Disclaimer: WB owns all things Supernatural, unfortunately. I only play with Sam and Dean. No spoilers, and no Wincest, not even with squinty eyes.

Sam looked up from where he was sitting as Dean entered the hotel room, coffee in hand. Raising an
inquisitive eyebrow at his brother, Sam nodded at the cup. "Starbucks huh?"

Dean shrugged. "Coffee's coffee."

"But Starbucks?"

"You're point being...?"

"Well, you usually just drink the gas station stuff, and the Exxon's 2 miles closer than the nearest Bux. "

Dean glared at his brother. "Dude, my coffee. Shut up."

Sam sighed. "Okaay." His tone said 'Lets humor the crazy man', but when Dean shot him a look Sam's face was blank. Stalking over to the other bed he pulled out his gun and started cleaning it, sipping from the cup every few minutes. That itself was odd, Dean gulped his coffee. Sam sniffed. There was this smell too, really familiar, but he couldn't quite place it over last night hamburgers. He shrugged and got back to work on the laptop, scrolling through various newspaper articles. Mutilated cattle, missing persons, nothing really out of the ordinary. Shifting on the bed, he sniffed again. Damn it, that smell was driving him crazy! Suddenly he sat up, staring at his brother.

"Dean, what are you drinking?" Sam looked around for the Starbucks.

Dean's eyes shifted, and he moved the cup closer. " The usual."

"Smells like eggnog."

"Eggnog? What are you...crazy? No, its coffee."

Sam grinned suddenly, shaking his head in amusement. "No, really, it smells like eggnog. Chai Eggnog, if I'm not mistaken"

Dean eyed him. "And how would you know?"

Sam laughed. "It's the only thing Jessica ever ordered grande."

"I drink coffee."



Sam bit his lip to keep from laughing at the exasperation in Dean's voice before he carefully schooled his face.


The innocent look on his younger brother's face had Dean throwing the gun's oiling rag at him.

"Shut the fuck up."

So, whatcha think? I adore Dean. He's just so cute! And he wears leather...