Chapter X: There is No Place like Home



Oh my aching head, the last thing I remember is that I was in my prison cell when the door exploded and everything went black.

I looked around the room I was in, it was infirmary I could tell that much.

All around me were strange robots looking at the readouts of various monitors; I could see that to my left was a table which my collar was placed on when it was removed while I was unconscious.

While I was surveying my surroundings, Princess Leia came in to the room.

She was wearing a white hooded dress, it seemed rather odd that someone of her rank and standing would wear something so simple; then again I've been accused of the same thing when I wear my red and white battle suit.

"How are you feeling Adora?" she asked me as one of the droids came over to her and handed her the readouts of the machines.

"I'm feeling better" I told her, I could tell she was regretting her previous treatment of me, she knew now that was not an enemy and was an ally of her father.

"Adora, I'm sorry how called you an Imperial, I was jealous of the way father treated you I hope we can start again," she said apologetically as she stretched out her hand to me.

"I forgive you Leia and yes we can start anew" I said as I as started to reach out my hand toward hers, but just as our hands were about to meet the ship began to rock violently, throwing me off my bed and onto the floor.

"Are you all right Adora?" Leia asked as she helped me up.

"Yes, thank you. What's going on?" I asked her as I sat on the edge of the bed.

"I don't know" she confessed as she walked over to the window to see what was going on, I decided to follow her, I figured she might need my help in dealing with whatever is out there.

Outside we could see that huge warships were following us, no doubt Lord Vader found out where we were heading and decided to follow us in hopes of recapturing me, but I was not going without a fight this time.

"It's the empire, they're after the plans, we have to get out of here!" she said as she raced to the cockpit of the ship.

"Wait!" I said to her as I grabbed her shoulder, "I'm an expert pilot I know some tricks to loose them that is if you trust me," I told her.

She looked at me for a moment and said "Yes, I trust you," and showed me to the cockpit.



After Adora escaped, our scanners were able to relocate her heading from Dantooine to Alderaan aboard the Tantive IV; this she will not elude me.

I ordered all available ships to surround her in hopes of blockading her.

"Lt. Piett, is Corporal Lennox and his men ready aboard the Accuser?" I asked him as I looked out the windows of my Star Destroyer.

"Yes my lord, everything is in place, just as you ordered," he informed me, just then a tech officer came up to him and whispered something in his ear.

I could tell this news was not going to please me because Piett glanced at me quickly and swallowed.

"Alert all ships," he ordered his subordinate and turned to face me.

"What is it Lieutenant?" I asked me as I watched his expression on his face turn from anger to fear.

"My lord, the Tantive IV has um…uh…disappeared. It vanished from scopes" he sniveled, his face began to grow pale and he swallowed nervously as he awaited his inevitable doom.

Normally I would have killed the voice of my mother still rang in my ears telling me I knew better and said I would doom myself to torment for killing him

"Inform me if anything comes up, I will be in quarters," I told him as I left the bridge to mediate on this change. No doubt this girl is cleaver, but I am smarter and I will bring back to my master!



The Empire was chasing us and had has blockaded in, but thanks to my piloting skills I was able to trick them and escape.

I hid from them by flying the ship into the ship's blind spot; the points where all the ships' scanners intersect canceling each other out, making them think we vanished.

"I've never seen such piloting skills," Leia exclaimed with amazement as she watched me maneuver the ship in out of the blind spot.

"Well when you spend most of your life in the military you pick up a few things," I told her as I watched the scanners waiting for the ships to leave.

"Thank you, Adora, had it not been for you Vader would have captured us," Leia told me as she sighed in relief.

I was about to answer when I noticed the ships leaving, "hang on, Leia we're not out of the woods yet my friend," told her as I maneuvered past the ships and let the regular pilot take over.

I was heading back to the infirmary, when Leia stopped me she had told me she had something for me in her quarters.

I followed to her chambers where she took out a safe and produced a strange package, "Captain Antilles said this belongs to you," she said as he gave it to me.

I unwrapped the package and discovered the Sword of Protection, "My sword, thank you Leia" I said as I placed the sword in my scabbard. I was relieved to have it back, now Vader will never know its secret.

Thank you Kalion and Light Hope for helping me.



I was in chamber, when I sensed through the Force that the Rebels had escaped, someone will pay for this failure.

I turned the view screen on and contacted Colonel Ardreff, Piett's superior and the man in charge of finding the Rebels.

"Ah, Lord Vader, we are searching the area and will…" he stopped midsentence as I clenched my fist in anger focusing on it him like a searchlight, the voice of my mother screamed in my head but soon a new voice replaced it my own, it told me that I had job to do and that those who fail me must be perish for the good of the Empire and that was exactly what I was doing now.

"This is the last time you will disappoint me again, Colonel," I informed him as he dropped dead.

"Lieutenant Piett, have the ships regroup and look over all the scanners to see where the ship was last spotted. You are in command of this mission now, Colonel Piett," I told him bluntly.

"Thank you my lord," Piett said as he bowed in gratitude and left to fulfill my orders.



A few hours later we arrived back on Alderaan, where Senator Organa was waiting for us on the landing dock.

"Senator Organa, I believe this is yours" I told him as I handed him the plans.

He placed them into a slot on his hoverchair and studied the plans, "Thank you, Princess Adora, without your help we would be doomed," he said as he motioned us to come inside.

"Now that we have the plans, we can find a weak spot and use against the Empire," he said as he led me to a room, where I could rest and relax for awhile, something I sorely need to do especially after all that has transpired today.

Later that evening, Senator Organa called all his allies to his palace for a special ceremony in my honor.

"Princess Adora of Eternia, if it wasn't for you, the Galaxy would be doomed. So in gratitude for you services, I, Senator Bail Organa, senator, viceroy and prince of the sovereign system of Alderaan hereby award you the Republic Medal of Heroism," he said as he placed a gold medal around my neck.

Afterwards he threw a banquet in my honor, there was lots to eat various types of wild game roasted to a golden brown and lightly glazed with honey; fruits of all types apples, oranges, grapes, plums, pairs, and pomegranates; there were also wines of all types to drink that flowed like rivers.

I ate until I was stuffed to the gills and couldn't eat another morsel, I knew that later on my stomach would make me regret it but everything was so scrumptious that I just had to sample everything.

Once everyone was left I told Senator Organa it was time for me to go home.

"Are you sure you cannot stay, we could use someone with your skills?" he asked me sadly.

"I'm sure, but thank you for everything" I told him.

He understood me and showed me to the hangar, "Here, I give you the Redeemer, the fastest ship on Alderaan" he said as lowered the ramps, "I have had it filled with supplies for your Rebellion, may the Force see your Rebellion through and grant it success," he told me as entered the craft.

"Thank you, Senator Organa and my Kalion and Light Hope grant you success in your mission," I told him.

I made my way to the cockpit and started the ship but not before saying goodbye to my new friends.

I do hope that Light Hope will help them in their mission!



We have searched the galaxy for hours with still no sign of the Princess' ship; she has eluded capture and with her all hopes of learning about her power source.

After realizing that it is pointless to continue the search and do to so would waste the Emperor's time, money, and resources, I decided to call the mission off.

Once Colonel Piett had informed that all ships have received the order to halt the mission, I decided that I needed to relax and so I headed to my chamber to meditate on the day's events

My mind has been reeling today ever since I heard Padmè's voice while I was torturing that girl and the voice of my mother warning me not to kill Piett, it was all too much for me to believe, but still one thought flooded my mind: Had really went down a path that led to Padmè's death; had I really helped the galaxy by siding with Palplatine; and if not was it too late for me mend my ways and correct the errors of my past?

I thought about that I removed my mask and as always saw that scarred countenance; that accursed face that mocks me every time I see it, haunting me with it's voice that tells me, "You're a fool Anakin Skywalker, you had everything had you blew it because of lust for power, now look at yourself, you need to wear a mask just to live, you have to eat and sleep in a medical chamber, you are an invalid!"

As much I hated to admit it that accursed voice was right I was an invalid but now I had not blown it as the voice said, on the contrary. I was now more powerful than any Jedi, the fires of Mustafar and purified me like gold and am now stronger and more powerful than anyone, even more powerful than the entire Jedi Council!

Suddenly, the sound of my comlink snapped me back to the present, it was my master calling me no doubt he wished an update on the situation and I knew I had to deliver him the bad news.

I put my helmet back on and left the meditation chamber for the holoprojector in the room.

I knelt down and addressed the Emperor, "What is thy bidding my master?"

"Lord Vader, have you captured the girl?" he asked me, I dread to answer that question, he will not pleased but I knew even I lied he would discover the truth.

"She has escaped, my master, the Rebels had rescued her" I informed him, secretly I prayed to the Force that he would not be too upset.

His face contorted with anger, his horrible face which had been disfigured by the Jedi, seemed more hideous than normal.

"This news displeases me, Lord Vader," he told me as his red eyes burned with hatred.

"My master, we tried our…" was all managed to get out before he stopped me.

"As much as this angers me, I have something more important to matters for you attend to, Prince Xizor has informed me that his sources have spotted the Tantive IV heading towards Tatooine, I want to you to intercept it and retrieve the plans for the Death Star" he ordered me.

"Is it wise to trust Xizor's sources?" I asked him, the Emperor listens to Xizor like some Jedi listen to Midi-Chlorians. He takes his information for gospel believing him to be reliable but what he doesn't know is that Xizor is a dangerous criminal with ties to the Black Sun criminal organization, a fact that will one day do the Emperor more harm than good.

"Yes, Lord Vader it is wise to trust his sources he has proven correct in the past, now do as I say" the Emperor snapped as he cut the holonet connection.

I stood up and left the room to inform Colonel Piett off our new plans.



I have been flying in space for hours and have no idea where I am going, it was an accident I ended up in this galaxy and it will probably take another accident to get me home.

I looked out into the vastness of space, my heart stopped in it's tracks as the terrible set in, I was lost and stranded here in this strange galaxy, "This is hopeless!" I exclaimed as I hit my forehead on the console.

However, just as I about to give up, I saw the swirling flashing clouds of a cosmic storm, "A cosmic storm, if one brought me here than one might take me home," I said as I silently prayed I was right and flew into the tempest.

My ship shook violently and lightning streaked out side, I was getting nervous when all of a sudden lightning struck the side of the ship sending plummeting.

I tired to control ship but the console was fried and all I could was brace for impact, the last thing I saw a planet speeding towards me then everything went black.

A few hours later I woke up and saw a familiar sight, I was in the infirmary of Castle Brightmoon and sitting beside my bed was Queen Angella and Seahawk.

"Adora, what a blessing it is to have you back alive, we thought you were dead," Angella told me.

I began to think that it was all a dream, there was no Empire (save the Horde) and no Rebels (save the Great Rebellion) and that in reality I had never left Etheria however that theory was shot down as looked down at my neck and saw a gold medal with the words, Republic Medal of Heroism engraved on it. It was all real.

"But I wasn't dead, I was lost in another galaxy," I told them as I showed them my medal I had received.

"Well, it doesn't matter now my darling; the only thing I am thinking is how happy I am to see you alive" Hawk told me as he pushed my hand down, leaned closer to me until our lips touched and shared a passionate kiss.

Later that day Angella invited my family and friends to celebration in honor of returned, she had my favorite dish, Eternian roast duck with Eden Fruit sauce and a glass of gold gulfberry wine. It was the best meal I ever had, but nothing beat seeing my family again.

"Oh my darling Adora, I thought you were dead" my mother told me as she hugged me, I reassured her that I was fine and that I was glad to be back.

I was glad to be home, it felt good to see those who I love again, I feared I would never see them again especially after being so close to death, Oh thank you Kalion for allowing this reunion to take place.

After everyone had left I showed the supplies Senator Organa had given, there were power supplies; weapons; tools; food; water; and other vital items.

Angella was happy to get them as recent attacks had crippled the rebellion and we need these supplies verb badly.

Finally it was time to call it a night, before I jumped into my bed I looked up to the stars and thought of all I had been through in that galaxy far, far, away and rebels allied with each other to save freedom for all!

The End