Always There...


Pairing(s): Sonic x Chris

Summary: Chris thinks of what it would be like when Sonic-tachi get the last chaos emerald and return to their own world one night... SonicChris fluff

WARNING: Spoilers!of Sonic X(first ending)


Chapter 1 • Reasurance At Midnight


It was dark, only the crescent moon shredding any light into the young boy's room.

But that wasn't what bothered him. Oh no… It was the thoughts of the chaos emeralds, the one Sonic and his friends were looking for. The fact that, once they find all seven, they'd be able to return home. Where THEY belonged.

Chris would be happy for them, knowing how much they miss their own world, but he'd miss them even more.

No more adventures. No more Eggman attacking them for the emeralds. No more rides in the Tornado X. No more Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, or Cheese. But what was worse, no more Sonic.

He'd have to let them go, that he knew. No matter how much he wished for them to stay, he'd just HAVE to let them go. It wasn't right, anyways. To keep them so selfishly for himself? He couldn't live with that guilt, which he also knew.

Chris would just have to let them go. That's all he knew and he would be sure they made it home. If not, what would he be? Some selfish little rich brat that he should have been? He was surprised he wasn't like that now, being in such a rich and famous family.

But none of that ever made him proud of himself. Sure, his mother was a star, uncle a famous speed racer AND police, grandfather a scientist, and his father, well…you get the picture. Even with a family such as this, he wasn't proud of himself. Well, not until Sonic fell into his swimming pool. That was where he felt his life start to have a meaning. And that meaning, was to help and always be by Sonic's side.

But now, with Sonic and his friends trying to hunt down the last emeralds, Chris knew that meaning would soon go away, just as it came. He'd be another kid with no purpose, just there to be the son of a famous family and nothing else.

Sure, he would still have his two friends, Ella, Tanaka, Chuck, and even his teacher, which he had always had a feeling he was stalking him. But without the others, his world would be dull and boring again. Lonely, even.

Sighing, Chris rose from his bed, sleep refusing to claim him this night. Looking at the clock, he noticed it was now midnight. Ella had sent him to bed at 9, so he'd been laying here and staring at the wall for three hours now. What a waste of time…

Removing the blanket and sliding his legs over the edge of the bed, slipping on his white, fluffy slippers while doing so, Chris stood up and walked out of his room, sneaking in the quiet silence that was his parent's mansion.

'Maybe a glass of water will make me feel better,' Chris thought, stepping downstairs to the kitchen as quietly as he could. He didn't want to wake or disturb anyone. It wasn't in his nature to just bother everyone about his own feelings, especially at midnight. He'd just have to cope on his own.

Ignoring the nagging feeling of wanting to talk to Sonic, Chris went straight to the kitchen, opening the cupboards to retrieve a glass. As he was about to shut the fine oak wood cupboard, a familiar voice stopped him as it said;

"Grab me a glass while you're at it, Chris."

A bit surprised, Chris found himself freeze, not moving a muscle. It was only after the same person who spoke had cleared his throat that Chris snatched up another glass quickly, a dark blush appearing on his cheeks.

"What would you like?" Chris asked, turning to the blue hedgehog that had been tormenting his mind the whole night, "As a drink, I mean…"

"Whatever," Sonic shrugged, watching as the orange haired boy headed for the sink, filling up one glass with water. Setting the full glass down on the counter, Chris turned towards the refrigerator, picking up a carton of milk to pore into the empty glass in his hands.

"Do you mind...?" Chris asked, holding up the carton for Sonic to see.

"Sure," Sonic nodded, understanding the question before Chris had finished speaking.

Nodding back, Chris began to fill up the glass, before handing it over to the blue creature with warm emerald eyes. Chris found himself blushing again as his hand rubbed off of Sonic's surprisingly warm gloved hand.

Trying to shake the feelings deep in the pit of his stomach off, Chris turned away quickly from Sonic, returning the carton to the frig and moving towards his own glass. Taking slow sips of his water, Chris continued to watch the sink, not feeling right in staring at Sonic now.

His whole movements felt jittery and stiff, making him even more uncomfortable. He wanted to say something, the old nagging feeling returning and telling him to talk to Sonic and get everything off his chest. But he couldn't find himself to do such a thing. He felt so…hopeless at the moment. The thoughts of earlier returning to him as he remembered how the others would leave as soon as the emeralds are in their grasps.

"Chris?" Sonic's voice broke through his thoughts, allowing him to return to the living world, "Welcome back."

"Wha--?" Chris started, but was silenced when he noticed something warm was wrapped around his shoulders. That, and the fact he was no longer standing up drinking his water. Now he was sitting on the kitchen floor, leaning against a counter's side and now had a blanket over his shoulders, a deeper blue shade then his light pajamas.

"Get some rest," Sonic answered for Chris, smiling down at the boy as he patted him on the back, "You look like you can use it."

"Umm…Sure," Chris nodded, the same old blush returning once more.

"Good night, Chris," the blue hedgehog whispered, kissing the orange haired boy on the cheek. That done, Sonic turned on his heels, heading back up to the attic where his grandfather lived.

Chris silently watched him go, the blush still on his cheeks along with a disbelieved look crossing over his features. 'Did Sonic just…kiss me?' Chris thought in shock, a hand moving up to cup that same kissed cheek. Pulling the hand away to look at his own palm, his face seemed to soften, a small smile gracing his lips.

Right as Sonic was at the doorway from the kitchen and living room, he could hear Chris' soft reply, "Good night, Sonic…"

Sonic turned to give Chris' form one more glance, a proud smile on his own lips before he continued on his way back to bed.

-Tsuzuku- (to be continued...)