Prologue-Remote of doom

Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Humor
Warnings: Crossover, Yaoi, strange and disturbing pairings
Disclaimer: If I claimed to own them, they would hunt me down and kill me...hides

Pairings: Ravenx2, eventual RavenxBeastBoy, 3x4, implied Starfirex5, RobinxStarfire, eventual 1x2x5,Cyborgx Junk food and cable TV
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Beast Boy makes a mistake, and the Titans find themselves in a place they never expected to be...Teen Titans/Gundam Wing crossover

"Ha! Foolish humans, you cannot stop me! I control the virtual world!" A short man with long, greasy red hair stood in the Jump City mall in front of the electronics store, cackling.

"Ah man, it's the evil candy guy!" A tall silvery form stepped out of the shadows, scowling.

"This is the man who needs a life, yes?" A pretty girl appeared, floating over their heads, her bright green eyes looking at him curiously.

"Yes." a dry voice commented as another girl appeared, this one just a bit more gothic then the first.

"Dude! The new Game Station is out!" A green figure stood in front of the store window, his eyes and grin wide.

"Control Freak." the last member of the team appeared, focusing on the villian and ignoring his now drooling teammate.

"Oooo! Look at the buttons!" Beast Boy plucked the remote from his hands and started pressing random buttons as he ran back towards his friends.

"No, you fool!" Control Freak reached for his remote, but it was too late. It exploded, a flash of light lit up the deserted mall, and the Titans disappeared.