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Prologue- Headlines and Busy Eyes


For the first time in history, the artefacts of the 'Queen of the Nile' is leaving its home at The British Museum and vacationing in our backyard.

The Royal Ontario Museum is hosting this once in a lifetime opportunity. The curator of the ROM is "ecstatic" and was "greatly honoured to be taking care of such historically important artefacts."

She added, "This is a historic moment and will be treated as such. All precautions will be taken to assure the security of these precious historical tributes."

The exhibit is being funded by Richard Grayson, adopted son and sole heir to Bruce Wayne. He is also being aided by eccentric millionaire and humanitarian Garfield Logan.

When asked why, Grayson stated, "It's a beautiful exhibit if you ever get a chance to see it. Unfortunately many kids don't have that privilege since they don't have the opportunity to fly to Britain. I grew up here so I know how it feels. I just wanted to give back to the community."

The exhibit shall span the ROM's new Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. Exhibits currently in the third level of the crystal will be temporarily relocated to make room. Antiquities will also be displayed at and around Crystal Court on the street level. The 'Queen of the Nile' comes to Toronto early May of next year and will be open until mid-August.


Due to the widespread popularity of the Cleopatra exhibit to come to the Royal Ontario Museum next year, thousands of people are expected to flock from all around the globe. As a result of this, the security for them museum will be undergoing major renovations.

Victor Stone, president of Cerberus Security, will personally be heading the campaign himself.

"Gar(field) is a very close friends of mine and I'm doing it as a favour to him," Stone commented, "The system we're putting up in place here will be absolutely top of the line and most modern. All of this is new technology that I have personally designed so the exhibit is perfectly safe from any threat."

The galleries and corridors will be constantly monitored by 81 video surveillance cameras with enhanced digital recoding. Each of the 50 security personnel will be equipped with wireless duress transmitters.

The halls will be lined with a mix of infrared and microwave motion sensors and each display will be set up with three alarms.

"A fly won't be able to get in without our knowing once this system is up," says Stone.

When asked about the costs of security, Garfield Logan, CEO of Sakutia Pharmaceuticals and a key sponsor of the exhibit had this to say, "Money is no object. You cannot possibly expect to put financial values on these antiquities as well as the hopes and dreams of all the kids we're doing this for."

Getting past Victor Stone's security would prove to be very difficult indeed. His eyes scanned every page of the blue prints of the ROM, looking for faults for weaknesses. Of course he did have the security plans in front of him, but disabling the security and entering the building were two very different things.

The design of the structure itself seemed so unreal. Most buildings had 90┬░angles and walls were perpendicular to the ground. No, not this building. Yes indeed, it was quite a challenge. The sharps turns of the walls and odd shapes of the pillars would prove to be difficult. If only he didn't want it so bad. And what ever he wanted he would get.

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