Normalcy ch.4

Title: We need to talk
Author: ferretgirl1124
Pairing: 1xR, 2x5, eventual RaexBB, eventual RobxStar, 3x4, KimxRon, MegabytexAdam, 2xRae, implied Starx5
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Kinks: Slash, mild cussing, angst
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst

A/N: Alright, I changed the pairings a bit. Hm...I think that's about it

-Talk- means Telepathy

The titans sat, scattered on various surfaces in Starfire and Raven's room. After a few minutes of getting comfortable, Robin sighed "Raven? Starfire? Are your powers working?"

The girls shook their heads. There had been an unspoken hope that their powers would come back if they gave it some time. However, there had been no luck concerning that, and even stranger things were begining to happen. Raven's dark eyes darted around the room, looking at each of her teammates in turn. Beast Boy's skin was bleaching, slowly fading back to it's natural color. Starfire's eyes were developing whites and Raven couldn't help but notice that even she was undergoing some changes.

"Robin, this world is changing us." All of them turned to the sorceress, blinking. She arched an eyebrow slightly and lay her hands on her knees, leaning forward slightly, "Beast Boy, Starfire, have you two looked in the mirror lately?"

They exchanged glances, really looking at each other for the first time since they had arrived. Beast Boy jumped to his feet and ripped off his gloves, staring in shock. His skin was almost white, and his hair was fading to a light blond, "W-wha...what's going on?"

Starfire glazed at her reflection in the window, her mouth hanging open, "I am becoming human, yes?"

"I don't know." Raven said grimly, pulling her hood down to reveal coloring that was now more white then gray, "Robin, what are we going to do?"

Robin glanced between the members of his team then sighed, "We need to blend in here. Cyborg isn't changing, for some weird reason, but if you three are you should act the part." His gaze turned to the no-longer-green boy.

"Right, Garfield?" Gar hesitated, then nodded, running a shaky hand through his bright blond hair.

"Dude, this so wierd. We show up in this world and start changing right away? What is this?"

"It wasn't right away. It was sunset when we got here and it's almost sunrise now." Raven pointed out the window, "Which means it's been at least eight hours."

The others blinked, turning back to her in unison, "How can you keep track of that, Rae?" Cyborg asked, frowning.

'It's not that hard." The girl muttered blandly, pulling her hood back up.

The robotic boy shrugged and glanced at his best friend, smiling weakly. BB was so happy. He was normal. He was himself again. Cyborg was happy for the others, he really was, but...why? Why was he still made of circuits? Didn't he deserve to blend in? What made them so special, and what did he have to do to be that way?

"Kim? Hey, you in there?" Ron Stoppable stood outside his friend's room, shifting nervously.

"Yeah, Ron. Come on in." Kim sat on the edge of her bed, staring at the floor angrily. She was scared, and she hated being scared. Anger was the safest option, so when her best friend stepped into the room and closed the door, she lashed out.

"How could this happen? What did I do?" She stood and started pacing, gritting her teeth.

"Woah, woah! KP, calm down! This isn't anyone fault. Its just one of those things that...happen." He forced a smile.

"Just happen? Just happen? Ron, this isn't something that just happens!" Her chin shook, and she desperately forced back tears. Ron noticed, hesitated, then put a tentative hand on her shoulder.

"KP..." He stopped as she flung her arms around him, trying to keep her sobs quiet by burying her face against his chest.

"R-ron, I'm scared." He put his arms around her comfortingly, whispering into her hair.

"I know, KP, I am too."

Under normal circumstances, Marmaduke Damon, called Megabyte by every one but his parents, would have been ecstatic. He was rooming with Adam Newman, the man of his dreams. So why wasn't he happy? Because this was about as far from a normal circumstance as you could get. The two boys sat in the room, staring off into space, each consumed by their thoughts.

-Hey Adam?- Adam jumped, then glanced at Megabyte. He was surprised that their powers of teleportation, telepathy, and their individual talents still worked, considering what he had heard from the Titans.


-Do you think the others are okay?- The thought of their fellow Tomorrow People being hurt while they were away had been plauging the computer prodigy, and he felt indescribable relief that he and Adam could talk without any chance of anyone over hearing.

-I'm sure they are Megabyte. They can take care of themselves, you know.-

-Yeah, but what about Kevin? He's so freaking young!-

-Kev will be fine too; Jade will look after him, you know that.- Adam looked over at his friend and smiled reassuringly, then sighed, relieved, when the expression was returned. They sat for another few minutes, considering, when Megabyte 'spoke' up again.

-Hey Adam?-


-Animated telepathy is weird.-

-...Shut up, Megabyte.-

"Duo, what are you doing?" Hilde sat at the kitchen table, watching her roommate with exasperation.

"I figure if I drink enough, this will all make sense." Duo slurred, gripping his fourth bottle of beer tightly as though afraid that Hilde would take it from him. Which she probably would, but that's besides the point.

"That makes great sense, Duo." Quatre said with a smirk, not bothering to glance up from the pad of paper in front of him.

Hilde glared at him, crossing her arms and laying them on the table, "Good job, Quatre. Encourage our drunken friend."

"Alright." The blond agreed good naturedly, writing hurriedly.

"See Hilde? Duo agrees with me!" The braided boy grinned and finished off the bottle. As he reached for another one, Hilde pulled it away.

"Nu-uh. No more for you."

"What? Why?"

"Because you're Duo. He's Quatre."

"And? I can't agree with myself?" Duo pouted and reached for the bottle.

Trowa glanced at them and shook his head then turned back to Quatre, "What exactly are you doing?"

The boy in question glanced up at his lover, then back at the paper, "Oh, this? It's a list of all the possible reasons that our guests are here, and a few ideas on how to send them back. As soon as I get back to WEI I plan on putting a team on it." He leaned back and rubbed his eyes, yawning, "Just imagine, Trowa. Just think of how many other realities there could be, and how different they could all be!"

"Okay, I think that's enough for one night. You need some sleep." Trowa helped the blond to his feet and pushed him towards the doorway gently. Quatre pouted but left, too tired to resist.

"Fine. But you have to help me with it tomorrow." Trowa nodded, and turned around just in time to see Duo clutch his stomach and heave.

"Hilde, I dun feel good..."

Hilde whimpered and lay her head agianst the table, "Trowa, get him out of here before I kill him. I'll clean up."

Trowa helped Duo to his feet, sighing. It was going to be a long day.

The clock at the bank rang midnight as a green and black clad figure ran through the streets. She stumbled, fell, picked herself up, and kept running. She had to get away. If Kim Possible and the buffoon found her, she would be doomed. She would have finished them off when she first woke up, except the side-kick was stirring. So she had run, and during her endless trek to nowhere, she had realized that her powers were gone.

Shego finally stopped, panting, and leaned against a building. She couldn't keep this up; but where could she go? Somewhere to her left a door slammed and suddenly she was blinded, squinting her eyes against the bright light that was shining on her.

"Who's there?" A voice boomed as men slowly surrounded her. Shego snarled and bolted, running for the gate that she could now see, and that she had accidently gone through earlier.

Suddenly she felt a flair of pain on her neck and yelped, dropping to her knees as the tranquilizer kicked in almost immediatly. In her last moment of consciousness, she saw two men standing over her.

"Think...a...pilot?" Their words and faces slipped in and out of focus until she finally gave up the battle, and slept.