My First Fic…

Hi Minnasan! This is my first time doing a fanfic. So I hope that you'll be easy on me especially on my grammar! Haha! XD

I've been reading other fanfics for the passed 8 years & I'll always wanted to write one but erm… haha too scared to try it out!

Now, I'm all out to give it a shot! HELL YEAH!

Summary: (SasuNaru) After many years of lusting over Naruto, the last sharingan heir has finally decided to make his moves and he's going all out for it! So our little Naruchan had better watch out because he's worst nightmare begins here…(a little ooc in this fic)

Let's just say that the whole Naruto gang is around 18 years old in this fic.

Warning: This is a yaoi (boy x boy) fic. If you don't like it, then don't read it. Don't say that I didn't warn you because I don't want any FLAMING. All flames will be ignored.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto sensei! Heehee! (You wouldn't want to know if I do actually own Naruto XP)

Anyway Here It Goes!



It's Time…

"Do you know… How long I have wanted you?"

"To touch you, hold you, embrace you, kiss you and do so many other things to you…" said the figure soaking in the warm bathtub relaxing his tense muscles after a long day of today's training.

He traced his fingertips on a photograph in his hand. The photograph held a very familiar person.

The brightest golden blonde hair, smooth tan skin, 3 whiskers mark on each side of the cheek, lean muscles and slender body, boyish yet feminine look and the most mesmerizing azure blue eyes.

"My beloved…Did you know, that I've always been watching you. You've grown more beautiful as each day passed. You're my only sunshine, my breath and my life. Oh, how I longed for you my little kitsune."

The figure tilted his head backwards, closed his eyes and whispered, "However…if only you knew that I was always thinking of you every single second…dreaming about you naked underneath me, moaning my name, and me touching, sucking, licking and fucking that sexy body of yours 24/7. I don't think I can wait any longer because I want you so badly now…" The figure then fell silent.

The silence only lasted a minute when an evil chuckle from the figure fades in. It became louder and louder. The figure eyes suddenly snapped open reviewing the bloody sharingan.

"But seems to me, the time is already up, my little kitsune. Because from this day onwards, I'll make you mine. I'll make you submit to me, love me and only look at me and no one else! And only I can touch you! If there's anyone who dares look at you that way or touches you, I'll make sure not single family member lives! I'll show everyone that you, my beloved, only belong to me! I'll get you my little Naru-chan and I'll claim you as mine!"

"... After all, an Uchiha gets whatever they want."

An evil maniacal laugh echoed throughout the whole Uchiha estate.

Naruto suddenly woke up from his sleep. Something's telling him that he should run away while he still can.



So what do you think? I know its short.Sorry about it. Hehe! Don't worry, more to COME! XD Anyway, REVIEW! Reminder: NO FLAMING!