Innocent Kiss


Pairing(s): Hatsuharu x Yuki

Summary: Haru learns he doesn't hate Yuki, but love him. So, as most children are, he is curious what a kiss would be like with Yuki. HaruYuki shounen-ai fic! Oneshot!


-Haru's POV-

I thought I hated the nezumi. Hated him for making me look like an idiot. Hated him for using me to be the first to reach the picnic.

But I was being no better then the people who assumed me as a fool.

The nezumi, Yuki Sohma, was completely different from what I had thought of him. I thought of him as a sneaky, cruel, and most likely ugly; like a suer rat.

But that wasn't him at all.

He was honest, sweet and gentle, and amazingly beautiful for someone so young. He was no suer rat, but a beautiful, caged dove. One that wished for freedom, but didn't say it out loud.

And he understood me.

Yuki understood my enraged feelings those people created for me. He understood I was no fool, just because the ox was dubbed that in the past. He understood everything; taking in my angered cries so calmly, as if this happened every day. And he helped me see the truth. To see it wasn't our faults for our pain, but those people. He helped me.

And then, he smiled at me.

I fell in love with that smile. Deeply in love. They say there is a thin line between love and hate. And I enjoy love much better then I did with hate.

I still had my Black side, though, so I was still looked down on by those people. The same ones who caused it in the first place. But this time, I had Yuki by my side. The nezumi I once hated, but now love.

And I became curious.

As a child, you're just learning things. I was, too. I was learning about love. One day, I caught two older children share a kiss. A kiss not like your mommy gives you, but a romantic kiss. One you give to the one you love.

So, of course, I wanted to do the same.

I went to Yuki the day after, wanting to share my new knowledge of kissing. And I wanted Yuki to share it with me.

When I reached his home, I found Yuki in the garden, tending the large flowers there. Once I made myself known, he stopped, looking at me in a silent question.

"Konnichiwa, Yuki-chan," I greeted normally, sitting down next to him.

"Konnichiwa," Yuki nodded, still watching me with his big, silvery eyes.

"Anou... I wanna try somethin' out," I replied, blushing lightly, "See, I, um... I saw two people doing this thingy and I wanna see how its different from when our mommies do it."

Blinking cutely, Yukie asked, "What's that?"

"Kissy kissy!" I giggle, making a kissy face to make Yuki giggle lightly, too.

"Kissy kissy?" Yuki shakes his head, amused, "What kinda kissy kissy, Haru?"

"The kissy kissy wovers do," I smiled widely, proud to have gotten it out.

"Wovers?" Yuki pouted at this, "With who?"


Yuki looked up at me, a bit shocked before he timidly asked with a deep blush on his pale cheeks, "Hontou?"

"Hai! Hai!" I nod happily, "Is it okay?"

"Umm..." nodding slowly, Yuki answered with a soft, "Hai."

Smiling, I leant in like I had seen the boy do to the girl, placing me lips over Yuki's confidently, but a bit unsure. What did they do after their lips touched? I couldn't remember. I felt just fine with my lips against Yuki's.

Once I was sure two minutes past like when those two kids kissed, I pulled back, smiling only lightly now. Yuki returned my smile with a shy one of his own.

"So that's a kissy kissy for wovers?" Yuki asked gently.

"Hai!" I nod eagerly, smile widening, "We can do this again when we're older, okay? We'll be even better kissy kissers!"

Yuki giggled, nodding as he replied, "Okay."

"Promise?" I asked, eyes wide.

"Hai," Yuki said, "Promise."

One thing for sure about this day that I will never forget, is my first real kiss ever. And I cannot wait for my second once when I'm older!