Ranma wound down from his morning kata's doing the best to ignore Ranko's muffled giggles in the back of his mind.

"What are you thinking about?" Ranma demanded dangerously.

'Nothing at all' Ranko chirped smugly before being thrown into another fit of giggles.

"Such aggression, do you really want to know?" Nabiki teased playfully from the door giving Ranma a once over, still in her pj's with a toothbrush in her mouth. Both Ranma and Ranko jumped in surprise as the sudden voice.

"H…how long have you been there?" Ranma gaped.

"Long enough" Nabiki smiled mischievously "Breakfast is ready, daddy sent me too find you."

"Um… Thanks." Ranma replied as Nabiki approached and studied him for several moments.

"You better change." Nabiki finely said.

"Huh why?"

"Because you stink" Nabiki wrinkled her nose at him before wandering off back towards the house. "And you better hurry fiancée of mine, your father's already at the table and he looked hungry."

'Hmmm!' Ranko hummed secretively to herself as Ranma followed after her towards the house.

"What?" Ranma questioned quietly.

'You think she's cute.' Ranko stated mater-of-fact.

"What? No way!" Ranma denied.

'Stop that.'

"Stop what?"

'You're blushing.'

Ranko smiled smugly as Ranma growled at her.

(Tendo Dinning room)

"Boy where have you been?" Genma demanded as Ranko entered the room patting her hair with a towel, no longer in her gi and once again in a set of Chinese silks.

"Changing old man!" Ranko shot back taking the spare seat by Ranma's father, Genma was well aware of who she was but insisted on keeping it a secret.

"Tea?" Kasumi offered sweetly, Ranko accepted holding out her cup.

"You're not going to school like that are you?" Akane asked with an edge.

"School?" Ranko chocked as her hand slipped drenching her hand in scolding tea.

"School I don't go to school." Ranma gasped quickly recovering from the burn.

"You do now." Nabiki gave him a sly smile.

'School, what about the curse, you know how we attract water.' Ranko asked worried.

"What about my curse?" Ranma complained, "People will find out!"

"That's why you will attend in your cursed form boy.' Genma stated brining a shock from Ranma and Akane.

"But he's a boy!" Akane argued.

'I don't know anything about school!' Ranko added.

"There's no way I'm attending school as a girl!" Ranma defended.

"Cant be helped." Nabiki smile enjoying the whole exchange. "Your girl side is already registered, if you show up as a boy they will just throw you out."

"Then I won't show up." Ranma said firmly nodding his head in agreement with his statement.

'Um Ranma.' Ranko prodded as Ranma began mumbling to himself about his pops crazy ideas.

"Ranma' Ranko pressed sweating as Ranma failed to notice the dangerous atmosphere around him.

'Ranma!' Ranko screeched causing Ranma to open his eyes in surprise and pale.

"Boy!" Genma stood a thousand feet tall glaring down at his son. "You will do as your told.

"Son." Mr. Tendo beside his father hissing with a snake like tongue, agreeing with his old time friend.

Though both where equally intimidating it was the cold hard glare of Nabiki's that made Ranma gulp as she dwarfed their fathers with her sear presence. "I will not have an idiot for a fiancée." Her eyes narrowed as a dark evil aura burst into existence as her eyes began to glow a dark red.

"There's no way he's going to school as a girl" Akane snapped. "It's too perverted he's a guy!" It only took one look from Nabiki to make Akane balk and surrender before Nabiki returned her gaze to Ranma.

"Well Satome?"

Ranma hung his head. "Fine."

'Fine? FINE?' Ranko panicked. 'I don't know anything about school! What if I don't know anything at all?' Ranko began pacing back and forth in Ranma's mind continuing her rant all threw out breakfast much to his dismay.

"Kasumi can you pass the glass?" Ranma asked at the end of breakfast.

'Don't ignore me!' Ranko screeched finely running out of things to complain about just before Ranma doused himself with the water filled glass.

'Have fun at school.' Ranma smirked as he felt Ranko simmer in rage.


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