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Silence. Everyone ran over to see what happened, but no one heard each other's footsteps. All they saw was a wide-eyed Sara, staring at her mother, the skin on her right cheek turning red. Her mother had a rather angry expression on her face.

Sara was emotionless. Her face had turned completely pale, except for the reddening skin on her face. Everyone could tell she was most likely shocked, but her face didn't really show it.

"How can you just shut me out like that?" her mother asked.

Sara stared at her, now in complete shock; her mother had never hit her before. Brass and the officers were running to the unfolding scene in front of them.


"I protected you! How can you just shut me out? I apologized!" she said raising her hand once more. Grissom ran up and before the hand of Laura Sidle struck the delicate and pale-skinned face of her daughter for the second time, he stopped her.

"Ms. Sidle, I think it's best that you leave the lab," Grissom told her firmly. Sara just stared at him.

Her mother turned to Grissom.

"This is none of your concern."

"Yes it is," he said. "It's the whole lab's concern now, as a matter of fact. We all care about your daughter and we're not going to just watch a scene like this unfold without taking any action."

"How do you know my daughter?" she scoffed.

"We all know her, because we're her family."

These words made Sara freeze. Her heart skipped a beat; she swore it. She had never heard Grissom say this before. It made her happy.

Brass ran into the room with officers trailing behind him.

"The hell's going on in here?" Brass said looking at everyone. He saw the mother's hand suspended in thin-air and the bruise forming on Sara's face. He got the picture.

"Officer, get her out of here," Brass told an officer who grabbed Laura Sidle and dragged her out of the building. Everyone turned to Sara, concern plastered all over his or her faces.

"Sara, are you okay?" came Warrick's voice.

She just nodded.

Catherine looked at Nick, who looked at Greg, who just turned to Grissom. Catherine walked out from the huddled group and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Sara."

Sara buried herself in a hug. Catherine just patted her back.

"It's okay. Your family is with you now."

It was true. The second Catherine said that, Greg was by Sara's side, a hand on her shoulder. Warrick and Nick took turns giving Sara hugs. Sara then turned to Grissom, tears running down her face.

She walked a little closer to him. He just watched her, his blue eyes staring straight into hers. His eyes widened as he noticed that she had wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him.

"Thank you," she whispered in his ear and he smiled.

For once Gil Grissom had smiled- a genuine smile. These were rarely found on the entomologist's face, but when they were, it was always one person who put it on his face. And that person was Sara.

The End

Yes, the ending was short, but I couldn't think of anything else to write. I am going to have another story out soon, and I am hoping to make it longer- MUCH longer than my past stories. Thanks again to all my reviewers and keep on writing!