A/N: this is chapther 2, sadest one yet, and the one with the song...

Something caught Sirius's eye as he stood up. A mirror and a letter. The mirror was one of a set James and Sirius had had, allowing you to talk to each other, 2 way mirrors if you will, when picking it up, he grabbed the letter. It was addressed to Sirius.

He recognized the kind of note it was. It was something the Marauders had created, noted that talked, like howlers, but in whispers so they weren't overheard. He flipped it over and slowly opened it, there were 2 letters..

Dearest Sirius,

I know if you have this, you will be grieving James and/or my loss. But please don't. While this is hard for me to write, I love you like a brother, and I know James would be happy to hear me say it, though probably insanly jealous, like always.

Sirius smiled

So really do take care not to cry to hard or to long. And Harry, if he is still with you, do take care of him. Don't let my precious baby boy go into my sisters hands. I do love my sister, but she hates me so much she'd even take her jealousy and hatred out on my son.

Love always, Lily Evans Potter

Sirius cried, hearing Lily's voice one last time, and having her ask a favor he couldn't do. But James's letter was impatient, much like James himself…

Dear Sirius,

I know I am dead since you have this. Whether Lily is or not I don't know. If she isn't then do me a favor as only a best friend could. Move in with her, love her like a sister, help each other out and never forget me. I would tell you to marry her, but no matter how loyal you are, you would never do that to me, even my memory. And I know Lily wouldn't either.

If she's died along with me, I don't want you to cry over me. You are my best friend, and always will be. Whether I'm with you on this earth, or watching over you from another, I will never leave your side.

Now my Harry. You know I love him, and if he by some miracle is still with you, I want him growing up with you. I know you would raise him right…

Then the letter did something Sirius didn't expect, James voice was suddenly singing a sad slow tune…

If something should happen
Oh promise me you'll take that boy out camping
Throw a line out in the water every now and then
Answer and questions that he has
Maybe once he gets older
You can sit and have that first cold beer together
And tell him a couple stories on his father
He's always known your my best friend.
That's why I'm asking
If something should happen

I hope I live until I'm 80
And I get to see my son get married
And have some babies
And make a million more memories with my wife.
Yeah buddy I pray alright
But if it's my time to leave
Could you watch over them for me?

If something should happen

James voice died off in a

Good bye, Padfoot….