His head felt heavy. He wanted to lift it up, to open his eyes, but none of his body parts were responding. He knew he had arms and legs, but they lay dead at his sides, all feeling gone out of him.

He heard mumbling; voices from different people. They were close, but they were too quiet to be distinguish between man or woman. He couldn't move, but his head nodded from left to right in a rhythm manner. He was in a moving vehicle.

His eyes finally open. His systems went online, his sight cleared, and he lifted his head up.

He was right. He was in a moving vehicle. The truck resembled a riot police rammer, with closed lock doors at the back and front. He could see the sources of the voices sitting in the front seats, their heads blurred by the closed screen.

He wanted to stand up, but his body wouldn't let him. His arms and legs were strapped to the chair he sat in, the chair strapped to the floor.

Where was he? What was going on?

"It's awake. Perfect."

His head, going slowly to take in his environment suddenly snapped to the side. Squatting at the corner where the light barely touched, sat a young boy. He was probably thirteen, fifteen, tops. His short blonde hair matted down upon his head, his clothes dirty and torn. The boy held himself tightly, blood seeping down his arm and onto the floor.

Second objective: Protect the innocent.

"You've been hurt," He finally said, his voice hard and sharp. "Who did that to you?"

The boy scowled at him. His hand tighten around his arm harder, exposing more blood had soaked into his clothes. "Like you really care…"

The boy was certainly upset about something. He seemed more scared than angry, for he was shaking from head to toe.

"Have we been kidnapped?" He asked the boy. "Are we in trouble?"

The boy didn't respond quickly. He just stared at the man in the chair, holding his bleeding arm with a confused look on his face.

"You are an android…right?" The boy asked him.

That was certainly an odd question. What's an android?

"I'm not an android," The man in the chair said. "I'm a cyborg."

The boy's eyes went wide. "Holy shit!" The boy cried out, getting up. "You're a cyborg? But…you…you can't be one! You're too old looking."

That's insulting.

"No, wait," The boy spoke again, realizing his mistake. "I mean, your model. It's too old. Nobody walks around with so much obvious metal!"

The boy still wasn't making sense, but at least he was talking.

"Have we been kidnapped?" The cyborg asked again. "Are we in trouble?"

"Yeah," The boy said, a bit calmer now that he found out his companion wasn't an android. "We've been arrested."

"Arrested?" The cyborg said surprised. "By the police?"

The boy gave him a strange stare. "Yeah, by the police. Nobody else would do such a thing."

The feeling of apprehension was rising up in the cyborg's stomach, anxiety filling his brain. "Why are we being arrested? For what crime?"

"Damn, you ask a lot of questions," The boy told him, still rubbing his bleeding shoulder. "Are you even from around here?"


"Detroit?" The boy said wildly. "You mean, Old Detroit? The city that got destroyed twenty years ago?"

If the cyborg had a fully working stomach, it would've twisted and fell to the ground. From behind his protective shielding, his eyes grew wide, his mouth twisted in horror and his fingers twitched violently. The cyborg's arid behavior forced the boy to take a step back in fear.

"Destroyed?" The cyborg finally cried out in amidst horror. "How? Why?"

The boy shrugged. "I think it was the bomb. Or disease. It was twenty years ago, who cares?"

It's been twenty years? Perhaps more? How long had he been in stasis mode?

"Get me out of this chair," The cyborg said ragged to the child. "Hurry."

Without hesitation, the boy strode forward, grasping at the bonds that held the cyborg in the chair. Within a few moments, he had loosen both wrists and ankles. The boy stepped back to let the cyborg stand fully up, the top of his head banging against the ceiling.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The boy cried out, motioning to the front of the vehicle. "They'll hear you!"

'They' had not noticed a thing. They either had to be deaf or stupid not to notice. Or choose not to notice.

The cyborg did a quick inspection. He opened up his thigh compartment, finding his gun was not there. He looked towards his knuckle key, dirty, but usable. His programming was still effective, as well his targeting system.

The cyborg took a look back at the two oblivious individuals who were still talking to each other. He saw them as no threat. His eyes shifted to the boy, who still held his injured arm.

"Come here," The cyborg told him, opening his arms. "I'll soften the blow."

"Soften the blow?" The boy questioned. "What do you mean?"

The cyborg showed him. With a quick jab from his fist, the doors to the vehicle blew wide open. The road below flew past in amazing speed, the wind blowing up the boy's hair.

"We're jumping," Explained the cyborg.

The boy's eyes went wide. "Are you kidding!" He yelled. "We'll be killed!"

The cyborg stayed in the same position, his arms wide open like he was expecting a hug. The boy, looking between jumping or staying with 'them,' he rushed into the cyborg's arms.

They jumped.

The cyborg made sure he landed on his back, to keep the boy from hurting himself further. The vehicle was going at least forty, making the landing very, very hard.

The cyborg smacked against the street, his metal back creating sparks. He bounced one, twice, three times before he started to skid and scream. He slowed, the friction forcing him to roll in a fast manner. Under his large arms he cradled the boy from the sparks and flying debris.

They eventually rolled to a stop, smoke sizzling off the grazed metal. The cyborg was glad they stopped. If they had been going any faster, he might have lost his arm in the impact.

Slowly, he opened his arms to release the boy, who was trembling uncontrollably.

"Are you hurt?" The cyborg asked him.

The boy shook his head. He rolled himself off the cyborg, standing up awkwardly. Although he said he was not hurt, he still got injured. The impact on the street must have forced him to bang his head against the metal chest, causing him to have a huge bruise across his cheek.

"I can't believe you did that!" He cried out, still wobbly from the shock. "You could've killed us both!"

He paused.


The cyborg had to restrain giving the boy a look as he stood tall, checking himself over for damage. He had large rusty scratches all over his arms, legs and probably his back too. None of which were too serious, could probably be rubbed out easily.

The vehicle they escaped from was already forming into a small black dot in the horizon. Finally outside, the cyborg took in his environment.

It was day, but dark rainy clouds had blocked out the sun, making the wind warm and cold at the same time. It seemed they were standing right outside city limits, for he could see the tall buildings from far away as he stood on a highway. The highway in question, was empty. No car could be seen or heard. Not even trash like old wheels or thrown soda cups laid on the side.

Not even a cigarette bud. The cyborg looked to the city, looked to the sky, and realized there were no signs or life. No birds, no trash, nobody. Even the city that laid only a few miles away looking dark and uninviting, amiss of human life. Why?

His thoughts were broken when the boy tugged impatiently on his arm.

"C'mon!" He cried out, trying to get him to move. "If we're caught here after sundown, then we're dead!"

Usually, when someone said that, they were over exaggerating, but the boy said like he meant it. Moving his large feet, he followed the boy silently.

The boy never removed his hand from his metal fingers, oddly very possessive of someone they just met. Why is that?

"What is your name?" The boy asked quietly, his voice very loud against the odd silence.

"Murphy," The cyborg finally told him, trudging along behind. "What's yours?"

"Umm, it's Red," The boy told him. "My real name is Redgina, but nobody ever calls me that! Not even you!"

"Redgina…" Murphy said slowly. "That's a girl's name."

Red stared at him. For a moment, Murphy did not get it. When he did, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment, for himself and Red.

"Oh. Sorry."

Red shook her head. "Doesn't matter. Probably best that way. C'mon, we got a long way to go till we get home."

How strange this girl barely knew Murphy for an hour and already she was leading him to her home. Without even trying, he had gain this girl's trust; enough to hold her life in his hands.

What the hell happened to make the world, this child, act like this?


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