Always There...


Pairing(s): Sonic x Chris

Summary: Chris thinks of what it would be like when Sonic-tachi get the last chaos emerald and return to their own world one night... SonicChris fluff

WARNING: Spoilers!of Sonic X(first ending)


Chapter 3 • A Miracle


Chris couldn't believe it. It was a miracle in itself.

All he could remember was pain and the intense worry for Sonic's safety. He could feel wind blowing through his hair, arms holding him from the ground that was most likely below. He felt those arms slipping, letting him fall before catching him again.

Whatever just happened, he couldn't feel the chaos emeralds in his grasp anymore.

He could faintly remember falling once again, this time not being caught as he fell towards the ocean below him. The waves rolled over each other, silently asking him to join it. And he didn't see anyway not to. Gravity was a powerful thing.

And that's when Chris saw Sonic. Dashing over to him above the water as if it were land itself. Chris also noticed, shortly after, that Sonic's fur coat was no longer its normal deep blue, but a golden yellow.

As Sonic wrapped his arms around Chris' form, holding him close as he continued to run, Chris could only think, 'He looks good either way…'

It was soon after that that what Chris had dreaded the most had happened: Chaos Control.

The blinding light that flashed over them hid Sonic's form from Chris' sights. The orange haired boy wanted to cry, knowing that this would most likely be the last he would ever see the blue hedgehog. The last…


Finding himself now in a foggy forest, the trees looking as if they belong in a dream and not reality, Chris could only kneel there, looking around him helplessly.

Sonic was gone.

It was as simple as that. But it didn't feel simple. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Almost as bad as when the chaos emeralds' energy had coursed through his own little body. But this, it hurt from inside. Tearing at his already battered heart.

It was all too much.

Chris wanted to cry. Call out Sonic's name until he got a response. Wait in that one spot until the blue hedgehog showed himself to him again.

But who was he kidding?

Sonic was gone. Back in the place he called home. As far as he could to get away from Chris. Sonic…was long gone.

And that's why it was such a miracle.

Sonic had stepped out from behind a tree, walking into Chris' view with that same grin on his face. Chris couldn't believe it. It HAD to be all in his mind! But as Sonic opened his mouth to speak, Chris thinking no words would come out, he was as surprised as any when the blue hedgehog's voice came out as deep and cheerful as always.

"Hiya, Chris."

"Sonic…" Chris found himself breath, eyes wide from shock. Before he knew it, the orange haired boy had ran the short distance between Sonic and him, wrapping his arms around the blue creature he loved with a passion, all the while calling out Sonic's name as if it was the most wonderful thing in the word.

And it was.

But the kiss that followed, Chris knew, he KNEW, that his world would never be the same.

And he wouldn't have changed it for the world.

-Owari- (End-The End)