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The Joker And The Queen II


Jubilee walked back and forth back and forth from the corridor from her room, to Logan's. She wanted to tell him, she wanted to tell him how she felt like she did before. But she knew she'd just get turned down, and she couldn't stand that again.

Her fingernails were bitten from nervousness and her face was pale from being scared. She sighed. 'This is stupid,' she thought, 'it's just Logan. I've never been this scared to ask Logan to do something with me! Come on JUbes, you be strong and you knock on his door…he may not even be in.' Jubilee took a deep breath and was about to knock on his door when she backed off.

'I can't, he'll say no…he-' suddenly the door to Logan's room opened. It was Logan. Jubilee stood there, not knowing what to do. Should she run or just ask him?

Logan shut his door and saw Jubilee. He smiled at her.

"Hey Jubes...ya okay ya look pretty pale?" Logan asked.

"Ur…yeah…I was just wondering if you like…I don't know…wanted a…um…picnic with me at lunch…?" she asked him nervously. Logan smiled again.

"Sure, I'll meet ya outside at say 12.00?" Jubilee just nodded. Logan nodded back and walked past her. Jubilee took another deep breath and smiled.

'See it wasn't that bad…' she thought.

"So I hear ya going out with the Wolverine." said Sam Guthrie as he came up behind Jubilee. Jubilee turned to Sam and looked at him confused.


"Yeah, Boom-Boom told me she saw you and Wolverine making out last night, and now ah've seen ya ask him out." explained Sam.

"Well no me and Logan aren't an item…" said Jubilee angrily, yet a hint of sadness.

"But ya want him to right?" Jubilee looked down sadly and nodded. "Well why don't you become his sorta gal."

"What do you mean?" asked Jubilee.

"Maybe he's not interested because ya jus' not his type o' girl." said Sam.

"I don't think it's that, he said it's because he doesn't want me to get caught up in his past…he says I'll get hurt." explained Jubilee.

"Whatever, he's obviously lying. Trust me, mah sister an' me back home used t' go through our dates like food. Mah girlfriend would dump me an' so on, an' the same with Paige but with boys. We didn't know why until we decided to change ourselves into our perfect dates dream. An' ya know what, it worked fo' me until they found out I was a mutant." explained Sam.

"Yeah but, I don't want to change my personality just for Logan." said Jubilee.

"Who said anythang 'bout personality?" asked Sam. Jubilee looked at him questionably, then saw Sam looking at her clothes.

"Sam Guthrie…what are you planning?"


"Papa please, this means the world t' me." pleaded Paige as she watched her father pace around the room. Thomas stopped and looked at Rogue and Warren who were stood next to where Paige was sitting.

"Ya promised me, ya said ya wouldn't tell 'er!" shouted Thomas. "Mah Sam got taken away from me, ah had t' let ;im go 'coz he had everyone up his backside, but Paige, mah little gal…NO!"

"But papa, they only wanna help me!" shouted Paige.

"But ya can control ya powers, ya haven't been shedding ya skin!"

"That aint the point, please ah belong there. Ah shouted up t' the heavens t' b' an X Man. T'day mah day has come!" cried Paige.

"It won't work out, they'll b' trouble at that school. Ah asked Sam t' come back when ah heard Xavier died. Without him there, ah don' think there's gonna b' a lot o' security." said Thomas.

"Ah assure ya sir, are security has got even better. An' there are a lot o' mutants which can protect the Mansion." pointed out Rogue.

"I know it's hard to let your daughter go sir, but one day she's going to leave anyway." said Warren.

"Listen t' 'em papa." said Paige.

"But…can' ah jus' keep ya a little bit longer?" asked Thomas. Paige smiled and walked over to her father. She hugged him and he held onto her tight.

"Ah'm not like Sam papa, ah'll come visit." said Paige. "Ah promise." Thomas sighed and let go of his daughter. He moved a strand of blonde hair out of her face and smiled at her.

"Jus'...be safe." he said. Paige's eyes went wider in exhilaration.

"Oh papa!" she shouted as she flung her arms round him. Rogue and Warren looked at one another and smiled.

"But Paige, ya gotta stay with us fo' another week, ya mother might not want ya too." said Thomas.

"Ah know she'll let me go." said Paige. "Oh, you made me the happiest gal in the world!"


Kitty walked down the corridors of the Xavier Mansion. To be honest she was very depressed. She didn't know where she stood in life anymore. Bobby was right, that Kitty he knew had gone, and instead this lacklustre, compulsive Kitty replaced her.

She hated herself, but she didn't know how to go back to being her, to being Kitty Pryde, valley girl.

"Keety?" asked Piotr.

"Huh? Oh hey Pete." she said effortless. He watched her go past him.

"Are you okay?" he asked her. She turned to him and sighed.

"No, not at all…I…like…have to call Lance." said Kitty as she ran.

'Something is wrong with her.' thought Piotr.


Rogue walked outside the Guthrie's house. It had gotten late now and she wondered where the rest of the X Men were. The Guthrie's lived in the middle of no where. They just owned a house and a massive field which seemed to go on forever. Though there was a house right next door.

'Ah wish ah had a family like there's.' thought Rogue. 'Ah can't really call Mystique a mother…'

Rogue shook off her feelings. Things were going good for her, yet she felt like they were bad…She suddenly felt a foot kicking her back, throwing her to the ground. Rogue looked up to see a hooded girl.

"What the?"

"Remember me?" asked the young woman.

"No!" shouted Rogue. "Can ya tell me what the hell ya think ya think ya doin' kickin' me t' the floor like that!" Rogue got up and looked at the black hooded woman.

"You should remember me, it wasn't so long after she possessed you."

"…Monique?" asked Rogue in a questionable voice. The girl laughed.

"Not quite…I don't have her powers, but I do have my combat skills." said the woman as she swiftly punched Rogue in the face. Rogue fell to the ground again.

"Ah may not have mah absorbing powers, but ah sure know how t' kick yaw ass!" Rogue got up and did a kart wheel, kicking the girl in the stomach as well as knocking her hood off her head. "That'll teach ya t'…H…Hannah!"

Hannah laughed again and got up.

"Nice to see you again Rogue."

"But ah…ah don' understand…"

"That's because you're blind, all you mutants are! All along I was helping Monique, ever since she possessed you the first time. I was there to help you, I was there to tell you the information, it was pretty obvious, yet you didn't see it, and you know why, because you can't imagine friends betraying you!" explained Hannah. Rogue shook her head in disbelief.

"But…ya helped me…"

"I helped Monique, all I did for you was make things worse on purpose, but you thought I was doing it for you. You were wrong!"

"So all this time, you've been wantin' t' bring Monique back, t' let me b' possessed again!" shouted Rogue.

"And now it's time for you to come home!" Hannah punched Rogue in the face then did a flip and kicked her. Rogue fell on the floor again, She got up and dodged Hannah's punches and then kicked her in the stomach. She then punched her in the face with her super strength, making her fly a bit away.

Rogue ran up to her. Hannah looked knocked out. Rogue looked all over the place, making sure it was clear. She sighed and was about to walk back to the Guthrie's to tell them when a hand grabbed her ankle. Rogue suddenly felt the energy being drained out of her.

"Why do you think you're powers went Rogue?" asked Hannah as Rogue was being drained. "Monique gave them to me!" Rogue fell on the floor, totally drained. Hannah smiled and got up. She grabbed Rogue with the super strength she drained from her and flew over the field to her car.

Warren heard the noises and ran outside.

"Rogue!" he shouted. But no one was there. 'She must have gone for a walk.' Warren thought.

"Hey Warren, mah mamas gonna b' home soon. She never lets me have these, but ya wan' some cookies?" asked Paige. Warren looked at them and smiled at Paige. He took one from the cookie jar.



Jubilee and Logan sat on the grass out near the tree. Jubilee took out a sandwich from the picnic basket and took a bite. Logan did the same.

Jubilee was wearing a very very tight yellow boob-tube with the most shortest mini skirt ever, she did not feel comfortable in it.

"So, what have you been up to today?" asked Jubilee, feeling very awkward.

"Well I did the danger room with the New mutants and some of the students and went to help Ororo teach a class." explained Logan. "You?"

"Well I…um…I went to make this picnic and then I went to hag out with Sam for a bit." said Jubilee. Logan nodded and then looked tense.

"So are you and…ya know, Sam…well…"

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, no! So not!" Logan nodded and felt more happier with that answer.

"I know this is wrong of me to ask but…what the hell are ya wearing kid?"




"Ya gonna answer me?"



"It was Bobby!" shouted Jubilee. "He said that I would look better to you if I dressed up more to your style."

"What, that's insane."

"I know that's what I said. I mean these are my old clothes from when they actually fit me." exlained Jubilee.

"Wait a sec…Sam thinks I like tarts for girlfriends! Why I outta-"

"-Please don't hurt him." said Jubilee in a joking way. Logan's claws came out.

"Wait until I get my hands on him!"

"Okay, kill him later, but for now you're with me." said Jubilee smiling. Logan looked at her innocence and put his claws back in. He sat down and looked at her.

"Okay Jubes." he said. "…Ya seem a little…keen on me not hurting Sam."

"Nothing is going on between me and Sam, besides, why should you care?" asked Jubilee.

"'Coz I do." he answered simply looking her in the eyes. Jubilee felt a shiver go down her neck. She breathed deeply, her heart sinking as she looked into his eyes. She didn't even realise their heads getting closer, the tension getting hotter, their thriving bodies nearly one, their lips ever so close to the point of touch, Logan opened his eyes looking at the girl who he was about to kiss until behind her head, he saw Ororo's face. She looked sad, angry yet happy for him. She jerked his head back immediately. Ororo frowned at him and flew off before Jubilee cold see her. Jubilee opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Um…Logan are you-"

"-I have to go." he said as he stood up and went to find Ororo. Jubilee watched him run down the hill. She sighed and looked down to the ground.


"Is this where they live?" asked Scott.

"Yeah that's what everyone's been saying." replied Jean. Scott, Jean, Bobby and Betsy walked to the front garden of the Guthrie's. Jean knocked on the door.

"Ya know what this reminds me of, Jeepers Creepers II, when the kids were in the middle of no where." said Bobby.

"Will you shut up luv." said Betsy angrily.

"Wow I was only saying!" said Bobby. The door opened and Lucinda Guthrie opened the door. She looked at them strangely.

"May ah help you?" she asked.

"Hi, we're from the Xavier mansion we-."

"-Ah know who ya are. Come in." said Lucinda kindly. Scott smiled and walked in followed by the others. Warren and Paige were sat on the sofa with Joshua, Joelle, Elizabeth, Lewis and Jebediah crowding around Warren asking for him to shoe them his wings. He just sat there laughing.

"Looks like Warren's having fun." said Betsy smiling. Warren looked over and saw Betsy and the rest of the X men. He stood up and walked over to them.

"Hey sweety." said Warren as he kissed Betsy on the cheek. Jean walked over to Paige.

"Hi Paige I'm Jean, an X Man. I'm sure Rogue and Warren-"

"-They tol' me everythang!" shouted Paige in excitement. "Mah papa said ah could, but ah have t' stay 'ere fo' a week."

"Well, I guess that's our job done." joked Scott.

"Hey, where's Rogue?" asked Bobby.

"Well I thought she went for a walk but it's pretty dark now, she should be back." said Warren. "Then I assumed she was with you."

"She wouldn't have gone far." said Betsy. "Anyway, looks like you've settled down with the kids, I'll bet ya make a good dad one day." Warren looked at her questionably.

"Ur…sure. Lets talk about this somewhere else huh?" said Warren. The front door of the house opened. It was Melody and Thomas.

"Wow, looks like we got more visitors." said Thomas as he put his coat on the hanger. "Ah've jus' been t' pick up Melody from college." Lucinda kissed Thomas lightly on the lips while he looked at the X Men.

"Can I just say, I think letting Paige come with us is the best thing you could do for her Mr Guthrie." said Scott.

"Yeah, she can learn a lot about her powers. She might even have another gift." explained Jean.

"Well I think Paige has already done all her research on her powers." said Warren.

"Well we don't want to be a bother Mr Guthrie, so I think we'll go now. We'll come back in a week to pick her up." explained Scott.

"Thanks." said Thomas. "An' ya welcome t' come back anytime." Jean smiled and the X Men walked out of the door.

Paige then ran out and hugged Warren.

"Thanks, without you an' Rogue, ah guess ah wouldn' o' been allowed t' go." said Paige.

"Your welcome Paige. Ya got a good family though. Make sire ya make the most of it." complimented Warren. Paige smiled and went back inside the house.

"Now we gotta look for Rogue." said Bobby.


Remy LeBeau was taking a shower and singing 'One Tune'. His mobile was on the desk in his room. It started to ring and vibrate. Remy didn't hear it so carried on singing. On the display caller, it said Rogue. It rang for a couple more seconds and then stopped. Remy peeped out of the shower, thinking he heard his phone ran, but carried on singing in the shower.

Meanwhile somewhere…

Rogue shut her phone. Tears ran down her cheeks. She was on the floor, curled up to the wall. She heard a noise and shivered. She breathed heavily but tried to keep it as silent at possible. Rogue heard shoes walking. She closed her eyes tight and felt a shadow on her. She opened her emerald eyes, which were filled with fear.



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