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Chapter 8 - Betrayal

Kikyo silently clasped her hands together in prayer and knelt upon the ground, her hazel eyes closed, her body motionless as she purified the Jewel with her powers of purity within her mind and her heart. Large torches were lit with small, blazing fires around her, and their steam created comforting warmth within the room, blocking out the chilly, cold breeze of the night that attempted to escape into the shrine. The Shikon Jewel gleamed brightly with a beautiful glow of ameythst mixed with pink, and the silver diamond-like objects that clung onto the chain on which the Jewel hung shimmered along with the Jewel's glow.

Kikyo could not believe that the next day would be their start of their new lives together. Finally, the Jewel could no longer be a burden, and she would be able to avoid the current path she took to walk the path of an ordinary woman. The sadness and loneliness that used to gnaw furiously at her pure heart was replaced with hope and happiness. Kikyo could finally be a woman. She could finally have freedom, to feel any emotions she wished to, to play with make-up, to paint her face white, to apply lipstick upon her delicate lips, to laugh and smile with joy and happiness, to hope, to love. Love.

She suddenly felt a familiar presence stop abruptly outside the shrine, and she, still remaining motionless, opened her eyes and glanced over at the entrance from the corner of her eyes. "Who is it?" she inquired blankly, narrowing her eyes in caution.

"...It's me, Kikyo..." the figure replied carefully. Inuyasha. Kikyo instantly whirled around in worry and concern.

Did he change his mind?

Did he come to decline her offer?

Was something wrong?

"What is it?" Kikyo questioned worriedly. "Did something happen?"

"...I'm just looking forward to it," Inuyasha responded quietly, his voice seeming somewhat hesitant. A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips even as he tried not to grin in triumph, which could not be seen by the priestess kneeling down in the shrine. "Hey Kikyo...can you make me human now?"

"That is impossible..." Kikyo answered defiantly, narrowing her eyes. "The night is filled with evil energy. If you wish to use the Shikon Jewel, the sun should be up."

The night's evil energy would taint the Jewel with malice, and therefore, attract the attention of demons. As much as she loved Inuyasha and wanted to use the Jewel to turn them both into humans, Kikyo did not want to endanger her village.

Kikyo heard Inuyasha's defeated sigh, slight impatience dripping from the tone of his sigh. "I...understand," he responded hesitantly."Well then, please do it as soon as the night has ended."

Kikyo smiled to herself as she closed her eyes in thought. He was just as extremely eager as she was. He really wanted to become human. He really wanted to be with her. He really loved her.

Kikyo's eyes shot open as she realized that his presence disappeared completely. She quickly rose to her feet, her eyes glistening with confusion, and she threw open the doors of the shrine's entrance. Only the chilly wind responded by sweeping against her pale face, but no one was in sight.

"Inuyasha?" Kikyo whispered quietly, tilting her head slightly up as she glanced her surroundings for the half-demon. Strands of her ebony hair danced with the wind, swaying back and forth, as her brown eyes darted everywhere. He was gone.

"Sister Kikyo, where are you going?" Kaede asked quietly, her whispery voice slightly hoarse and husky, as her eyes captured her elder sister slowly walking towards the entrance of their hut. Thin, wide bandages were wrapped securely around the flesh of her eye, covering about 1/3 of her innocent face.

"...Just going out..." Kikyo responded carefully, glancing over at her young sister, who lay on the solid ground with a purple blanket draped over her tiny body. She tried her best not to seem to impatient or eager, and her eyes stared down kindly at Kaede. "It's still early. Go back to sleep," Kikyo instructed gently.

"But...-" Kaede began to protest.

"Don't worry," Kikyo reassured her. "I'm just going to bring you more medicine." Inuyasha was probably waiting impatiently right now in front of the Sacred Tree. Kikyo knew how exasperated he could become.

"Medicine?" Kaede repeated in perplexity. Her head tilted slightly to her left as she gestured towards a small bottle filled with green, healthy herbs, and a pile of the same type of herbs lay next to the bottle. "If it's medicine, there's plenty right here."

Kikyo blinked twice as her eyes caught the neat pile of small herbs. She averted Kaede's questioning stare by gazing outside. The bright sun had rosen, announcing that morning had triumphed the night after a ferocious battle for victory over the sky that stretched over the land.

Kikyo couldn't wait use the Jewel tomake them bothhumans, and to live together as lovers. She just couldn't wait. Once it happened...it'd be great. More than great.


"There might be better medicine than that..." Kikyo whispered softly, still averting Kaede's eyes. "I'll go look one more time."

Kaede smiled. How kind and caring her sister was. Getting up extremely early in the morning to search for better medicine than what was provided for her currently. "Thank you, Sister Kikyo..." Kaede murmured gratefully.

Kikyo turned to stare down thoughtfully at Kaede. "Kaede? Does your eye still hurt?" she questioned in concern.

Kaede shook her head and smiled reassuringly. "Not really. It's much better today." Kaede could not bring herself to become angered or upset at Kikyo for wounding her eye like that. Kikyo was her sister. More than her sister. Much more.

"I see," Kikyo replied softly, smiling faintly as she gazed down at her sister with relief. "I'll be back soon."

Kaede's smile slowly faded into a small, sad frown as she watched Kikyo slowly push aside the lavendar curtains to exit the hut. For some reason, a sharp stab of sorrow and loneliness overcame her heart. She wanted Kikyo to stay with her forever. She didn't want Kikyo to leave her and go anywhere else today. Her powerful, strong desire for Kikyo to stay with her made her feel slightly guilty and selfish. Kikyo balanced many heavy burdens upon her slender shoulders, including Kaede. Kaede drew the blankets closer to her chin as she stared longingly at the entrance of the hut, wishing for Kikyo to return as soon as possible.

Kikyo's sandals pounded quietly against the solid ground as she ran with all the strength her legs possessed, heading to the direction of the Sacred Tree. Gripping the Jewel tightly in her fist, worry consuming her hazel eyes, her delicate lips curving downwards to form a troubled frown, she ran on.

"I'm running late!" she whispered urgently to herself. Making her way through the forest's thick trees and bushes, she finally rushed into an opening and spotted the Sacred Tree. She approached the Sacred Tree quickly and glanced around for any signs of the white-haired half-demon that possessed amber orbs of sympathy. "

Inuyasha?" Kikyo murmured softly, her pale hand -the one that wasn't grasping the Jewel- reaching upwards to touch her smooth lips gently.

Where was he? Had he overslept? Was he coming? All of questions pounded furiously in her mind, filling her heart with troubled and concerned thoughts. Her slender fingers closed slowly as her hand rested upon her chest, her eyes glistening with worry and confusion.

"Hasn't he come yet?" Kikyo's hazel eyes darted from every object of her surroundings. She slowly left the area of the Sacred Tree to walk through the empty field, her mahogany orbs searching frantically for Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha...did he oversleep?" Kikyo guessed to herself, trying her best to keep the anxiety from escaping her voice, proclaiming to the entire world that for once, she was no longer the nonchalant priestess. No one responded to her question, except for the rustle of the grass and the faint breeze which playfully tugged at countless strands of her smooth, silky, raven locks.

Kikyo closed her eyes, as if trying to block out her doubtful feelings of worry. She shouldn't fuss over this. Inuyasha was probably coming here right now.

Kikyo finally reached into her white kimono top to withdraw the small, clam-like shell with a thin, red bow sitting graciously on top. She gently pried it open to reveal the small, delicate puddle of red lipstick. She smiled to herself, joyous at the thought that she was to be a normal woman soon. Kikyo placed her index finger into the moist puddle and slowly lifted it towards her lips...

Suddenly, she heard the quick rustle of the grass as feet pounded swiftly upon them, and dry, evil laughter echoed throughout the area, growing louder as the source of the cackle approached her with amazing speed. She jerked her head in alarm, but it was too late.

She cried out in agony as sharp claws pierced deep into the flesh of her right shoulder, inflicting consuming pain on her exterior that she had never felt before, only in her interior's heart and soul, but never her body itself. C-c-claws?

As Kikyo slowly collasped, bright red light surrounded around her right shoulder, and Kikyo felt thick, wet liquid pour endlessly from her flesh. Crimson blood squirted out from her wound and the shell flew from her hand as Kikyo collided onto the solid ground, breathing heavily from the unbearable pain.

The figure swiftly caught the shell, smirking with amusement and triumph as he towered over the wounded priestess, gazing down at her in satisfaction as her entire body trembled uncontrollably from the overwhelming pain. "So here I find you like this. Your true nature hasn't changed at all," he remarked coldly, drawing closer to Kikyo's body.

The pain consumed her entire soul, not allowing her to speak, ripping the words from her throat. But as his harsh words whisked through her ears and sunk into her mind, she lifted her head slightly and whispered in confusion, "What...?"

"This rouge is an eyesore," he remarked, malice dripping in large quantity from his mocking voice, his lips curving upwards to form a satisfied smirk. "Your blood is good enough." Kikyo heard a faint crackle as he crushed the shell in his palm, and the pieces collasped onto the ground with a small, piercing noise.

Kikyo's eyes widened with horror and realization as her lips slightly parted to form the word "Inuyasha..." No...! This wasn't happening! WHY? Why was he doing this!

Kikyo's hazel orbs finally caught the Jewel within their sight, and her pale hand shakily tried to grasp the circular object, her breathing growing unsteady and louder as the pain feasted upon her heart and soul.

"Fool!" Inuyasha snorted scornfully, crashing his foot upon Kikyo's hand, applying harsh pressure to crush her delicate fingers. Kikyo exhaled another loud breath of pain and agony as the pain he inflicted on her hand and the pain in her wounded shoulder and the pain in her shattered heart consumed her pure soul. "I had no desire whatsoever to become human!"As his cold, unfeeling words sank into her, her eyes enlarged with horror and disbelief.

NO...! WHY? I thought...I thought you loved me! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?

"But I'll take the Shikon Jewel as thanks," he continued, ignoring her unsteady breaths of pain as he leaned down to snatch the Jewel. He held it up and stared in amusement at the Jewel as a black mist shrouded the interior of the object for a moment before adding, "This Jewel needs to absorb more bitter blood." He paused, his expression shifting from triumph to thoughtfulness. "I think I'll slaughter the village."

He slightly turned to walk away, but he paused for a moment to glance back down at her injured body. Kikyo's face was slightly buried in the grass, due to her lack of strength and energy to keep her head up. She wished this wasn't true, but the malice and disregard in his cold, amber orbs and wicked voice assured her that they weren't.

Despite her desperate efforts to ignore the truth, his words, his evil laughter, his cold smirk, his claws that had pierced through the flesh of her shoulder, she could clearly hear the sickening malice that dripped from every word and cackle that escaped from his lips, clearly see the massive amount of thick, crimson blood - her blood - surrounding his claws, clearly see the blinding truth of pain that had crossed her path - the horrible end of her tragic life.

No...Inuyasha! WHY? I TRUSTED YOU!

Inuyasha smirked as he knelt down before her, gleefully listening to her desperate inhales and exhales, deeply breathing in the lovely, strong scent of her crimson blood, watching her slender, small formquiver from the unbearable pain.

"Heh..." he laughed coldly, swiftly grabbing her chin with his other hand and tilting her head up so her deep, chocolate eyes of mysterious beauty were forced to stare into his cold, amber eyes.

Applying harsh pressure onto her chin, he sneered with satisfaction, "It's too bad that such a powerful and delicate creature such as yourself has to be in so much pain...Don't worry, Kikyo, the pain will end soon. Very soon..."

The pain in her soul was too overwhelming to allow her to gaze deeply into the pools of unending malice and cold that were his eyes, but his grip on her chin was too firm. Emotions exploded within her, chunks of dumbfounded confusion, horror, disbelief, blazing rage, deep sadness, overwhelming pain and hurt. She could only glare back at him with a raging inferno burning in her eyes.

"Curse you, Inuyasha..." she managed to choke out. Inuyasha simply laughed evilly and tightened his hold on her chin, his claws digging gently into her flesh.

"Fool. Did you really believe that I would want to live my life as a human? With you?" Inuyasha cackled wickedly. "You dim-witted, pathetic human. I almost feel sorry for you."

And with that, he released her chin and rose to his feet. After gazing down at her shaking figure one last time with a satisfied smirk, he walked away, his white hair whipping behind him as he left the area.

"Curse you, Inuyasha! You...traitor..." Kikyo whispered hoarsely, her voice shaking with deep sadness and burning anger. Pain swallowed her crumpled heart and soul, gnawing away the rest of her life as it began tearing and ripping and chewing at the flesh of her shoulder, moist with endless flows of crimson blood.

Her eyes focused upon the shatter pieces of the shell, the red rouge dripping from the object,staining the green grasswith its red liquid, adding more to the amount of red marks upon theground that surrounded Kikyo's body. "You were planning to deceive me all along?" Her eyelids trembled as her heart sank with anger and dread, realizing the terrible truth. "So...all of your words were a lie?"


"It's not a whim or anything," Inuyasha murmured quietly, his eyes gazing down sadly at Kikyo, as if thinking that this was a dream, as if feeling if he exhaled the breath he was holding,they'd bothwake up from this wonderous dream. Kikyo slightly lifted her face with his chest, her eyes glistening with faint hope and happiness. He...felt so...warm. His words...sounded...so true. "I will become human, and you will be an ordinary woman...my...-"

-End of Flashback-

"Curse you..." she repeated angrily, sadness and bitterness dripping from her voice. All he wanted...was the Jewel? He only wished for power? To become a demon? To strike fear and pain into the hearts of humans? He did not have any feelings for her at all? All his words...WERE A LIE?

Why? WHY! Why are you doing this, Inuyasha? Why have you betrayed me? I thought you loved me! And I thought I felt the same about you! But...mark my words, Inuyasha, if I die, I'm taking you with me! MARK MY WORDS, TRAITOR!

"TRAITOR!" she screamed after him. Traitor! I really believed you, Inuyasha! I really believed you!

The figure, wearing the familiar baboon cloak draped around his body, placed the Jewel gently back onto where it was always kept within the shrine. It was so amusing and easy to corrupt the trust of human hearts. He laughed. The hatred and anger from Kikyo's heart was tainting the Jewel rapidly. The Jewel would become even more evil and powerful when the next half of his plan was put into action.

Heh, pathetic fools...

No! WHY DID YOU HURT KIKYO? another voice within himself demanded angrily. The figure's cold, unfeeling red eyes narrowed. That pathetic, foolish human...

Silence, fool.

I am the cause of your existence! This is my body, not yours!

He laughed vilely, his snickering echoeing throughout the small shrine, bouncing off the walls, creating an evil atmosphere around himself. Fool. The demons who fused with you did not wish to fufill your desire.


Did you actually think they'd give you what you wanted? The demons who fused with you all hated Kikyo. Therefore, they fused with you to form a more powerful demon strong enough to kill her. Thus, I was born!


Succumb! And with that, he banished the irritating soul within him deep within the subconscious. That fool would not ruin his plans. As if he could, anyway.

"Now then, next is..." he spoke heavily, his voice drifting off as he threw off his baboon cloak, revealing himself in the form of Kikyo. His pools of blood narrowed as his lips curved upwards into a smirk. "That...half-demon."

Inuyasha leapt down onto the spot beside the Sacred Tree. His golden eyes searched his surroundings for Kikyo, but his eyes didn't prevail and failed miserably. He frowned in confusion. Where was she?

Perhaps she overslept?

Maybe she was weary and tired from last night and needed more rest?

But where was she?


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