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A Christmas revelation

Gibbs had no idea what he was doing here. He looked around him at the crowd and wished he hadn't agreed to come. He really didn't know what had possessed him to agree. Perhaps it had been the puppy dog eyes that Abby had given him, or the dangerous taunting of Tony, that perhaps Gibbs was scared? Or had it been the knowing look of Ducky, the one that said you should go but you won't. Whatever it was here he was at this damn turning on of the Christmas lights. He didn't even like Christmas, he didn't like crowds and he didn't like get together events. So why the hell was Gibbs standing here freezing his butt off with the rest of his team? Gibbs decided that unless he could figure out why he was here he would have to stay, just to prove to them all he could.

He wasn't stupid, he had seen the shock on all of their faces when he had turned up, and he kept seeing the sideways looks that were equally shocked that he was still there.

Gibbs looked up, his introspection forgotten as Abby bounced over to him, two cups in her hands along with two hot dogs. Tony trailed along equally laden down.

"Here Gibbs" Abby said as she handed him one of the cups and one of the dogs.

"Thanks" Gibbs said absently, a quick smile flashing across his face at the young Goth woman. He absently took a sip of the steaming liquid in the cup. He had to force himself not to spit it back out.

"What theā€¦? ABBY!" he growled looking at the grinning woman.

"Sorry Gibbs, wrong cup" she giggled taking it off him and handing him the other one. Gibbs narrowed his eyes at her, the look on her face said she had done it deliberately.

"I would have got a smack for that!" Tony grouched beside Abby. It was a long standing sufferance of Tony's that Abby got away with things that no one else could.

Gibbs reached around behind Abby and hit Tony on the back of the head.

"HEY" Tony said, rubbing the back of his head, looking wide eyed at Gibbs "What was that for Gibbs?" Tony whined.

"Because you whined" Gibbs growled at him, hiding the smile that was on the inside. Ok now he knew why he was here, he thought to himself, because this was his family.

The end