Title-Spell of Love

Disclaimer-If I owned them, Robin and Starfire would have kissed by now
Summary-Spring afternoons do strange things to people.
Genre-Romance. Get out your insulin; you're gonna need it.

A/N: Wow. This is what happens when you go searching through your documents; you find things that you had forgotten about. Wrote this about...7 months ago? Yeah. That sounds about right. Enjoy.

"You are such an idiot." The pale girl sighed as she watched her boyfriend trip over what appeared to be his own shadow.

"Yeah. But that's what you love about me, right?" The skinny boy said with a grin as he bounced to his feet.

"Hm." was her only reply as she pulled up her hood to hide a smile. The two teens had been dating for a month, but she was still wary with her emotions. She had gotten to the point were small emotions no longer blew things up, but she was still shy.

The green boy approached her slowly, his grin joking, his eyes gentle "Rae, why do you hide like that? You're so pretty..." He pulled the hood down, his hands as gentle as his eyes.

She blushed crimson and looked at her hands, still not used to the compliments. Or the looks. Or anything else about this relationship. But god knew she was happy.

Beast Boy smiled, seeing the blush. He leaned in slightly, keeping his eyes on her, watching for a reaction. Sun filtered down through the trees, hitting them gently as a small breeze played with the girl's short hair.

She stood, not breathing. She couldn't move, couldn't look away. She had no idea when he had cast this spell on her, but as he leaned in to claim her first kiss, she did not object.

And so they stood, the sun bright and the wind gentle, as love weaved through the beautiful spring afternoon.