Zhao growled and went to trip Leiko, but she did a backhand spring and avoided his attempt. He stood up and threw more fire at her, and Leiko matched it with hers, shooting out a large flame from her fist and countered the attack. Zhao had forgotten just how clever she was, and he ran at her with flames going up his arms! Leiko ducked as he swung and kicked him back. He stumbled backwards until he hit the railing again and this time went over it. He tumbled to the ground, hitting it with a thud! Leiko looked over the railing at her father. "Guards!" Ozai called, and his guards came rushing in. Tara smiled to herself.

"It's about time." she said, and she began to fight them off, creating a whirlpool or fire and sending them flying in different directions! Leiko jumped off the railing and tumbled when she made contact with the ground, avoiding injury.

Leiko and Zhao began to fight furiously, throwing flames and dodging each other's blows! Leiko took a hard blow to the lip and blood trickled down her chin. Her father smiled at this. "Enjoy it; it's the only hit you'll get." Leiko said and she licked up the blood from her lip and spit to the side. Then she charged at him and jumped up in the air, kicking him in the face, breaking his nose! He bellowed and rubbed it as Leiko landed and then she went for his gut, punching him over and over again in the stomach! Zhao punched her and she retreated a few feet.

The two began to circle each other, Zhao clenching his fist and Leiko grasping her katana. Then they went for each other's throats! Zhao went to grab Leiko by the throat but Leiko evaded with a spin and sliced her father down his arm. He bled through his armor. Then Leiko lit her sword on fire and went running to her father, stabbing him in the shoulder! He screamed in pain and fell to the ground and Leiko stood over him, pushing the sword in deeper into his flesh! Zhao drew in a quick breath and when he exhaled, fire erupted from his mouth, knocking Leiko back a yard. She covered her face; luckily she wasn't burned. "How dare you come back!" Zhao told her as he held his shoulder.

"I wasn't about to let you kill the Fire Lord!"

"You should have run away when you had the chance!"

"I'm not scared of you!"

"Not yet." He said as he held out a smile vile. Leiko gasped, knowing what it was. It was the potion from Gen! He popped the cork off and drank it.

Leiko watched in horror as Zhao's muscles grew bigger and his eyes turned red! He bellowed and moaned as his skin stretched to his growing muscles. He roared and fire surged from his fists! He looked like a monster! He turned to Leiko, glaring and grinning at the same time. There was hate and rage behind his glowing red eyes. Leiko didn't know what she was up against now. People saw Zhao and began to run away from the palace! There was total chaos! More soldiers ran out of hidden doorways and held out their spears. Leiko looked around at the people running in fear. But she stood her ground, her knees growing weaker. "Leiko, get out of there!" Tara yelled down from the palace balcony, and then she was snatched up by a soldier.

"Tara!" Leiko yelled back up to her, and then the wind began to kick up! Leiko looked on as her father began to grow larger, and larger until soon he towered over her like a giant! He laughed and the ground shook.

"You cannot defeat me!" Zhao laughed. And he backhanded Leiko with his mighty fist! She flew backwards and hit a wall, dropping her sword and crumbled to the ground. She felt like a herd of rhinos had run over her. "You pathetic waste of flesh!" Leiko ran ahead to grab her katana, but Zhao kicked her and she went soaring into another wall, this time going through it! Her body began to ache immensely as she tried to sit up.

Zhao grabbed her by her leg and held her up in the air, and then brought her body down in a flash onto the ground! He did it again, and again! He continued to smack her into the ground continuously and then threw her into another brick wall! Leiko couldn't move any of her limbs for the pain. She had just been flung around like a rag doll. She opened up her mouth and blood came spouting out, she had internal bleeding. There was no way she could possibly beat that monster while he was in that state.

The ground shook as the mighty Zhao walked over and lifted his fist into the air to bring it down upon her, but then a flame was shot into his eyes! He grabbed his face and fell backwards. Tara jumped down from the balcony and ran over to Leiko. She gently lifted her friends up. "Thanks for the rescue." Leiko managed. Tara picked up a piece of Leiko torn clothing and wiped off the blood from Leiko's mouth.

"It wasn't me." She said. Leiko looked up at the balcony and saw Iroh, Zuko and Cera standing there. Zuko was in his Blue Spirit costume. They had come to help.

"Fools!" Zhao roared as he stood up. "You cannot save her! She's mine!" And he slapped Tara away from Leiko and picked Leiko up by her leg again. "You will die this time!"

"LEIKO!" Zuko called out to his wife. Leiko opened her eyes and shot out fire into her father's, scalding it permanently. He dropped her instantly and she fell to the ground. Zuko, Iroh, Tara and Cera all charge at Zhao while he was impaired and shot all their fire power at him! They couldn't let him hurt Leiko anymore. Leiko watched as they fought him off.

"No…" and she grunted in pain, "No." she knew they didn't stand a chance. She began to drift in and out of consciousness.

As she closed her eyes, she saw her dream again. She was holding her bow and arrow and aiming for the dark figure. The figure turned around and revealed his face…it was Zhao. Leiko felt herself let go of the arrow and it soared through the air. Then everything went black and she heard her father screaming.

"Leiko." Said a calm voice. Leiko's eyes opened again and she saw Gen standing over her.

"Gen…" she breathed.

"Listen to me, you must defeat Zhao! At any cost!"

"I can't." Leiko said, lying her head down on the ground. "I can't do it."

"Yes you can!" Gen said as she ripped Leiko up from the ground. "Follow what your instincts are telling you!" and then Leiko felt something get placed in her hand. She opened her eyes and saw a bow and arrow in her fist. She looked at Gen. "Your dreams are telling you something, Leiko Sikari. Do as they command you!" And then Gen grunted in pain. Leiko looked down and saw a spear stabbed through Gen's stomach. She looked back up into Gen's eyes and saw the life leaving her.

"You're hurt." Leiko pointed out.

"My time has come. I am getting what I deserve for serving your father. But please…make your mother proud." And Gen crumbled down to the ground and stopped breathing. Leiko didn't have to guess, she knew she was dead.

Leiko turned back and looked at her friends and family, fighting off Zhao. Zhao suddenly swiped his mighty arm down and knocked his opponents away! They all tumbled in different directions. He spotted Zuko and began to walk over to him. Leiko hurriedly ignited the arrow's tip on fire and placed it on the bow. She aimed for her powerful father just as he lifted his foot above Zuko! "One eye is good….but two is better." She whispered to herself as she opened both eyes and then, realizing that this was the moment, she let go of the arrow.

It whizzed through the air and Zhao must have spotted it, because he turned and looked. As if it was destiny, he and the arrow met. The arrow ripped through his flesh where his black heart was and he screamed and grabbed his chest! He began to wobble, his eyes rolling back in his head, and then he crashed to the ground…dead.

Leiko stood there for a moment, taking in all that had just happened. She had just won the battle. She had just killed her father. Ending this long lasting war that she had been fighting all her life to stay alive. She had killed her greatest enemy. And then it all sank in. The happiness from ending it all, and the guilt from killing her own flesh and blood. Leiko didn't know what to do next. So she dropped to her knees where she began to sob. Zuko and the others came running over. Zuko took Leiko in his arms. "It's okay Leiko," he said, "It's over. You won."