Chapter Eight - Returned

"Lady Kagome, please forgive my actions earlier, I didn't know!" Miroku cried out apologetically.
"Yeah, me too, I didn't bother to wait for any excuses from a monster." Sango explained.
"A monster?" Kagome's ear twitched then winced in pain, "damn it that hurts!" she growled out loudly.
"Will you keep still, I'll never be able to finish." Kaede said irritated.
"Humph." Kagome snorted.

Kagome was topless and laying on her stomach with her robe to lay on. She kept the sleeves on her arms so that the others couldn't see her breast. Though it didn't matter much because Shippo was right there to censor her from Miroku. Inuyasha was sitting in the corner in front of her watching. Sango and Miroku looked sat next to each other with Kirara in her lap. Kaede was driving Kagome's patience because the medicine was cold and it stung. She kept growling and growling, wanting her to finish and leave her alone.

"Honestly child, you're turning into Inuyasha, especially now seeing that you're a hanyou." Kaede stated.
"His blood is coursing through mine, I will not deny the similarity." Kagome stated with ears lowered.
"She certainly has his mood." Miroku whispered.
"Shut up." Kagome opened her eyes slowly to reveal calm eyes.
"Calm down." Inuyasha demanded.
"Yeah, what ever." Kagome snorted angrily and closed her eyes to relax.
"Mama, are you angry?" Shippo asked a little worriedly.

"How can I be angry when you brought me back to life?" Kagome asked back, "you have some smart thinking, sorry I scared you though."
"I wasn't scared, I was just... confused!" Shippo said embarrassed.
"Heh, you looked like you were about to piss yourself when I arrived." Inuyasha snickered.


Miroku sighed, "ah, that's music to my ears," he said in relief and rubbed something.
"Pervert!" Sango screamed.


"Two unconscious men, I love it." Kagome smirked.
"Say Kagome, how come you didn't you snap at Inuyasha but you did to Miroku?" Sago asked curiously.
"No reason."
"Her instincts tell her to obey him because he is the alpha male, if any challenge him, she ends it. It's like wise for him though, they'll want dominants over each other." Kaede stated.
"Keh, you didn't need to explain it to her, she's a slayer, it should be obvious." Kagome growled.
"Yeah, even I knew that." Shippo said innocently.
"Well, it's rare coming across dog demons, especially female, and you've only been one for a few hours!"

"..." Kagome sent death glares toward her and Sango shrieked. Shippo scurried over to behind Inuyasha and peeped his head out.
"If you challenge her, you'll get hurt." Kaede stated easily as she continued placing medicine on Kagomes back. "Females are more troublesome than males."
"Keh, I don't need this lecture, I know enough to survive in this form." Kagome shrugged Kaede off and sat up and placed the robe on.

She got up and fixed her robe with annoyance. Ignoring pain, she walked out with no hesitation. Kagome breathed in the air and jumped into the trees and went a little ways from the hut. Lying on the branch on her stomach, she stared at the shuttering grass.

"Damn it, where's that Kagome!" Inuyasha sat up painfully. "Her being a hanyou made her 'sits' more painful." He growled.
"Kagome left the hut." Kaede stated.
"Well, at least you finished the treatment."
"She didn't." Sango mumbled.
Inuyasha looked at her, "what?"

"Kagome got hot headed and left the hut." Kaede said, stirring the stew.
"Idiots," Inuyasha got up with the medicine in hand, "I'll be back."
"Can I come too?" Shippo asked happily.
"No." Inuyasha growled and walked out.

Kagome heard first and looked into the direction they were coming from. Not used to her sense, she jumped down and ended up sitting in dog style. Inuyasha was coming up to her now that she could see. She started to get up but pain shot into her back and she fell to the ground. He squatted down in front of her with a little annoyance.

"So why did you run off, bitch." Inuyasha growled.
Kagome glared at him from the ground, "the old hag was annoying me."
"Not a surprise, so are you going to let me finish that wound?"
"No, not really." She sighed.

Inuyasha got his and sat on her butt. Kagome growled and looked at him from the side. She didn't feel like disagreeing with him so she sighed and folded her arms and rested her head on them. Inuyasha lifted her robe out of hibakama and pushed it high above the wound.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked started.
"What is it?" Inuyasha questioned annoyed.
"Why had you never told me... about Kikyou having a part of my soul?"
Inuyasha put pressure on her back and she winced, "we didn't know if you would act the same."
"It was wrong to hide it from me."
"We had to risk it." He got off her and sat against the tree trunk. "I'm done."

Kagome sat up and tucked her robe back in her hibakama. She looked at Inuyasha to see him with his eyes closed. A smile crept on her face and crawled over to him. When she was close enough, she put herself in a lying position and placed her upper body on his lap tiredly. Inuyasha opened one of his eyes to look at her.

"What are you doing?" Inuyasha asked tiredly.
"I'm tired, so I'm going to rest a while." Kagome said in the same tone of voice.
"You're not a dog though..." He stated.
"..." Kagome looked at her hand then felt Inuyasha moving.

Inuyasha removed the haori from his body and set it to the side. He then picked Kagome up lightly and placed her gently in his lap. Kagome stared at him for a minute as he grabbed his haori and placed it around her. After a moment, he saw her look at him. Curiosity hit his mind as she looked at him softly.

"W-what are you looking at?" Inuyasha stuttered a little embarrassed.
Kagome smiled and licked his cheek, "thank you," she whispered.
He wiped his cheek, "cut that out already."
"Fine," her ears lowered.

Without notice, Inuyasha crushed his lips against hers happily and took Kagome by surprise. Though Kagome didn't mind and kissed him back lightly. She could tell that he loved to kiss her now. He wouldn't deny it when they were alone since she told him she loved him.

"Hey," Kagome said and looked up at him, "we have to breathe you know, don't be so desperate, I can't die for a while."
"You know how scared I was?" He kissed her. "Just the thought of losing you, right there in my arms?"
She turned from him and nuzzled his cheek, "now you know how I feel every time your at the brink of death."
"Yeah, but you should be use to it."
"Well that's a stupid thing, I'll never agree to that."
"You bitch." Inuyasha laughed.

Kagome growled and made his head lean down to her chest a little with her hand. She brought her head above his and went to his ear. Slowly, she began to lick the outside of it which caused him to moan. Inuyasha nuzzled against her as she continued.

"No, Kagome don't; stop, please." Inuyasha begged softly.
"There's no way I'm to stop, it was fun before." Kagome licked his ear slower.
"I'm going to feel rutty." He moaned.
"Then that's you're fault."
"Kagome, pleeeeaaaaseeee!" Inuyasha moaned out more blissfully.

"Why, you like it, don't you." Kagome asked in a devilish tone.
"I doooo, but you need to stoooop!"
"Are you sure?"

Kagome stopped licking his ear and nuzzled against his neck. Inuyasha lifted his head and forced her to put her head under his gently. She submitted to his unspoken command and placed her head under his and against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on hers.

"You were just doing that on purpose, weren't you?" Inuyasha asked softly.
"Mhmm, I'm going to sleep now." Kagome said tiredly.
"Alright then." He sighed deeply.
"I love you." She told him softly.
"Yeah, you too..."

"Wow, I didn't really think their confession would lead to some immediate romance." Miroku said, drooling no less.
"You pervert, you're going to get us killed." Sango glared.
"But didn't you hear how Inuyasha moaned?" He winked.
She blushed, "m-maybe."
"I bet if we touched Kagome's ears, she would purr."
"No- wait!"

Miroku scurried quietly to the two resting hanyou's. He stared at them, they looked to be asleep since their breathing was normal. So now was his chance. It was time to play around with Kagome's ear! Slowly, he brought his hand up to her ear. Just one more inch left and-

"Touch her and I'll kill you." Inuyasha glared at him.
"OH MY FREAKIN' BUHDA!" Miroku fell backwards and scooted back.
"Inuyasha, doesn't kill him, he was just curious." Kagome yawned, showing her newly grown canine fangs.
"Curious my ass." He growled.
"Which doesn't taste good I might added." Kagome cringed.
"Kagome." Inuyasha said strictly.
"..." Kagome lowered her ears.

"Inuyasha, why is she in your lap?" Miroku grinned.
"So it won't hurt." Kagome and Inuyasha said in a unison.
"Then why was she playing with your ear?" Sango asked amusedly.
"Bitches do what they want to do." They said, again in unison.
"Will you stop that." Inuyasha growled.
"Don't blame me ya jackass." Kagome growled.
"What did you call me?" He asked.
"I didn't think that your hearing was THAT crappy." She snickered.

"If you don't shut up, I'm going to-"
"Hurt me? Sure you will." Kagome said slyly. "I can just say the 's' word and-"
"No, no, no, no, that's quite alright." Inuyasha sweat dropped.

She looked at the two humans, "I learned a new technique while I was dead," Kagome grinned and lifted her hand to them, "I can control minds, just imagine what perverted fun I can do to the both of you."
Miroku and Sango's eyes widened, "we'll see you guys later at the hut!" They yelled and scattered to their feet and left.

"Can you really do that?" Inuyasha asked, a little interested.
"Maybe, maybe not, it was something to say for them to leave." Kagome smiled and snuggled against him.
"You like our alone time?"

"Your just something good to sleep on."
"Ouch, that hurts my feelings."
"Liar, I know you better than anyone for sure now." She snickered.
"Yes you did, you broke my heart." He whimpered.
"Oh stop it," she kissed his neck and he moaned lightly, "see, you're already better."

"You bitch, you cheated."
"There's no such thing as 'cheating' in the war of love."
"No one wins in that war."
"I know, you always lose something."
"Then how about that?"

Kagome looked up at him curiously to see his serene face. Inuyasha stared into her eyes to see them look confused. It brought a smirk to his lips and Kagome's ears perked slightly at it. The thought of something confusing her was becoming interesting.

"Throw your freedom away." Inuyasha said slightly tenderly.
Kagome looked a little shocked, "why my freedom?"
"Well, you love me right?"
"Yes, I've told you that before."
"Then give up your freedom for me." He smiled.

"Are you trying to..." She trailed off.
"Make you my mate? Yes."
"You could've just asked me to be your mate ya jerk!" Kagome growled, "trying to scare me like that!"
"Hey, I couldn't resist the look on your face! It was priceless!"
"You wish!"

She got them to tumble over. Knowing that Inuyasha would fall on the ground to protect her wounds, she made that her advantage. Kagome sat on his stomach and looked at him sitting on him Indian style. She brought her clawed hand to his ribs, she scratched him playfully. Inuyasha closed his eyes pleasingly and started to kick his foot a little.

"Now seeing the look on your face right now it is hilarious," Kagome said devilishly and scratched in a better spot, "does the big bad puppy like it?"
"You sneaky son of a bitch." Inuyasha growled out contently as his leg kicked liked crazy.
"I'm not a guy stupid, and another thing, my mom is a human."
"Smart ass, I'm going to get my revenge!"
"I know you will. But for your information, you can't really call me a 'son of a bitch'," Kagome stopped scratching him and lowered herself face to face, "but when we have a son, you can say that to him," she winked.

"So wait, you mean..." Inuyasha trailed off.
"Yup, I accept your little exchanging request."
"I'll be your mate, Inu pup." Kagome smiled. "But we have to defeat Naraku first."
"Deal." Inuyasha kissed her.

Inuyasha lightly hugged her and hugged back. They could tell that they would be happy together. Nothing would be able to pull them apart. The one thing they knew for sure...

They could have a family, together.

Okay, that HAS to be the last chapter, for several reasons. And I'm not so sure now if I'm going to make a sequal or not. Yeah, yeah, most of you will probably hate me for that but what ever. I'll post up a new story soon.