Naraku visits Kagome and turns her into a dog and makes it look like Kagome was attacked. Shippo and Miroku find the dog and take it in. Inuyasha gets edgy around her every now and then. It sucks because it's around mating season. Inu&Kago

For Your Information: This story is only five chapters, and I plan to make a sequal in time.

Chapter One- Long day

Kagome was walking home from school. She was more tired than before when she finished walking up the stairs. When she arrived at the top she saw Souta playing around with their stupid lazy fat cat. It wasn't new or anything to her. Usually she would join in and play with them. Right now though, she just wanted to sleep for a while. Kagome was planning on going back to the other era tonight, so she pretty much needed the rest.

"Hi Kagome, back home now?" Souta; her younger brother laughed.

"Yeah, but I'm so tired. Classes today were a real killer!" Kagome whined.

"Then why didn't you just go stay in Inuyasha's era, huh?" He asked curiously.

"I don't know; that guy is such a hot head when I want to go. If there's anytime he wants me to come back is when I'm hurt or sick." She sighed. "I'm going inside to go take a bath, then a nap. Have fun with Buyo, Souta."

"Kay sis!" Souta said happily.

She went inside and tossed her backpack aside in her room and grabbed some different clothes. Tiredly, she went into the bath room and went in the warm water. It relieved her tired bones and muscles and she started to wash herself. Relaxing as it was; she wanted to share it with Sango and Shippo. What do you expect? It's funny talking to people while you're bathing. (I think so at least?)

Her bath was completed after an hour; she came out and wrapped a towel around her body. Kagome grabbed the blow drier and started to dry her hair off. When she came back into her room, she changed. Her mother knocked on the door; asking if she wanted anything to drink. She replied with a 'no' and asked to be woken up at sun down. With a smiled, Mrs. Higurashi nodded and left room as she closed the door.

"Where are you, my lovely little priestess?" A dark man lingered in the forest of Inuyasha.

He wore a white pelt with a baboon mask. The man was placed on a tree branch. Checking the wind to make sure he was down wind from Inuyasha's sensitive nose. Sure enough he was and so he waited for Kagome. It didn't matter how long she took. As long as he knew Inuyasha wasn't going to be the one to meet her.

"I do hope you hurry up, I feel very lonesome." He chuckled malevolently.

"Inuyasha, when is mama supposed to be coming back? I miss her!" A small kitsune whined.

"Shut up Shippo, she has four more days left to get back here." Inuyasha grumbled.

"Hey! Don't be a jerk to me! You're the one who's always making her run home!" Shippo wailed.

"She asked to have five damn days so shut up already!" He started to get a little annoyed. "She'll get here when she gets here."

"You should leave Inuyasha alone; I think he still misses Kikyou." Miroku glared at Inuyasha.

"I DO NOT! Now shut up or else I'll hurt you damn bastards!" Inuyasha growled.

"What ever you say Inuyasha…" The monk simply shrugged.

Around seven at night and Kagome started to wake up. There was still a little sunlight left, just as she wanted. She packed her stuff to prepare for the Feudal Era. When she had everything she wanted, she went downstairs to have some dinner. Her family was at the table eating happily and Kagome joined them.

"So, you're going down the well tonight Kagome?" Her mother asked nicely.

"Yeah, I bet I'll shock them when I arrive there tonight." Kagome snickered.

"How long did older brother give you?" Souta asked curiously. (No; Inuyasha isn't related to them.)

"Five days, I have four more though." She laughed.

"Why are you going in such a hurry then?" Her grandfather asked.

"I don't know, I just want to surprise Inuyasha and make feel special." Everyone saw Kagome roll her eyes and they laughed.

They enjoyed their meal together and Kagome went to grab her backpack. Everyone watched her leave and they all told her 'good luck' and 'be safe' as usual. Such a nice caring family she had. Kagome was lucky though, she had two families basically; one in the modern era and one in the feudal era. It was something nice to know, for her at least. Without a second thought, she jumped into the well.

The dark passage turned into a blue stream of light; the light that allowed her to travel through both time periods. It soon died down and she saw the vines in the well meaning that she was now, five hundred years in the past. Kagome climbed the vine out of the well.

"Hello there Kagome, I've been waiting for you." A man said in a dark tone.

Kagome whirled around to look at the person. "INU-" She began to shout but her mouth was covered by his hand. That way, she couldn't call out for Inuyasha.

"You're not going to call that hanyou here wench." He stated. "I came all this way to say 'hello' and this is how I'm repaid? I'm absolutely disgusted in you."

"Let... go of... me... Naraku!" She mumbled behind his hand.

"What for…? Do you want to die?" Naraku's demonic voice asked.

"..." Her struggles stopped.

"That's a good girl." He stroked her hair slowly.

Naraku removed his hands away from her and she was frozen. She was too scared to move, but that didn't mean she wanted to stay! Then without and sign of warning, Naraku knocked her out from behind her and she fell unconscious on the grassy dirt.

"I knew this would be easy." He chuckled evilly.

He bent down to her face and placed something in her mouth and forced her to swallow it. Eager to watch an exciting little show, he sat on the wells' wooden edges patiently and waited. After three hours passed with complete silence; the material started to take an affect in her. He stood up and went in front her to watch it all begin.

Her body began to pulse quickly as her breathing went faster. Kagome's soft and smooth skin started to grow black fur all over her body. She started to lose her raven hair as her human ears began to transform like Inuyasha's and started to go on top of her head. From her nose to her chin started to grow thinner and longer like a muzzle. Her arms and legs became shorter then her hands and feet became paws. Then a tail; a long black tail appeared from her rear. Naraku chuckled to his delight, that she did need; turn into a dog. Just like he had intended Kagome to be…

Naraku took her shards from around her neck roughly and looked back at Kagome. "It wouldn't hurt to frame you, would it?" He laughed.

Taking away the clothes off her body; he placed a new scent on her that the other had not come across before. Naraku saw her backpack and decided to tear it up to make it look like Kagome was attacked and went to the other side of the well. But he kept her clothes with him. It would look suspicious if there was a dog and Kagome's clothes there. Plus it would've been too sloppy for his work. He removed his scent from the area to they wouldn't know he was there. Only this stray dog is to be found.

Kagome started to wake up and she saw Naraku chuckling above her. (By the way, she's not color blind.) She quickly tried to stand up on her two legs but fumbled over. Immediately she looked at her legs and arms; they were dog legs! She could even see a tail and her nose in front of her face. What the hell was wrong with her? Was she a dog or something? Naraku bent down to her and she looked at him then growled.

"Yes Kagome, you are a dog. Don't you love it?" Naraku said demonically.

"You monster!" Kagome barked. "What did you do to me? How the heck am I a dog right now? You stupid monster…" Her barks sounded dangerous as she continued on and getting louder ever now and then.

"Hey, does anyone hear barking?" Shippo asked curiously and they looked at him.

Outside the hut they all started to hear violent barking. Inuyasha didn't care though; he didn't smell Kagome or Kikyou out there, so it didn't matter. Miroku and Shippo were kind of curious though. Sango and Kirara tried hard to ignore it.

"Ah who cares; it's just a dumb dog!" Inuyasha growled.

"But from the sounds of it, it's in some sort of trouble." Miroku stated.

"I'm terribly sorry Kagome, but you see; I can't speak canine." Naraku laughed then looked serious. "But you are getting on my nerves quite a bit." He kicked her down and she made a loud yipe noise of pain. A smirk placed itself on his face and then Naraku kicked her even harder. She flew about twenty feet away and came down tumbling into some painful bushes with a few thorns that tore into her. Her landing came with a high pitch yipe. Kagome couldn't fight, she couldn't even stand!

She was only a dog for about twenty minutes of lying on the ground barking and snarling. Then Naraku thinks of a way to have some fun and decides to kick her. He enjoys the first time and kicks her harder. His kick made her catapult into some thorn bushes. This sure is a good night, now isn't it?

"This… sure sucks..." Those were the last words Kagome could growl before she passed out.

"I know you heard that Inuyasha!" Shippo shouted at him.

"So, what's your point? It was probably a dog fight more or less." Inuyasha replied.

"Then we would've heard another dog barking!"

"If you're so worried, then go out there and look for yourself."

"Fine, I will!" Shippo stomped off to the exit of the hut. "A-Anyone want to come w-with me?"

"Yes, I think I'll come along too." Miroku stood up. "There might be a demon lurking around and that's true, then it wouldn't be good for any of the villagers to find in their hut or even their village for that matter."

"Feh, go ahead and do what you want, I'm staying here." Inuyasha snorted.

"I'm going to stay too, that way I can get a head start on some sleep." Sango explained.

"Very well, we'll be back in a little while." Miroku stated.

"Be careful, where ever the dog is, it's bleeding." Inuyasha warned.

Shippo jumped on his shoulder and looked around outside. It was dark out so Shippo uses his fox fire magic to put a fire on a torch that Miroku could hold. They searched around the village about ten times within a few hours and couldn't find anything, or a wounded dog for that matter. They passed the hut that they came out of earlier and walked up the stairs to the forest.

The two searched in the area around what people called Goshinboku. Now and then people would say it was the god tree; others thought to believe it was the tree of time. Thirty minutes passed by and they couldn't find anything. This was becoming quite ridiculous.

The sun was already started to rise over the hill top. Quickly, out of nowhere, a strange white flash swooshed right pass them in a hurry. Without a second though, they were about to chase after because it looked like Naraku. But suddenly they heard a whimper a little ways.

Miroku rushed over with Shippo on his shoulder. They kept searching and searching; hoping that they were getting closer. Again, they heard a small whimpering and went near some thorn bushes and there it was!

A huge black dog was behind the thorn bushes. Miroku told Shippo to use his fox fire to get rid of the thorn bushes that were in the way. Shippo nodded and used his fox fire till they became burnt ashes. They went to the dog and investigated it. (Also; if you need a dog description… Black German Shepherd or Blue from "Wolf's Rain.")

"It looks like it has thorns in its skin and fur." Miroku stated.

"Wow, she pretty." Shippo said in amazement.

Kagome's black fur looked soft and fuzzy. It shined as the sun started to hit her. Kagome's eyelids opened and she still had those chocolate brown eyes.

"Hey there, are you okay?" Shippo asked curiously.

Kagome looked at him "Shippo…"

"We're gonna help you, okay? You have a lot of thorns on you." He stated and went to help Miroku.

"My head… so many scents…" Kagome looked at her forelegs. "I can't believe, I'm a dog." She then began to wince in pain when Miroku pulled a thorn from her skin.

"Shippo, why don't you pet her to keep her relaxed?" Miroku requested.

"Kay…" Shippo went over to her head and started to pet her. Kagome looked and Shippo eye to eye as he smiled. "Hey Miroku, there's something familiar about this dog."

"Like what?" Miroku asked as touched near her rear to grab a thorn. Kagome whipped her neck around and snapped at Miroku. He freaked and then fell into a thorn bush.

"For one thing, she's like a woman; she doesn't like you touching her butt." Shippo snickered and removed the last thorn that she didn't let Miroku get.

Kagome mentally sighed. "Miroku started it. Crap, I guess I have to try and stand." She said and struggled to get up but after a few minutes she succeeded in learning.

"Hey! You shouldn't be moving; you're hurt!" Shippo stated.

Kagome rubbed her muzzle against his face and he laughed. She tried to learn how to walk as she went along. When completely turned around; facing Miroku, she went to him. Miroku was scared, thinking she was going to attack him, he couldn't go really anywhere because he was stuck in the thorn bush. Kagome grabbed the clothing behind Miroku's neck with her and slowly pulled him out of the thorn bush.

She was strong for a dog which surprised Miroku. But he was also surprised she didn't bite him. When he was completely out, she got him to sit up. Shippo came over to Miroku.

"Now you're the one with thorns!" Shippo laughed.

"Haha… very funny…" Miroku sighed. "Thank you my canine friend." He smiled.

"Sure Miroku, even though you can't even understand me." Kagome barked started to remove the thorns his shoulder with her teeth.

"She's trying to help you! She's so cool! Can we keep her?" Shippo asked excitedly as her help remove the thorns on Miroku.

"You have to asked Inuyasha and Lady Kagome." Miroku laughed.

"I AM KAGOME!" She growled a little.

They finished with Miroku and he sighed in relief. "Thanks Shippo." Miroku looked at Kagome. "Thanks girl."

"Girl…?" She snorted.

"What's all that stuff near the well?" Shippo asked curiously.

Miroku looked. "Those look like Kagome's things." The three of them started to walk over. "Who could of done this?"

"Naraku…" Kagome growled then remember something and searched through all the torn things.

Then she found what she wanted. She barked for Miroku and Shippo's attention and they went to her. Kagome place bottle in her mouth and flung it up and Miroku caught. He was fascinated by the dog.

"You're a nifty dog." Miroku laughed and looked at what was in his hands. "It's the shard bottle!" He shouted.

"That white blur must've been Naraku! He probably took Kagome away with the shards!" Shippo replied.

"NO! I'M KAGOME!" She barked.

"We have to tell Inuyasha." Miroku stated.

"Yeah, let's go! Wait, can she come with us?" Shippo asked.

"Sure, I doubt she has anywhere else to go."


Shippo jumped around happily around Kagome. She started to get dizzy and grabbed him for the back of his robe and put him on her back. He paused for a minute and realized what she did and was happy. Miroku started to walk and Kagome was about two steps ahead of him.

"Hey, this is better than riding on Inuyasha's shoulder!" Shippo cheered.

"It seems that she's fond of you." Miroku laughed.

They got to the hut and Kagome was the first to walk in with Shippo on her back. Then Miroku walked in after her. Inuyasha growled at the dog and she snorted at him.

"I'm not in the mood, I just got turned into a dog last night you idiot." She walked to her sleeping bag and Shippo hopped off. Kagome lied down and Shippo curled up next to her.

"Why the hell did you bring that bitch in here?" Inuyasha growled at Miroku.

"The dog isn't what you should worry about." Miroku tossed the empty bottle at him. "All the stuff Kagome had is torn and shredded near the well." He explained.

"Where's is Kagome?" Inuyasha jumped to his feet. Kagome barked at him. "Shut up you stupid bitch!" He shouted at her.

Kagome got up in a defensive position with her head low but growled. "I dare you to call me that… again…" Blood started to drip on the sleeping bag. She started get light headed and fell down weakly.

"We think Naraku took her. But everything looks like it was torn by an animal." Miroku explained.

Inuyasha immediately looked the dog. "You did it, didn't you!" He unsheathed Tetsusaiga.

Kagome looked at him and sat up painfully and looked at him. Inuyasha glared at her eyes and she looked back. Her eyes… Inuyasha thought they looked familiar. It didn't ring a bell. He snorted and sheathed his sword.

"It wasn't her." Inuyasha stated.

"How do you know?" Sango asked curiously.

"Instincts… I'm going to check the well out." He rushed out. Kagome barked for him to return but he didn't.

"Inuyasha…!" She tried to get up but failed.

"You shouldn't be moving around." Shippo said tiredly. Kagome opened the sleeping bag with her jaws and placed him and put the cover back on him and he fell asleep.

Miroku whistled like a call. "Come here girl, let's get you bandaged up." He explained with an ace bandage in his hands. Kagome struggled, but she managed.

Kirara hissed at her and Kagome whimpered. Sango petted Kirara and she calmed down. Miroku bandaged Kagome's rib cage area and that a little. He petted her head softly and her ears flattened and went into submission.

"She likes you, wow." Sango giggled.

"Shippo and I found her in some thorn bushes and we got them off her. When I was going to remove a thorn near her tail, she snapped at me." Miroku grumbled.

"She doesn't like letches touching her?"

"She made me fall into a thorn bush. But she got me out and helped take them off me. It was quite amusing to be helped by a dog."

"What amused me is that this dog stood up to Inuyasha and his Tetsusaiga." Sango stated. "He doesn't really go lightly if something's happened to Kagome.

Kagome's ear twitched and she removed Miroku's hand and went to the door frame and saw Inuyasha coming. Inuyasha walked in and was pissed. Everyone looked at him except the sleeping Shippo.

"I couldn't smell Naraku's scent out there, only hers and Kagome's!" Inuyasha pointed at the dog.

"Yes, but me and Shippo SAW him." Miroku stated.

"I'm waking up the runt; we're going to go get Kagome!" Inuyasha started to walk towards Shippo but Kagome blocked him. "Get out of my way bitch!" He walked around her.

"That's it!" Kagome growled and bite him.

"OW! YOU FUCKING BITCH! LET GO OF MY ASS!" Inuyasha shouted and the two humans went into a fit of laughter. Kagome let out and had a bad taste in her mouth and tried to get it out. She then went in front of him again and blocked him from Shippo.

"S-she doesn't want y-you to wake him!" Miroku said as he still laughed because Inuyasha was rubbing his butt.

"Stupid bitch has some sharp teeth." Inuyasha growled and she growled at him. She moved her pillow and found ramen under it. Kagome barked at Inuyasha and when he looked in her direction, she tossed a cup of ramen at him. "Ninja food, but I thought she said there was no more! Kagome lied to me!" He stated and Kagome growled at him again.

"Let me guess, you're going to eat and as soon as Shippo wakes up, we're going to go find Kagome?" Miroku asked.


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