A/N: This is a3 chaptersongfic, I only used an exert of the song If Something Should Happen by Worley Darryl in chapter 2 though. Very Angsty...


Sirius was standing outside, in front of a destroyed house watching his motorcycle fade into the distance. His best friend in the

world was gone, and so was his wife. Tears were clouding his vision, Peter would die for what he had done, there was no doubt

about that. He had always been so weak, how could they have ever trusted him.

Before he went after Peter, he turned to look at the ruins of a house he had been in only days before, when he had been their

secret keeper. Lily had been so pale, and James only comfort was playing with Harry. Harry. He had survived. The boy who was

a living image of his father, would never again see his father'sface, or his loving red-head mother's.

Sirius had no will to live anymore, James had been the only one for him to really lean on, he was more a brother than a best

friend. And Lily was gone. And Dumbledore wasn't going to let Harry stay with his godfather.

Tears flowed steadily down his face now, he took a few small steps toward the house, or half a house that was left. He walked in

the front door, not feeling right going in anywhere else. The first thing he saw was James. Laying there, eyes open, wand out,

expressionless. It was all Sirius needed.

He crashed to his knees beside James' body and cried, cried for everything James had lost, for everything he had lost. Crying

because his best friend had been marked for death, findingit to soon. James wouldn't want him here, morning over him.

Sirius pulled himself together as much as possible. Before standing, he closed James eyelids, the last thing he could do for him.

Sirius found Lily's body in the part of the house that hap collapsed. She had cuts and bruises from fallen boards and debris.

Fresh tears leaked from Sirius's eyes. Who would do this to such a beautiful woman? A woman who lived to make the lives of

those around her better, who served others. A woman who loved with all her heart. A woman who was willing to forgive.

The Potters hadn't deserved what they had gotten.