Hi so I'm back! Miss me? Probably not but anyway, this story is mainly based around Rogue and Remy, but I've been watching lately on fics, and I've decided to make the other romances bigger, and other characters have more involving parts to the story.

Anyway Ultimate Rogue website gave the story line 4 stars and the first chapter 4 too for detail and thought.

The main characters are- Rogue and Remy…drrr. But other primary characters are, Kitty, Betsy, Warren, Pietro, Logan, Jubilee, Paige, Chamber, Jean, Scott, Wanda, John, Ororo and maybe a hint of Pietro and X23, other characters will also be added when we are more into the story.


If you decide you're not going to read it then let me say :

Jubilee and Logan have kissed but Logan doesn't want a relationship, Rogue lost her absorbing powers when she was possessed by Monique, Remy and Rogue are together since the last one, and the Professor died aww. I still very much advise you to the first one, but it's up to you.

NOTE: The sequel takes place 6 months after the Professor died. There will be a few flash backs on what happened during the 6 months, but for now we will start it here.


The Joker And The Queen II

A New Life

A woman with long brown hair and red steaks entered her apartment. She threw her keys on the floor and entered the bathroom. She looked up closely to the mirror, her eyes burying into it. Suddenly, a vague face appeared in it. The woman smiled and looked at the face.

"It is good to see you again." said the woman in the mirror.

"I have done what you have asked." said Hannah.

"Good. What did you find out?"

"The girl is still at the Xavier Mansion, it seems she has no trouble in the last 6 months." explained Hannah.

"We'll see about that. And the other girl, the younger one?" asked the face.

"She's also at the Xavier Mansion, but more depressed than most."

"When the time is right, bring them to me, and then I shall use my power to rise once more, and this time I will stay!"

"Yes Monique, I shall do what you ask."

"Get Rogue and the girl Jubilee, and they shall be the one to give me my power!" shouted Monique as he face disappeared.


The morning gleamed as bright as it could do as the sun reached its full stature. It broadened all over the country fields, including the Xavier Mansion for gifted and talented children. The plant life on the vast garden, which spread out for miles, blossomed into such splendour one would find rare to see.

A woman, thirty at least, stepped over and watered one of her flowers beds. She had long pallid hair, with attractive African skin. Her lips were crimson as lust and her movement was ever so elegant as she watered the flowers.

She hummed a beautiful tune and looked to the skies. She had seen striking days like this before, but that had not happened ever since 'the incident'. Most of the days she saw during the last six months, were ominous to her and the rest of the mansion, yet today she saw hope. The soft breeze blew her hair, adroitly side to side, making her beauty ever so more dazzling.

"It's 7.00am in the morning 'Ro, why are ya up?" asked an affronted voice. The weather witch known as Ororo Monroe turned around to face the animal-like Logan, or Wolverine as he liked to be called.

"Well I thought as it is such a magnificent day, I should get onto watering the plants before the children wake up and blether." explained Ororo, optimistic at the man.

"Yeah well, sometimes they grow on ya." said Logan walking closer to Ororo. She began watering her plants again.

"Yes indeed they do. I seem to recall when I went on holiday for the weekend; I only stopped there for one day as I missed the strident noises." Logan laughed.

"I can live without them, but I could think of a few people I would miss." Logan came closer to Ororo.

"And who exactly would that be?" asked Ororo. Logan put each of his hands on each side of Ororo's waist. She struggled to get out of his seize. "Logan, I told you we had to end this."

"End what?" he asked.

"This. If anyone saw us…"

"What, you'd get into trouble?" mocked Logan. Ororo stopped struggling and looked him in the eyes.

"No Logan, it's just wrong. I don't love you and you don't feel affection for me. The only reason we did what we…did, was because we were both dejected and alone about the Professor's bereavement." explained Ororo. Logan moved forward and his lips nearly touched Ororo's.

"I know, but we may have a correlation." Ororo pushed him away with all the force she could use. Logan put his hands up in defence. "Okay, okay, I'll leave, just remember, I'm here." He walked away towards the mansion. Ororo sighed and looked back to her flowers; once again everything seemed a bit more depressing.


"WAKE UP!" shouted a young girl. Her hair was brown and put up into a bobble. She had bright blue eyes and thin kissable lips. Her name, Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat. She shook the body in the bed back and forth. Piotr, a tall, muscle formed man popped his head up from the covers.

"Keety?" he said, knowing it was the excited girl waking him up from his long exquisite sleep. "It's 7.15…AM!"

"I like know, but I really wanted to like, talk to you." said the Chicago girl.

"Can't it wait till later? I have danger room practice in 2 hours."

"No it like can't! I know you've been living here for 3 months now, but I like, need to ask you a serious question."

"What?" Piotr grumbled.

"I like wondered what sort of material you used for your uniform. I like, saw it the other day in the danger room session and I totally loved it." explained Kitty. Piotr stared at her in scepticism.

"You woke me up…just so you could ask me that?" Kitty nodded. "Urr!" Piotr went back under his covers.

"Oh come on please Pete."

"Why wake me up this early to ask me vat!" shouted Piotr.

"Because I have like, danger room practice at 9.00am and I want to have my new uniform done by then…ya know, so I can like, show it off." explained Kitty.

"Fine! There should be some of the material in vat draw over there." moaned the Russian.

"Okay, like thanks Piotr." Kitty went over to the draw and opened it. She took some blue material and smiled satisfied. She then went over to Piotr and smiled at him. She kissed him on the cheek and left the room.

"I hate that girl…" Piotr mumbled.

"Well maybe you should start liking her." said another voice in the same room. Bobby Drake came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped round his waist. "She can be quite a handful and you'll have to get used to it."

"Ja, I know. But she is so…so…"

"Annoying?" finished off Bobby for Piotr.

"Ja, why does she have to be so like…like…"

"Kitty?" finished off Bobby again.

"Okay stop it." Bobby smiled.

"I think that the reason why she bothers you so much is 'coz she likes you. And I don't think she even knows it herself yet." explained Bobby.

"Well if what you say is true comrade, then I must apologize to the young lady. I cannot be with someone I don't like, do you understand what I am saying?" asked Piotr.

"Totally, but don't sound so gay about it dude. But being serious she is 18, and you're like 24, so there is the age difference too."

"Yes I know vat, and vat is one of ve many reasons it's never going to happen between me and that valley girl brat. Now then, since ve little Keety vwoke me up, I might as well get changed." Piotr stood up. Bobby walked forward and his towel fell off. Piotr covered his eyes quickly and Bobby covered himself up quickly with the towel.


Sat on one of the stools in the kitchen with a hot chocolate, was the most gorgeous girl ever. She had long auburn hair with white bangs at each side of her face. Her lips were luscious and an attractive cherry colour. Her skin looked smooth and tanned, and her body was curvy and so sexy. She was wearing a blue and white striped tank top, with some very short jeans shorts. Remy whistled and walked over to his girlfriend.

"Well, well, well, look what we have 'ere." said Remy. Rogue put down her coffee and smiled at the Cajun. She out her arms around him and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Ya don' look so bad ya self Swamp rat." said Rogue, grinning.

"Why din' you give dis Cajun a wake up call dis morning, we could o'…" Remy grinned and Rogue new what he was thinking.

"Ya dirty Cajun." said Rogue grinning still.

"Can' 'elp it chere." Rogue turned back and began to drink her hot chocolate again, while Remy went to the fridge to get some milk. "So I talked t' John t'day 'bout getting' 'im a date."

"Oh yeah, what'd he say?" asked Rogue. Remy got a cup and put it on the island. He poured the milk into the glass.

"He said no." Rogue sighed.

"Well ah guess it's his life. But ah jus' wan' 'im t' find someone. Ah mean, Kitty's got Lance, Betts got War, Jean has got Scott an'…ah can' think o' know one else but that's not the point."

"Don' worry chere, I know you an' John are pretty tight, I'll get 'im someone." reassured Remy.

"As long as ah've got you, nothin' else matters." Remy smiled and walked over to Rogue. He lifted her up into his arms.

"Did I give you a mornin' kiss?" asked Remy.

"Ah don' know Cajun, but jus't' b' sure." Rogue said. Remy smiled and kissed her, passionately. Remy felt a passionate heat graze his cheeks as he ran his tongue against her lower lip. She opened for him and he entered slowly, her lips experienced and o so lovely. The remarkable taste of her caused him to press his lips harder against hers. He moaned into her mouth. He started to move his hands, which were on her waist, up towards her breasts. She pushed his hands away and laughed.

"Not in 'ere Rem." said Rogue. Remy growled.

"Why not, I mean, it's not like der gonna watch." He started to get closer to Rogue again. She pulled a sarcastic shocked expression.

"You are a lil pervert." she joked. Remy laughed and kissed her, then put her onto her stool and walked towards his milk. He quickly drank it and put it in the dishwasher.

"I got danger practise so I bes' b' goin'." he kissed Rogue again and brought her closer to him. "I love you." Rogue smiled.

"Ah love you too, even though you are a pervert swamp boi." Remy laughed and walked out of the kitchen.

Rogue closed her eyes as she leaned onto the island. These past few moths had been hard for her, for all of them. Rogue had a lot of things to take in, especially with everything that happened before the Professor died, or as most of the people said in the mansion, past away to a better place. She also thought about the memory which haunted her most. It was shortly after the professor past on, and Jean got so depressed, her powers went crazy. Jean was unconscious the whole time and had no idea what happened.


"What are we gonna do, the gals gone crazy!" shouted Rogue as the noise from the next room was so loud.

"I don't know but we have to help her!" Scott shouted back.

"Scott…ah know she's ya girlfriend an' all, but we might have t' take 'er down." said Rogue. Scott nodded his head in disagreement.

"I can't hurt her Rogue, I love her too damn much. I know the past month hasn't been easy for her, for all of us. But Jean blames herself; she needs to fight her depression, with me on her side."

"Ah know she does sugah, but there is only me 'n' you right know. This isn't 'bout Jean's depression, this is 'bout her powers. We need to shut her powers down Scott, an' there's only two ways we can do that, one, take 'er down, or two, try an' enter her mind." explained Rogue.

"What about you're absorbing powers?" asked Scott.

"Scott, ah don' have those powers anymore."

"Can't you turn them back on?"

"Ah don' know, but we can' risk it. We only have one chance at gettin' close t' her, 'f it fails then we can' do anythang else." said Rogue.

"There has to be a way Rogue, there has to be!" shouted Scott. He almost seemed as though he was going to cry right there.

"Sweety, ah can' try, but it might not work."

"If only…if only the Professor was here." moaned Scott. He fell onto his knees, his blazes covering his eyes. Rogue looked down at the man. He was right, only the Professor could sort this out, but he wasn't there, he had past on…Rogue was Jean's only hope. She left Scott and entered the room were Jean was. Things were flying everywhere. Rogue quickly dodged most of the things. She flew up into the air, still dodging the objects. She finally reached Jean after much struggle and took off her glove.

"'F this don' work, at least ah tried." she said to herself. "Hold on Jean." Rogue touched her forehead, and nothing happened. Rogue kept thinking about taking her power away, yet nothing happened. Suddenly Rogue opened her mind to find herself in a desert. "Huh?"

She walked forward and looked at the surroundings. The sand was brushing against her and some nearly went in her eyes. Rogue walked forward. She saw Jean sat in the sand, crying. Rogue crouched down and looked at the red head.

"Jean?" Jean pocked her head up. She smiled weakly.

"Rogue, I am so sorry this is happening. I can't see what I'm doing, all I can think of is the Professor and what I could have done to help him." explained Jean.

"Jean, you did all ya could, we all did. The Professor passing away had nothin' t' do with you." said Rogue.

"But I knew that something would go wrong, he said to me those very words. If only he let me do that speech, then he wouldn't of…of…died." Jean burst into tears. Rogue held her.

"Ah know ya feel like it's you're fault Jean, but it's not. It's no ones fault. The Prof got his last words, an' that he was proud o' us…his X men. Now ya know that he had t' go, he couldn't live any longer, but he's still with us an' he always will be." reassured Rogue. Jean looked up to her.

"You…you think?"

"No, ah know. Now Jean listen t' me, a lot o' people are gonna get hurt, you have t' carm down. We are you're friends Jean, an' we always will b'." Jean smiled and was about to hug Rogue when her mind started to go darker.

"I can't!" Jean shouted. Rogue didn't have time to take in her surroundings. She quickly looked at Jean and pulled both of her hands out for Jean to grab.

"Listen t' me sugah, 'f you come back with me, everything will b' alright."

"No it won't be, the Professor will still be gone, and we won't have anything."

"Don' you dare say that!" Rogue shouted to her. "You of all people, have everything. You have a family that loves you, a boyfriend who loves you so much; he's out side the room, crying like a little boy! He has so much pride, an' now look at 'im!"

"…Rogue…thank you…but…the power…my powers…there too…too…ahhh!" Jean started to float into the air.

"Then ah have no choice." Rogue flew up after Jean and got closer to her. "This is you're mind right? An' when you're in people's minds, you can make thangs up. So in you're mind, ah'm gonna have mah power t' take away everythang you got!" Rogue touched her face. She saw all the guilt…felt it. It was horrible. Jean fell to the ground. "Ah'm so sorry…" The two both came out of Jean's mind. Scott ran up to the unconscious Jean and hugged her.

"Thank you so much Rogue." he said.

"…Anytime." said Rogue sadly as she thought of Jean and all the memories and feelings she had…

End Flashback

Rogue stood up and clutched her head with her hands. The memories she took from jean that day, would always stay in her head…


Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops walked into the Rec Room where Betsy was.

"Mornin', I was wondering when you'd be up." said Betsy.

"Sorry I was delayed." said Scott. "So what's the problem?"

"There's a young girl in Kentucky, she's just discovered her mutant abilities, and people aren't taking it so good." explained Betsy.

"What's her name and age?"

"She's 16, and her name is Paige Guthrie." Scott gasped.

"Ya mean…Sam's relative?" asked Scott.

"Actually, if this information is correct, this is Sam's sister." said Betsy.

"Does he know?"

"Nope, I asked him in danger room practice this morning. He says his parents don't make much contact with him in case people have tabbed the Guthrie's phone lines. But should we fill him in?"

"No, no, it's best if we don't, he might get worried. "said Scott.

"Your choice luv. Anyway…did ya get it?" asked Betsy getting excited.

"…Yeah!" shouted Scott in excitement as Betsy leapt into his arms.

"Congrats!" she shouted. "Oh let me have a look at it please!" Scott smiled and took a small velvet box out of his pocket. He opened it to reveal a beautiful pink ring.

"D'ya think it's pretty?" asked Scott.

"Scott, I think it's wonderful!" Betsy hugged Scott again. "Jean is such a lucky girl, especially with a ring like that, boy I'd be showing it off all over the place." Scott laughed.

"One day it'll be you." said Scott as he put the box in his pocket again.

"I'm keeping me fingers crossed luv." said Betsy, the thought of Warren made her smile.


Rogue leaned up from the coach and rubbed her eyes. It was only 3.00pm and already she was bored. But tonight she wouldn't be.

Every Friday the girls consisting of, Rogue, Betsy, Jubilee, Jean, Ororo and Kitty had a girl's night. This happened 5 months ago, a month after the Professor's death, and a week after Jean's powers went crazy. It started off as a way to get Jean off having all the guilt about the Professor's death and just getting her mind off it, but then it turned into more.

The girls did anything they wanted to do, go out, stay in…anything like that. The men though, they didn't like it. They wanted to know the gossip, the things they talked about.

It was always a mystery to men what women talked about, a mystery they would never know and never understand.

Rogue knew that there meeting would be at 7.00pm, she only had another hour to wait.

'Ah jus' wish it would hurry up.' Rogue thought.

Remy came into the lounge, unnoticed by Rogue. He came up behind her and kissed her neck causing Rogue to jump.

"Huh! Oh Remy it's you." Rogue said relieved.

"Why did you t'ink it was Santa Claus?" teased Remy.

"Yeah 'coz ah was expectin' Santa Claus in the middle o' Summer." said Rogue, rubbing her eyes again.

"Well maybe Remy get Santa t' come earlier dis year." said Remy with a sneaky smile. Rogue smiled.

"An' maybe ah should give you an earlier Christmas present." Remy smiled in excitement. Rogue smiled. "Or maybe Ah should wait till Christmas."

"Non, Remy wan' 'is prezzie now." said Remy as he stroked his hand up Rogue's leg. Rogue grabbed Remy's hand and pushed it away.

"Nah he can wait. He might not even get a present at all since he has been a very, very naughty boy." teased Rogue.

"Well maybe Remy could get a very, very naught present." said Remy with the same tone Rogue used.

"Hmm, nah." Rogue stood up and walked towards the door. "Maybe tonight though 'f Remy plays nice." Remy smiled at his girlfriend as she walked out of the room.

Everything was going perfect; it couldn't get any better in fact. He and Rogue were great, including the sex… And he actually loved her, which was very rare for Remy. But nope, Rogue stole Remy's heart and kept it for herself. He had been the first one to fall in love with her, which surprised him in the fact that that wasn't his character. 10 months he had been in love with her, and though their love was a rocky slide at first, now it was perfect…never better.


"Like Lance, that isn't fair!" shouted Kitty.

"I know but I have to do my job Kitty!" shouted back Lance. Kitty grunted. Her boyfriend was beginning to annoy her. They'd officially been going out for 2 months, yet they had never been on a proper date. And as usual, Lance had to go on a mission with Magneto.

"Lance, we haven't been on like one date! You said you liked me that you really like me, yet it's like you're ignoring me!"

"Kitty hunny, I'm not, it's just if I don't do what Magneto says, he'll kill me." Lance gulped at the thought.

"Well you like, can't stand for that, join the X Men, we are fighting for a much better cause."

"No way, if he saw me on you're team he'd exterminate me!" shouted Lance.

"We'd protect you. Please Lance, this isn't working out for us." pleaded Kitty.

"I know Kitty, just let me do this and I swear tomorrow will be better." Lance moved towards Kitty. Kitty couldn't help but smile.

"Okay, I can never say no to you." Lance smiled and kissed her lips. He left and go into his car leaving an alone Kitty.

"You know, you shouldn't put up wiv' 'im." said a familiar Russian voice. Kitty didn't turn to him. Pitor in the shadows. He came out with his steal body.

"And why would you care, and like, why were you listening?" asked Kitty.

"Vwell I overheard and thought of listening. And I don't care for ve likes of you. I just think that no lady should put up with vat." explained Piotr. Kitty folded her arms and turned to Piotr, saddened expression on her face.

"Hey, don't go telling me like, what's right. I knew that things would be rocky when I and Lance started like going out."

"Yes maybe so but you could still live without the hassle."

"Hassle? Lance isn't even a pester, he's a great guy and that's all that matters." said Kitty.

"But do you really believe vwhat you're saying?" asked Pitor.

"Look it's none of you're business and even if he was playing me, why should you care, it's not like you like me…we're not even friends." pointed out Kitty. Piotr put his hands up in defence.

"Okay okay, you're right, I'm just trying to help you." Piotr walked back inside the mansion. Kitty started at him as he walked away. 'Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all.'


"Thank Gawd that hour went by quickly." said Rogue as she sat on the chair with some popcorn. Jean sat on the bigger coach with Betsy; Jean was drinking some vodka while Betsy was reading a book, probably about men. Jubilee lay on her belly on the floor staring at the blank T.V screen while Ororo was sat reading a garden book. Kitty had not yet arrived.

"So when does Kitty get here with the movie?" asked Jubilee.

"She should be here in any time soon dear." replied Ororo.

"Quit the kid talk Storm I'm 18." reminded Jubilee.

"I know chi…Jubilee, I always call people that though."

"Wow, did you know that 90 of guys like girls with their lips pierced?" said Betsy, not taking her eyes off her book. Rogue looked to the blonde (with a purple streak).

"What did ya say now blondy?"

"It's true it says it right here." Betsy leaned over Jean to show Rogue the magazine.

"Wow, ah didn' know that. Hey dy'a think that Remy would like me better with mah lip pierced?" asked Rogue.

"No way, those things are dangerous, you know when you get pregnant it can cause you serious damage." said Jean.

"No that's when ya get ya belly button pierced." reminded Rogue.

"Does it your belly button really effect your pregnancy?" asked Jubilee looking at her belly bar.

"Yeah really, my sister had it done and when she got pregnant, it stretched her belly so she had to have it removed. I'm telling you this much, it was the grossest thing I saw." explained Jean. Jubilee started to take hers out. "No wait Jubes, don't take it out, just wait until you're pregnant then take it out."

"So anyway Rogue, if you don't mind me asking, how are you and Remy?" asked Ororo.

"Oh well we're doin' really well. Ah haven' ever been with someone like Remy befo'. We're taking things slow and we're havin' a load o' fun."

"But it's not exactly fun if you're next to their room I'm telling you that much." said Jean. She quickly put her hand over her mouth realising what she just said. Rogue put a shocked face on and went bright red. The rest laughed. Rogue got a couch cushion and threw it at Jean.

"You lil pervert!" shouted Rogue and laughed at the same time. "We're not really that loud are we?"

"It's not my place to say…" said Jean.

"Oh come on, I love sex talks!" shouted Betsy. "So my main question is…is he good?"

"Oh mah gawd, ah can' believe you're askin' me this!" shouted Rogue, shocked but she found it funny. Even Ororo was intrigued in knowing. "What about you an' Warren!"

"He's so good, sweet and rough…anyway we're not on about me we're on about you, the southern belle and the hot Cajun." said Betsy.

"…Well…he's great…he's very umm…gentle an' very, affectionate." replied Rogue.

"Oh come on we need more than that." said Jubilee.

"Okay okay, he respects me an' he can b' gentle and tender an' sometimes he can b' supplementary." Everyone laughed in the room Rogue went bright red. "Yeah yeah yeah laugh all ya like. Ororo what 'bout you?" Ororo stopped laughing and looked seriously at the four.

"What about me…" Ororo looked down and started to blush.

"Oh yeah what ever Storm, come on this is our girls night in, we always tell you our secrets." said Jubilee.

"Look, I met a guy, but we only were together for a couple of months after our…great loss." everyone started to look sad. "He comforted me, but I knew we had to end it soon."

"Who was he 'Ro?" asked Jubilee sweetly.

"Just a person I know very well."

"Do you love him?" asked Jean.

"Yes but not in that way. As a friend. But things are getting a bit more complicated, he wants to start something with me, but I told him I cannot." explained Ororo.

"Why?" asked Betsy.

"Because he is loved by another and I cannot do that to her. Plus I do not love the man like she does, and deep inside he loves this girl too. There love is not forbidden, but the man will not put her heart on the line. He fears that if she gets caught in his past, she'll get hurt, and for that he could never forgive himself." Ororo explained. Jubilee looked down to the floor.

"I know how that girl must feel, Logan was exactly the same…hey it's not Logan is it?" asked Jubilee getting a bit angry.

"Good heavens no, do not worry child, he loves you, but he must understand how he feels first."

"Yeah Jubes, the guy is mixed up with everythang. His past is one messed up place. Not even ah could see his past when mah powers were still on." said Rogue.

"Give him time Jubes." said Jean.

"Time, time! Time is all I have given him. 6 months since we…kissed, since we told each other we liked each other. But he hasn't acted upon it! I can't wait for him forever." said Jubilee. Rogue got on the floor next to her.

"It's okay sugah, soon he'll realise what an idiot he has been from not acting upon you're love." Rogue gave her a hug.

"MOVIE TIME!" shouted Kitty as she burst through the door.

"What movie did you get?" asked Ororo.

"Well I thought I'd get a romantic one since last week we had a scary movie. This week I think instead of getting scared, we should watch a romantic one." explained Kitty as she put the DVD in the cassette.

"Well it's not me who's the big fan of scary movies, that's Rogue. I'm one for porn, Ororo is for spiritual films…or the news, Jubilee is for action, Jean is for tragedy." said Betsy. "And Kitty is obviously for the Romantic."

"Hey, this film is not just for me. I'm sure Jubilee and Jean will like it because they like action and tragedy, maybe you Betsy because they have a bit of a sex scene and naked one, but it's the girl who gets naked." said Kitty.

"What film is it?" asked Jubilee.

"Titanic." said Kitty. The girls gasped and got ready to watch the movie.

"Sugah, it don' matter if you like scary movies or not, everyone likes titanic." said Rogue.


"Full house boys, I win again." said Logan with a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. He took all the money and laughed. Remy slammed his cards on the table.

"I can' believe dis, he bet me, Remy LeBeau, de master o' de cards." moaned Remy. Logan started to laugh.

"Well a lot of things have changed with you Cajun. Rogue beat you at your own game, when you said you were the King of hearts and could not be beaten, and now the king of cards has been beaten."

"Dats not funny mon ami." Remy started to charge a card.

"Ooo I'm so scared." Frost started to go over Remy's charged card. Remy looked to Bobby.

"Look, we're here for a peaceful game dudes, not to have fights over how Remy is a loser." Bobby said as Remy grunted.

"I say best outta three, I mean we've got all night, we won't see our ladies for 4 more hours." said Warren as he put his chair back on four legs.

"I wonder what they do there anyway." said Remy.

"The Mystery of women should never be found out, it should be left a secret." said Piotr.

"Yeah but you don't have a girlfriend do you big guy?" said Warren.

"He may not have a girlfriend but him and Kitty have got a thing for each other." said Bobby as he dealt the cards out. Logan pocked his head up.

"Really? I thought she went out with that Brotherhood idiot."

"She does, and I don't like her comrade." said Piotr. "She's an exasperating, spoiled brat as far as I'm concerned." Logan got his claws out.

"Care to say that again bub?"

"Nothing against you Logan, but me and Keety will never happen." said Piotr to Bobby, totally ignoring Logan.

"But come on don't you like her a little?" asked Bobby.

"Look 'f de Russian says he don' like 'er, den he don' like 'er." said Remy as he looked at his cards. "I'll put $20 in." Remy put $20 in the middle of the table. He got put a cigarette and started to light it up. Logan looked at him with disapproval.

"Hey Gumbo, Rogue don't like ya smoking, so quit it." Remy took the cigarette out of his mouth and chuckled.

"But Rogue not 'ere is she?"

"So you're saying if you were cheating on her but as long as she didn't know then that would be okay?" said Logan tensing up.

"Non, Remy don' mean it like dat. He means dat it's only 1 cigarette an' as long as dats it den she'll b' okay. Remy would never cheat on Rogue mon ami, he loves 'er." explained Remy. Bobby and Warren did a 'aw' and started to laugh. Remy gave them dead eyes.

"How sweet, the Cajun admitting he loves her." said Piotr. Bobby stopped laughing and looked at Piotr.

"You are such a softy Russian, I mean you act all hard but then you come out with lines like that and you wonder why we think you're soft."

"You know who you guys remind moi of, Joey an' Chandler from Friends." said Remy. Logan and Warren nodded in agreement. "So War, how 'bout you an' Bets, I see you comin' on nicely." Warren smiled at the thought of Betsy then it disappeared.

"Actually we're in the rocks a bit. She wants more out of the relationship. I mean last month she moved into my room, which I was okay with, but now she's talking about kids and marriage and full time commitment." explained Warren.

"Well do you love her?" asked Piotr.

"Yeah I do, but sometimes I wonder if it'll work."

"Well if you love her then you should really try to work at it. Love is a hard thing; it's a line between love and hate. Sometimes it can be hate and sometimes love." explained Piotr. Bobby elbowed him.

"Like I said, you are such a romantic duffus." Remy and Logan laughed a little.

"What 'bout you Logan, you an' Jubilee still not together?" joked Remy.

"That aint funny gumbo." Logan's claws started to come out slowly. "Me and Jubilee are fine as we are. Nothing could ever happen between us because of my past."

"Yeah but you and that girl you're with now, aint that like putting her in danger?" asked Bobby. Logan looked up at him and put $5 in the middle of the table.

"What woman?" he asked his cigarette still in the side of his mouth.

"I overheard you talking to you're girlfriend on the phone, so I assumed it was you're girlfriend coz you said you'll be stopping by for the night."

"Well there's no other woman, and she's not in danger."

"So there is a woman?" asked Warren.

"No there's not a fucking other woman, there's no women at all." shouted Logan. "I've had enough I'm going out." Logan dropped his cards on the floor and walked out of the room.

"You shouldn' get on de wrong side o' dat man." said Remy.


"Oh why does Jack have to be so…so…cute." cried Kitty who was cuddling Rogue. Both of the girls were crying in each others arms.

"God guys, he's only chained up to a pipe, he's not gonna die yet." said Betsy. Rogue gave a dead eye to Betsy.

"Yeah but we know he's gonna die, how would you like it if ya new Warren was gonna die?"

"But he's not going to die, and Rose doesn't know Jack is going to die luv. You could die right now."

"Okay can you just shut up and let me listen!" shouted Jubilee who was laid out on the floor like a little kid.

"I feel sorry for the people who died on the ship, it's like, they all died and were watching a re-enactment of their deaths." said Jean.

"Just blame the elements, they are the ones who brought this upon them." said Ororo. Jubilee looked at Ororo questionably.

"But Ororo you're like the queen of the elements, you shouldn't be slagging them off." Ororo smiled.

"I wouldn't think myself as the queen of the elements my darling, they just here my command and do as I want them to do."

"Yeah in other words the ruler of them, so you're the queen of them." argued Jubilee.

"No…I rather be the goddess." said Ororo quietly. Jubilee laughed and looked back at the screen. Rose had an axe and was trying to get Jack free from his handcuffs.

"Oh ah love Jack, he'll do anythang fo' Rose." said Rogue nearly crying.

"What about Remy?" asked Kitty who was still holding onto Rouge, but she was crying.

"Oh ah love 'im too but ah love Jack Dawson more." Kitty smiled at her.

"What ever you know you'd do anything for Remy and he'd do anything for you, considering the past events." said Kitty.

"Yeah ah know sugah, ah'm a lucky gal. But don' you wish that you were with Jack Dawson?"

"Totally I'd swap half of my friends for him…no all of them." Rogue laughed.

"Hey guys pause the movie I need to go to the restroom." said Jean as she stood up and walked out of the door. Ororo paused it.

"Hurry up though luv I'm really into this." said Betsy. Jean nodded and closed the door. Rogue looked to Jubilee, well her back.

"Hey Jubes, you got over Wolvie yet?" Jubilee turned around and sat on her bum so she was facing the two girls.

"Nope and I don't think I will, but I have to I guess." Jubilee said sadly. Ororo looked down to the floor. "It's just sometimes I actually think he's going to ask me out you know? But he never does."

"Aw don' worry Jubes, he'll come around, ah can' think o' anyone better suited fo' him then you." reassured Rogue.

'Why me, why can't they talk about someone else? Jubilee has always loved Logan and I knew that so why oh why did I…with Logan?' thought Ororo.

"Hey 'Ro what's wrong with you?" asked Betsy as she saw the older weather witch look saddened. Ororo pocked her head up.

"I…um…I can just…understand what the young girls going through." lied Ororo. Betsy didn't believe it for one second.

"Just remember 'ro, I'm a mind reader." said Betsy evilly.

"What's that got to do with anything?" asked Jubilee.

"Nothing." said Betsy. But Ororo new exactly what she meant.


After 4 ours of girls night in, they decided to go to bed. Rogue and Kitty came out crying because Jack died in Titanic, but they had seen the movie so many times, yet the two could never stop crying.

Rogue entered her and Remy's room and saw Remy lying on the bed reading a book.

"Hi cherie, have a good night?" asked Remy.

"Yeah." said Rogue sniffling. Remy got up from the king sized bed and walked over to his crying girlfriend.

"Rogue what's wrong?" he asked. She looked up to him and smiled weakly.

"Nothing ah'm fine." she said. Remy hugged her not knowing what was going on. He looked into her eyes.

"Chere I know when you're lying, now tell moi what's wrong." said Remy more firmly. Rogue took a deep breath.

"Jack…Jack Dawson died." Rogue broke into tears and held onto Remy's chest and buried her head into his naked chest. Remy looked confused.

"Jack…Jack Dawson who the…wait Jack Dawson…chere have you been watching Titanic again?" Remy gently pushed Rogue to look at him.

"Yeah ah did. An' it gets me every time. Ah mean he didn' deserve t' die." Remy smiled. She was so adorable.

"Aw come 'ere my sweet." he pulled her into his body and rocked her gently.

"He and Rose had a pure love, a deep one an' then he goes an' dies. He sacrificed himself fo' her." Rogue cried.

"I'd do de same fo' you chere. But jus' remember, Jack Dawson aint real an' he won' real, he is played bah Leonardo DeCaprio." pointed out Remy.

"Ah know ah know." Rogue got out of his grip and got changed into her night dress.

Remy was all ready in bed reading his book. Rogue jumped in and turned her bed side light off leaving only Remy's on. Rogue gave Remy a kiss on the cheek and turned to her side, leaving her back o Remy. She loved Remy with all she had, and sometimes she needed him just to hold her, and this one night she needed him to hold her, for some reason. Maybe it was because watching Jack and Rose's love made her want Remy even more.

Remy looked down at Rogue and he sensed her loneliness with his empathy. He smiled and put down his book and turned his light off so it was completely dark. He got under the covers and cuddled Rogue, pulling her closer to him. Tonight he new nothing was going to happen but holding her in his arms knowing she was safe was more than enough for him.


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